AC Products Vintage Ceramic Bathroom Hardware - Towel Bars, Soap Dishes, Corner Shelves, etc.

Our ceramics from AC Products will dazzle you. First off, most of the towel bars, soap dishes, TP holders, shower corner shelves, and other bath hardware are available in 100+ colors! YES, it's true. The 700 Stylish series is available in a ton of colors - and with no minimum order. Order what you need. And then, many of the ceramic bath items come in MULTIPLE mounting methods. If you need thin-set, surface mounted, or recessed soap dishes or TP holders, you have options. Clip on towel bars, soap dishes, and more. AC products has a lot of selections. Ceramic bath hardware is sometimes referred to as Vintage Bath Hardware.

Ceramic TP holders, towel bars, towel rings, soap dishes, shower corner shelves, shower caddies, robe hooks, and toothbrush holders. Bathroom accessories matching many popular ceramic tile and stoneware colors. Recessed soap dishes and recessed toilet paper holders too. ALL MADE in the USA!

We offer an extensive selection of bathroom and pool bath hardware. Many popular items are stocked and we note which on the specific web pages. The Series 700 collection offers the most choices!

The page links in the top border will be present in the same place on all the AC Products pages. Refer to them to change pages. You can select from any of the pictures below to jump to the series and information pages - which will show part numbers, pricing, dimensions, and how to order.


Stylish 700 Series

The 700 Series is the most extensive, this is why we show it first, and have now added additional pages describing the products in greater detail. You will find selections of all the ceramic items and many of them in multiple mounting methods. These are the traditional square and rectangular pieces with rounded corners. EVERYTHING in the 700 series comes in all gloss and matte colors. Some of the items, as displayed in the first picture below also are part of the 900 series and come in the stoneware colors too. You can order one or more of anything, there are no restrictions on quantity or color. You will find the greatest selections of thin-set, flat back, and clip on mounted items in this collection. Mud set and recessed pieces too.

AC Products Stylish 700 Series ceramic bathroom hardware


Exceptional 900 Series

The 900 Series is most items from the 700 Series, and some from the 800 series, and then made in the 6 stoneware colors. Those colors are: dark bone stone, sandstone, blue-grey stone, white marble stone, and red clay stone, and now Smoke Grey Stone. You will find large and jumbo corner shelf selections, the jumbo corner shelf with a hook, several soap dish choices, a couple of towel bars, toilet papers holders, and then all the fully recessed bath hardware too. Made in exceptional granite and marble looking finishes.

AC Products Exceptional 900 Series stoneware bathroom hardware


Recessed bath hardware

The fully recessed soap dish, shower caddies, and toilet paper holder. All part of the 700 series, but shown on this page with additional pictures and more details. The 3 older fully recessed items come in all gloss and matte colors, as well as the 6 stoneware colors. The two new larger square shower caddies have some color restrictions to them at the moment. The four mud set items (semi-recessed) will also be displayed on this page. If you have questions about mounting methods, please refer to the Installation Methods Defined in Detail page.

Recessed soap dishes and recessed toilet paper holders


Inspired 500 Series

These are the shell contoured pieces. They are larger and come in the thin-set mount only. There is one soap dish available in a flat back mount. All are available in 10 standard gloss colors, and 3 standard matte colors. They can be made in all the extended gloss and matte colors, but have a minimum quantity requirement. So in standard colors, you can order them in any quantity that you need. Because the soap dish, TP holder, and towel bar posts are larger, they are good for renovations to cover over larger openings. The shell design may not be for every bathroom, yet these are very nicely sculpted pieces. Great for ocean front properties.

AC Products Inspired 500 Series - shell contour ceramic bath accessories


Sleek 800 Series

This is the series with curves. The towel bar ends are rounded and curve in, the corner shelf curves narrower at the out most point, the toilet paper holder is oval, all the soap dishes have an oval shape to them. Most pieces are available in thin-set, flat back and clip on mounting methods. All are available in any quantity in the 10 standard gloss and 3 standard matte colors. Extended colors are available too but with a minimum quantity requirement. If you are looking for ceramic hardware with a different flair other than rectangular, check out this collection.

