Lenape Professional by NJP Collection
(now called Lenape PRO Series)

Ceramic (Porcelain) bathroom hardware
Porcelain towel bars, ceramic soap dishes, toothbrush holders, corner shelves, and toilet paper holders.
(This collection is thin-set mount, you must have tile depth openings for it to fit into.)

Ceramic and Porcelain are interchangeable terms. Porcelain is just fired at a hotter temperature.
All bath hardware below available in white and bone colors! And stocked in white and bone.

We stock the below items in white (01) and bone (17) colors.
 These are high quality pieces and have a superb glossy finish.

Our stock on remaining discontinued colors is noted below near the shower caddy picture.
We update it as we close out more of the older colors.
But do note, all Lenape pieces below are available in white and bone and in any quantity that you need.
Our replacement line for ceramic bath hardware is
AC Products.
You can view their selections at that link. 110+ colors available!

Mounting for this collection is thin-set installation (waterproof adhesive or ceramic tile glue).
If you require semi-recessed or fully recessed ceramic soap dishes and TP holders, select this link.

PLEASE NOTE: the pictures below are not necessarily in proportion to each other.
Overall dimensions will be stated. And the tile inset protrusion measurements will be listed too.
Toward the bottom of this page in the price grid is dimensional info too.


Lenape 1800 towel bar assembly - bar towel
LEN-1800 towel bar
$16.84 each
in white or bone
Part #'s: LEN-1800-01 for white; LEN-1800-17 for bone.
Posts measure: 2-1/8" w x 4-5/8" h overall.
Back inset protrusion measures 1-1/2" x 4-1/8". (part going in tile opening)
3-5/16" projection off wall. White will come with matching white plastic bar, bone comes with a clear plastic bar.

AND, if you need a ceramic towel bar for your tub or shower, or just the bathroom wall, in a flat-back, mud-set, or clip on mount, AC Products makes theirs this way too. As well as the thin-set mount for going in-line with tile. See items BA730, BF730, BM730, and BC730 on AC Products towel bars page.

Lenape color 17 Bone
Bone color sample

AC Products ceramic bathroom hardware - ceramic towel bars ceramic soap dishes ceramic TP holders - recessed and thin set mounts as well as flat back and clip on - extensive choices in ceramic bath hardware
If you need the above towel bar in black, yellow, blue, biscuit, burgundy, Mexican Sand, ice white, etc., or any color other than the white or bone that the Lenape 1800 comes in, please review our selections on the AC Products Series 700 page. 100+ colors available for thin-set mounts, flat-back, clip-on, and mud-set mounts. Lots to choose from.

AND that applies to ALL other items on this page. In the AC Products 700 series, there are over 40 ceramic bath hardware items to select from (many have multiple mounting methods), and all come in 110+ colors.

Lenape ceramic soap dish
LEN-1803 soap dish
$13.36 each
in white or bone
Part #'s: LEN-1803-01 for white;
LEN-1803-17 for bone.

Overall: 4-15/16" w x 5" h.
Tile inset protrusion: 4-1/8" x 4-1/8"
3-3/8" overall projection.

Lenape porcelain toothbrush holder
LEN-1883 toothbrush holder
$13.36 each
in white or bone
Part #'s: LEN-1883-01 for white;
LEN-1883-17 for bone.

Overall: 4-15/16" w x 5" h.
Tile inset protrusion: 4-1/8" x 4-1/8"
3-3/8" overall projection.

If you need the vanity soap dish or toothbrush holder in colors other than white or bone,
please review our selections on the
AC Products Series 700 page. 100+ colors available for thin-set mounts, flat-back, and clip-on mounts. Lots to choose from.
AND, if you need them in a flat-back or clip on mount, AC Products makes theirs this way too. See items
BA768, BF768, BC768, and
BA770, BF770, and BC770
on AC Products series 700 page.


Lenape small corner shlef - bathroom shelf - shower shelf
LEN-1703 SMALL corner shelf
$25.34 each
in white or bone

Part #'s: LEN-1703-01 for white;
LEN-1703-17 for bone.

Sides measure 4-1/2" out x 2-3/8" h.
Tile inset: 3-9/16" x 1-13/16"
with 13/16" offset from back corner.
5-1/8" from corner to arch.


