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Hera Lighting spotlight LED, halogen, and fluorescent lighting systems

Hera Lighting is a leader in under cabinet lighting and light systems for inside your kitchen cabinets. And that
has expanded into lighting for your bathrooms, bedrooms, home office, and display lighting in furniture and
bookcases. Hera Lighting systems are also used on boats, commercial retail displays, shelf lighting, fine restaurants, and health care offices.
Residential or commercial, these display light systems have a multitude of applications. German engineered, high quality light fixtures.

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Hera Lighting logo - Eclectic-ware is a proud distributor of Hera Lighting productsHera Lighting Stem-LED showcase light - used also as a LED desk lamp

The Stem-LED light has a adjustable head to point light where you need it, and an adjustable stem for height and rotation. Great for showcase lighting or desktop lighting.

The Stem-LED light is for direct illumination. Place light precisely where you need it for your display or desk space. The Stem-LED light actually has 3-way adjustment. The main adjustment is the head. It flips from fully horizontal to fully vertical. There are 3 LED diodes in the head adding up to 5 watts. So you can point the light directly downward or out a little from your surface, to fully straight out from your surface. Then the height of the stem is adjustable from fully retracted to one of the 3 heights that the light comes in. And the third is, the stem rotates. So you can turn the light for precision illumination of your objects. This light is most suitable for jewelry cases and small artifact displays. Available with cool white LED's only.

Hera Lighting Stem-LED adjustable showcase light

Hera Stem-LED display and desk light

These are the Stem-LED installation instructions which also show the catalog spec diagrams a bit more clearly.
Hera Stem-LED installation instrucitons

Hera Stem-LED specifications

What to order & How to order:
Each light is 5 watts. The head on each light is the same, the stem comes in 3 sizes. Depending upon your application and how many lights you need, each power driver can operate 1 to 4 lights each. Power drivers have an attached 79" cord on them, and then a 4-port terminal block. Each light has a 46" attached lead wire that will connect back to the terminal block. There are no extension wires for this light system. So the power driver does need to be within 46" of the light (on a straight line).

If you have questions about the lights or accessories, please call or e-mail us.

Part numbers and prices for items listed above are in the grid below. The Stem-LED is brought in when customer ordered. In most cases, we will receive it in 5 to 6 days. When ordering, please use the part numbers below shown with the HER- prefix before them. The orange Click Here to Order box will open up our secure on-line ordering form in a new window.

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The discounted volume price applies to larger purchases per item in the quantity stated or greater quantity.







8-5/16" tall light, stainless steel, cool white
(height adjusts from 0" to 7-1/4")

500 pc

$107.00 ea @ qty 500+



11-1/4" tall light, stainless steel, cool white
(height adjusts from 0" to 10")


$121.10 ea @ qty 10+



21-1/16" tall light, stainless steel, cool white
(height adjusts from 0" to 20")


$128.61 ea @ qty 10+



20 watt, 500 mA power driver for Stem-LED


$61.95 ea @ qty 10+


Click-here-to-order2 or you can call us at 813-633-7544, Florida, USA

Ordering notes:
Order as many lights and power drivers as you need. You can connect up to 4 lights per power driver as long as they will all reach in your application. Each light has only a 46" lead wire. Note the 3 heights of the light available. The max. adjusted height is that of the stem, it does not include the head. If you set the head fully vertical, then the light is taller. In most cases, you will have the head at an angle.

Additional info / resources:
The Flex-LED is another of Hera's pinpoint LED lights. It also has an adjustable head and is a lower wattage. Flex-LED is used more as a personal reading light to not disturb others.


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