AC Products Sleek 800 Series - curved ceramic bath hardware


Color Selections - by image (swatches)

There will be actual product photos on this page. 77 of the colors so far. As we have the opportunity to take photos of more colors, we will post them on that web page. If you are interested in the Stylish 700 Series, then every piece in it will come in every gloss and matte color you see on this page. The 500 and 800 series also can come in all these colors, but there are quantity requirements on anything beside the standard colors. Standard colors will be noted on the 500 and 800 series pages. In the picture below, we were able to take 71 of the colors together. There are 100+ total colors.

Ceramic color choices for AC Products bathroom hardware


Color chart page - tile color cross reference

AC Products has produced a cross reference chart by manufacturer tile color numbers. Dal Tile, Kohler, Florida Tile, US Ceramic, and many other tile manufacturers are listed. Charts are organized by gloss and matte colors. If you know your tile brand and the tile color number, this is a good reference chart to find your match - if one is made. AC Products produces popular, and once popular colors.


Extended 700 Series information pages:

Ceramic Towel Bars

Since the 700 Series is extremely extensive, instead of packing all information about it on that page (like we used to do), we now show extended information on 4 additional pages. For the towel bars, they now can come in 4 sizes (bar lengths). They do come in 4 mounting methods. And they come in 100+ colors. Explore this page to see many more details about them. Additionally, towel bars in the 500, 800, and 900 series can also come in the 12", 24", 30", and 36" sizes. You are not restricted to the default 24" as it once was.

Extended ceramic towel bars infomration


Ceramic Corner Shelves

We get many questions about corner shelves. So many of the answers are posted on this page. The shelves come in 3 sizes, and the jumbo also comes as the jumbo with the hook. You have a choice of thin-set or flat back mounting. And then all come in 100+ colors. All of this is explained on this page. As well as some mounting tips and renovation advice. Four styles, two mounting methods, 100+ colors = 800 possible choices. The shelves come in the stoneware colors too. Smoke Grey Stone shown below.

Ceramic corner shelves for your shower and bathtub


Ceramic Soap Dishes

The Stylish 700 Series has 7 different soap dish choices. One actually comes in 4 mounting methods. And a few others come in multiple mounting methods. A few vary in size by just a little, but have distinctly different features about them. Most are for the tub or shower. And all of them come in 100+ colors. Most of them are part of the 900 Series too and come in the stoneware colors. We show some comparison photos and a lot of helpful information on this page. Including dimensions.

Ceramic soap dishes - many to choose from, many color options


Installation/Mounting Methods Defined

Each Series of bath hardware has choices. The 500 Series is limited. Yet the 700, 800, and 900 series offer many items in multiple mounting methods, with the Stylish 700 Series having the most choices. This page is designed as an aid to the 700 Series page. But the information applies to all series. To help you plan your installation before or after you have tiled, or prepared your walls, this page will give you many answers on what is best for your application. We suggest this page as one that you should read.

Installation methods for ceramic bathroom hardware


Re-Place-A-Bars (spring loaded replacement rods)

The Re-Place-A-Bar has been a long term product of ours offered from Lenape. Extensive info about how you can cut them to size, how the spring loaded ends come out and go back in, and how to install them is on the Re-Place-A-Bars web page.

Lenape replacement towel bar rods

Please select from any of the links or pictures above for product info.

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High quality ceramic towel bars, toilet paper holders, toothbrush holders, soap dishes, robe hooks, shower caddies, and shower corner shelves. Exceptional bathroom hardware that can be used in your bathroom, pool bath, laundry room, or kitchen.

And hotel and commercial bathrooms!

MANY popular items stocked for quick shipments!





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