Lenape large corner shelf - bath shelf
LEN-1704 LARGE corner shelf
$30.38 each
in white or bone

Part #'s: LEN-1704-01 for white;
LEN-1704-17 for bone.

Sides measure 7-1/4" out x 3" h.
Tile inset: 6" x 2"
with 7/8" offset from back corner.
7-1/4" from corner to arch.


If you need the small or large corner shelves in colors other than white or bone,
please review our selections on the
AC Products corner shelves page. 100+ colors available for thin-set mounts and flat-back mounting.
Gloss and matte colors.
AND, if you should need a bigger corner shelf, AC Products has a JUMBO corner shelf, and even a version with a hook below it.
See items
BA764, BA765, BA780, BA781, or
BF764, BF765, BF780, BF781
on AC Products series 700 page.


Lenape tub soap dish - bathroom accessories
LEN-1787 tub soap dish with cradle
$15.95 each
in white or bone
Part #'s: LEN-1787-01 for white;
LEN-1787-17 for bone.

Overall: 7" w x 5" h.
Tile inset: 6-1/16" w x 4-1/8" h.
Overall protrusion 2-7/8".

Lenape tub soap dish - bath accessories
LEN-1975 tub soap dish
$15.64 each
in white or bone
Part #'s: LEN-1975-01 for white;
LEN-1975-17 for bone.

Overall: 6-15/16" w x 5" h.
Tile inset protrusion: 6" w x 4" h.
Overall protrusion 3".

If you need either tub soap dish in colors other than white or bone,
please review our selections on the
AC Products soap dish page. 100+ colors available for thin-set mounts, flat-back, and clip-on mounts. Gloss and Matte finish colors.
The soap dish with the washcloth holder will be model 728, available in thin-set and flat back mounting. The standard soap dish will be model 725, available in thin-set, flat back, clip on, and mud set mounting methods.
See the AC Products series 700 page as for all other items on this Lenape page.


Lenape toilet paper holder - ceramic TP holder
LEN-1772 toilet paper holder
$15.38 each
in white or bone

Part #'s: LEN-1772-01 for white;
LEN-1772-17 for bone.

Overall: 6-1/2" w x 5" h.
Tile inset: 6-1/16" w x 4-1/8" h.
Overall protrusion 2-3/4"

If you need this TP holder in colors other than white or bone,
please review our selections on the
AC Products Series 700 page. 100+ colors available.
Gloss and Matte finish colors.
The TP holder is model 777, available in thin-set, flat back, clip on, and mud set mounting methods.
See the AC Products series 700 page for this and a recessed mounted TP holder too.


Lenape towel ring - ceramic towel ring
Lenape 1724 towel ring
but look below.
AC Product towel ring - towel holder with clear ring - clear d-ring towel holder
This is the AC Products model 735 towel ring. Available in thin-set, flat back, and clip on mounting methods. and STOCKED by us in white, bone, and black.


Lenape soap and suds shower caddy - ceramic shower caddy
LEN-1705 Soap & Suds
(shower caddy)

Completely discontinued. Some stock on the bone and sterling silver - shown to right.

BUT, we offer one from AC Products. Look for model BR797 on the AC Products recessed bath hardware page.
Stocked in white, bone, biscuit, black, ice white, sterling silver, almond, matte white, matte biscuit, and matte almond. The other 100+ colors we order as requested.

Lenape color 17 Bone
17 Bone

Discontinued items in OUR stock.

This is our list of older Lenape items from the Professional by NJP collection that we have leftover colors in stock. We update this list as we sell a piece, so it is current. Items will look like all the white pictures, but in colors shown to the right (and below). Once these items are gone, that is it for them.
But do check out the AC Products 700 Series as we have mentioned several times on this page. There are lots of choices, and if building a new bathroom, you can get complete bath sets in gloss and matte colors.

