WalzCraft Industries MDF - RTF Pass Profile Selections

This page will probably be the most complex of all of our WalzCraft pages. The simple short answer to all the below is: Either the face of your door is flat, or it has a design cut into the front of it. A flat face door or drawer front is called a slab door, or slab drawer front. It is basically a block of wood, MDF in this case, with a plain or fancy edge on it. Slab doors and drawer fronts in the woodgrain RTF colors LOOK GREAT! As you may have already seen by many of the color pictures on the RTF door designs page. You do not have to go with a raised panel, or shaker style door if you do not want to. Slab doors have been around longer than anything else. And they are a nice style to go with.

But, if you want something fancier, then look below. The pass profile COMBINATIONS create the contour look of the door. Let's use the 4th one down for our explanation. The SR96-PR96 is how the cut of the door starts on the inside portion of the frame. The SR96 starts that wavy cut down. The PR96 is the cut coming back up to the panel area of the door. Thus that combination gives you that look. One of the most simple raised panel looks. Raised panel is a solid door that has a top and bottom frame rail, left and right frame, and then a panel in the middle normally of equal height to the frames. A frame only door would NOT have the panel. It would be that SR96 cut, and then stop. The middle of the door would be open, and then you commonly put a piece of glass in the door. Mullion doors are the same as frame only, there is no panel. But the big open space will be divided into multiple open spaces called Lites. A 4-lite mullion door, has 4 window like openings within the frame.

On that SR96-PR96, it shows the D15 outside edge. That is just for the completion of the drawing. After the numerous profile combination drawings, there will be two full sized graphics showing over 40 edge choices. Pick one. You do not have to go with the D15. You can select whichever edge you like.

TAKE CLOSE NOTE of the F in the circle above most of the pass profile combinations. The circled F means that the profiles can come with the RTF covering. There are a few that do not have the F. Thus these profiles come as plain MDF only. Plain MDF will have to be painted by you. And technically, any of the pass profiles below can be ordered as plain MDF and then you can paint to the color you need. You do not have to order them as RTF covered doors. Without the RTF, the doors and drawer fronts will be less expensive. But you have the work of painting them. So if you have a special color in mind, and are painting your cabinets and doors, you are welcome to order any as plain MDF. Questions?

Back to the profile combinations. Farther down in the list, you will see the SR109-PR40, this is the popular beveled shaker style. A flat panel, not a raised panel. So the PR40 portion of the combination gives you a flat panel. You will see the PR40 in combination with several of the SR choices. The SR109-PR40 is shown with the D15 edge. Again, just to keep the drawing simple. I would recommend the D32 edge to create the true shaker look. Thus using this as our example now for ordering: on the quotation-ordering form, you would enter SR109 PR40 D32 as your frame panel edge selections.

You will see some of my hand scribbled notes in the diagrams below. WalzCraft likes to give names to some of their more popular profile combinations. That naming structure is for all 3 profiles, the SR, PR, and D. We are not using those names. It just seems to add too much confusion when ordering. Entering the profile combinations and then the edge choice is much easier. You can ignore the pass # too, such as: This is a 4 Pass Door. That means, the router that cuts the particular combination has to travel 4 times around the door to complete the cutout. These numbers are just for square foot pricing calculations. The greater the pass profile, the more expensive the cut. So the 1, 2, or 3 pass profiles will save you some money vs. the 4, 5, and 6 pass.

Okay, we are going to show you 8 full size graphics of all the pass profile combinations you can select from. We will say nothing more until after them. So scroll down and look them over.


WalzCraft Industries thermal foil cabinet and bathroom doors

MDF RTF pass profile combinations

WalzCraft RTF profiles - a guide to selecting the right cabinet doors

Need custom cabinet doors - get these made the way you need them.

Shaker style RTF cabinet doors

Mullion kitchen cabinet doors - profile choices and how to order

Need to match your old Quality Doors? Here's some solutions from WalzCraft.

Eclectic-ware cabinet doors - WalzCraft choices that we offer
Although you see the Walzcraft phone and fax number in all the above diagrams, please use our phone and fax for your inquiries:
PH 813-633-7544 ~ FAX 831-634-3400. or on-line

Outside edge profile choices: (those that allow RTF)
These are the various edge choices you can choose to complete your door and drawer front looks. You do not have to pick D15 as shown in every drawing above. Pick any edge to go with the combination frame and panel profiles shown above. (All together in the WalzCraft spec guide, there are 8 pages of edge choices. We condensed those that pertain to RTF selections only in the two graphics below.)
Thermal foil cabinet doors edge choices

Walzcraft outside edge profile specs
A few edges above are noted as not allowed for concealed hinge boring. They are thinner edges, the hole would pop through the front, or not leave enough thickness to the door. Those that say limited boring options will not allow the bore holes to be too close to the door's edge. Boring distance from the edge is a variable with WalzCraft. More info on hinge boring here.

We know, there is quite a bit to grasp with all of the above info. We are here to help. E-mail is generally best. Ask your questions if you are uncertain about something.

Now ... onward.

Put together your order: (these instructions will be shown on each page)

  • a) select a door and drawer front design from that page.
  • b) select your pass profiles for the frame, panel, and edge look you would like from the graphics above. You are on this page right now.
  • c) select the RTF color that you would like.
  • d) then decide if you need the doors bored for concealed hinges or not (hinge options).
  • e) if ordering mullion or frame only doors, still order by design number, but then tell us if frame only, or how many mullion lites, such as ML4 for 4 lites, ML6 for 6 lites, etc.
  • f) send us an on-line quotation request , all pricing is done by quote request - we prefer it via on-line or fax. Pricing is complex and not easy to do over the phone.
  • g) on our order form, enter all of the above info and your quantities and sizes.
  • h) Walzcraft will accept measurements to the 32nd of an inch! Most of the time, you will measure to the sixteenth of an inch.
  • i) If you require refacing sheets or plywood, please see that page also.

For old Quality Doors customers looking for something exact or similar to what you already have in your kitchen:
We had offered Quality Doors from 2001 to 2009. We know Quality Doors were popular in the super warehouse giant stores. We would like to assist our former Quality Doors customers and others if you require something to match to your old doors. WalzCraft Industries has also gone to great measures to accommodate this need. Please see our cross reference page for more info.

The door selections and cabinet components from WalzCraft are incredible. We are choosing to offer their RTF products. We invite you to visit their web site at www.walzcraft.com to see what we mean.

Proceed to WalzCraft pages on our site:



WalzCraft is a major cabinet door and components manufacturer. Their selections are so extensive, yet for now, we are just displaying their RTF (rigid thermal foil) door and drawer front products, with associated refacing materials. The color selections of RTF are numerous. Images are shown on their own web page. So if you are installing new kitchen or bathroom cabinets, or refacing existing cabinets, WalzCraft has some incredibly nice doors for your project. Made in the USA.
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