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Have you seen those roll up door kitchen cabinets in someone else's kitchen? That's called an appliance garage. And we got 'em. What about wine bottle displays? Omega-National produces wood wine rack lattice and wine bottle racks, the diamond shape wood wine racks. All of which you can cut down in size to fit your application. Wood stemware holders are for hanging your wine glasses. These are available in red oak, maple, cherry, and hickory, as are all the other wood products. Make your own stemware racks with L and T rails. Valances and plate displays too. Made in the USA.

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Omega-National wood products for your kitchenOmega-National Stemware Holders and rails to make your own

Pre-assembled wood wine glass holders in 3 sizes,
and T and L rails to make your own custom sizes.

Omega stemware holders

  • Stemware holders come pre-assembled in 4-slot, 7-slot, or 8-slot units.
  • They are approx. 11-1/2" deep.
  • Fit under standard 12" deep cabinets.
  • 4-slot are 18" wide, 7-slot are 30", 8-slot are 36".
  • They can be cut down in width, although a bit tricky.
  • You should not attempt to cut down in depth. NOT.
  • All are fine sanded and ready for you to finish.
  • Available in oak, maple, cherry, and hickory.
  • L & T rails available in 62" lengths for you to make your own custom size wine glass racks!


Specifications for the THREE sizes of pre-assembled Stemware Holders
(All Omega-National items are UNFINISHED, FINE SANDED, and ready for you to finish.)

Omega stemware holder line -wine glass holder 4 slot

Omega stemware holder line -wine glass holder

Omega stemware holder line -wine glass holder 8 slot

Each slot is capable of holding 3 or 4 wine glasses depending upon the diameter of the glass.

Part Number

Description - for pre-assembled stemware holders

Price each


4-slot - unfinished Cherry



4-slot - unfinished Hickory



4-slot - unfinished Maple



4-slot - unfinished Oak



7-slot - unfinished Cherry



7-slot - unfinished Hickory



7-slot - unfinished Maple



7-slot - unfinished Oak



8-slot - unfinished Cherry



8-slot - unfinished Hickory



8-slot - unfinished Maple



8-slot - unfinished Oak


Make your own stemware holder!

If you need or want to make your own, individual L and T moldings are available. You will need to find your own cross rails to mount the L & T moldings to. Any 3/4" by 3/4" or 1/2" x 3/4" Maple, Red Oak, Cherry, or Hickory strips will work. Other wood species could blend such as Birch or Aspen. Hardwood choices are generally better to use.

  • You will need at least one of the L-shaped moldings and depending upon the depth and width of your stemware holder, calculate the appropriate number of T-shaped moldings.
  • Note how many cuts you can get out of each 62" long piece.
  • Some long slender one-slot applications can use 2 L rails.
  • Making your own does not restrict you to width or depth limits.
  • Rails can be spaced farther apart too for larger wine glass bases.


See diagram and pricing below.

stemware L and T rails to make wine glass holders


Part Number

Description - L & T rails

Price each


L molding - unfinished Cherry - 62" long



L molding - unfinished Hickory - 62" long



L molding - unfinished Maple - 62" long



L molding - unfinished Oak - 62" long



T molding - unfinished Cherry - 62" long



T molding - unfinished Hickory - 62" long



T molding - unfinished Maple - 62" long



T molding - unfinished Oak - 62" long


Please order by using the part numbers listed above. (please watch part numbers carefully as most are only a digit or letter different from the others)
Maple, Oak, Cherry, and Hickory stemware holders ARE STOCKED in all 3 sizes and can ship right away. Direct ships are possible also.

Maple, Cherry, and Oak stemware L & T rails ARE STOCKED and can ship right away.
Hickory is ordered as requested. General lead time on hickory is 10 to 15 business days for us to receive it.

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Various size plates, countless configurations, various wood species, unfinished or finished options.
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Below are additional photos we have taken of the unfinished stemware holders and the individual T and L rails.

Cherry stemware holder | Omega-National Cherry stem glass holders

Cherry and Maple stem glass holders | Omega-National wood stemware holders

Oak stemware holder | Oak and Hickory stem glass holders

Hickory stemware holder | Comparing end views of the stemware holders

Side view of Omega-National wood stemware holders

Mounting side of assembled stemware holder | Omega-National cross rails view of stem glass holders

62" long wood T rails to build your own wine glass holder | 62" long wood L rails to build your own wine glass holder

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