Lenape close out stock is priced identically to the white and bone items:
LEN-1703-02 black, 5 left
LEN-1703-04 biscuit, 2 left
LEN-1703-28 matte white, 2 left
LEN-1704-27 almond, 2 left
LEN-1704-30 sea foam, 1 left
LEN-1705-17 bone, 1 left
LEN-1705-26 sterling silver, 2 left
LEN-1772-02 black, 2 left
LEN-1787-02 black, 5 left
LEN-1883-25 country gray, 1 left

The closeout 1705 shower caddies are priced at $78.77 each.

Lenape color 26 Sterling Silver
26 Sterling silver

Lenape color 04 biscuit
04 Biscuit
(yellowish antique white)

Lenape color 02 black
02 Black

Leanpe color 30 seafoam
30 Sea foam

25 Country Gray

Lenape color 27 almond
27 Almond
(light sand color)

The Professional by NJP collection (PRO Series) mounts in-line with your tile.
You do have to cut or leave cavities in your tiles to mount this collection, there is a 1/4" protrusion on the back of each piece which is meant to sit IN-LINE with your tile (thin-set mount).

These pieces do not mount flat to the wall.

They are meant to sit in-line with your ceramic, marble, or granite tile.

rear view of Lenape corner shelf - bathroom ceramic shelf

Rear view of Lenape toothbrush holders - bathroom hardware

If you need ceramic bath hardware that mounts flat to the wall,
then go into the AC Products section of our web site.

Need the 1800 towel bar longer than 24"? Here's how....
You can order the 36" long Re-Place-A-Bar in white (LEN-2036-01) or clear (LEN-2036-00) and cut it to the length that you need, then use that in your towel bar assembly to make towel bars longer than 24".
Click here to get more info on Re-Place-A-Bars.

Customer testimonials:
Thanks very much. I'm looking forward to my shipment. It's been a pleasure doing business with you and I appreciate the smooth transaction.
Vickie S., Coopersburg, PA - ordered Lenape bathroom hardware.

A little help for customers that have discontinued Lenape items from the past. Here is a list of the colors that have been available from Lenape for 20+ years. And a cross reference to AC Products colors that are either real close, satisfactorily matched, or right on. Notes will say which. Any of the items in the AC Products 700 series can be made in all of these colors. They do not match the Lenape styles of bath hardware 100%, but replacing an item with a color that is close or exact can happen.

Lenape color # and name

AC Products color # and name

How they compare

01 white

C1 white

C1 is just a tinge whiter

02 black

C5 black

exact match

04 biscuit

C70 biscuit

C70 is a hair lighter

06 pink

C235 pink

exact match

11 mauve

C30 wild rose

C30 has a speck more orange tone

13 blush

C126 innocent blush

C126 is a spec more pink

14 blue

C722 medium blue

near exact match

15 beige

C8 fawn beige

near exact, but do not confuse with the other fawn beige C256

16 yellow

C320 Texas yellow

near exact match

17 bone

C114 bone

near exact, but do not confuse with the standard bone C3 color

21 heron blue

C115 heron blue

C115 is slightly lighter

25 country gray

CG country gray

CG has a little more blue tone

26 sterling silver

C12 sterling silver

near exact match

27 almond

C4 parchment

C4 is a spec lighter

28 matte white

M84 matte ice white

near exact, but do not confuse with M66 matte white

30 sea foam

C129 sea foam

C129 is slightly darker

32 desert bloom

C134 desert bloom

C134 is slightly darker

250 arctic white

C34 ice white

near exact match

When using the above information to order AC Products Series 700 bath hardware, please note the variations stated. If you inform us after you recieve a piece that it is darker or lighter than what you have, most of them are. Lenape had their colors and AC Products has theirs. Very few are 100% matches. This info is to help you find a good to fair substitute for broken items.

ALL 24" towel bars can be cut shorter if the standard size is too big for your application. If you need a longer towel bar between 24" to 36", please order a LEN-2036-01 (white) or LEN-2036-00 (clear) towel bar with the LEN-1800.

Ordering information: Please state the Lenape item numbers and quantity desired from the lists near each picture above. All of the above are available in 01 white and 17 bone. Additional color choices are only for stray stock items that we happen to have remaining. Those counts are listed above in one table next to the picture of the shower caddy.
For greater number of color options, be certain to visit the several collections in the AC Products section of our web site.

This was the first Lenape collection shown. For the next collection, click the arrow. porceed to next collection


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