Ceramic tile color cross reference charts to match AC Products colors

There will be two charts below. The first lists the gloss colors, the second is the matte colors. Cross references to brand name tile colors is the purpose of this page. There are no pictures or item data on this web page. Part numbers, pricing, and dimension info will be on Series 700, 500, 800, 900, etc. pages. Links to them are above.  We will also add notes about some colors as you scroll down this page. If you have any questions, please e-mail us

First listed are the GLOSS color selections (shiny, mirror-like finishes)

*items made in the C232 Cobalt color carry a premium of $10 more per piece.
Cobalt is a specialized procedure. An iridescent color that reflects dark blue and purplish depending upon the angle and degree of light. C134 Desert Bloom now discontinued. And C30 Wild Rose is also discontinued (Oct. 2017).

Colors in the Dal-Tile column that start with a K are Kohler colors.
The remainder of the GLOSS colors are listed immediately below.

The colors C1 gloss white, C3 gloss bone, C5 gloss black, C12 gloss sterling silver, C16 gloss almond, C34 gloss ice white, C70 gloss biscuit, C119 gloss shell, C256 fawn biege, C304 gloss French provincial, M31 matte biscuit, M66 matte white, and M81 matte almond are considered standard colors. In the Series 500 and 800, you can order anything in any quantity in these colors. In the Stylish 700 Series, you can order EVERY gloss or matte color shown in these charts in any quantity. The 700 Series is the most extensive of the AC Products collections.

Speckled colors: C101 Granite is an white base color with tons of dark speckles. C201 Gold Dust is a white tone base with golden speckles. And C301 Pepper White is a white base with black speckles.

The chart below are the MATTE color selections (a minimal amount of shine and softer appearance)

These are the extent of the AC Products' matte colors. Not every gloss color has a corresponding matte color. Matte colors are a flatter sheen, far less shine to them.

M81 Matte Almond is the default matte almond color. There are two other matte almonds.

The six STONEWARE colors from AC Products are their own creations. So there are no cross references for them. Stoneware colors are: S901 White Marble Stone, S902 Red Clay Stone, S904 Smoke Grey Stone, S906 Blue Grey Stone, S909 Dark Bone Stone, and S910 Sandstone. The stoneware colors are shown on the color images page and also on the Exceptional 900 Series page. They are exclusive to the 900 Series (which is composed of most items from the 700 Series and a few from the 800 Series, as well as the recessed items).

The stoneware colors are multi-colored pieces to give the impression of real stone (granite and marble). They have a matte tone sheen to them and a faint texture.

In February 2016, and in April, AC Products discontinued some long term colors that have become less popular.
That list of colors is:
C2 Oatmeal, a bone/almond base with lots of brown speckles
C4 parchment (a yellow tone darker than almond)
CG country grey (a medium to darker grey)
C11 Charleston green
C25 Dark Mexican Sand, a medium brown color
C33 Jersey cream (a yellowish cream color)
C59 timberline (a dark green)
C60 Winter Blue, a frosty medium blue color
C82 Raspberry (an off-red tone)
C91 pale green (a light mint green color)
C109 misty rose
C126 innocent blush (a light purplish pink tone)
C127 burgandy (a deep red tone color)
C134 Desert Bloom (a peach color)
C192 Agean, very similar to a Teal green color, but a bit brighter
C321 mustard (a dirty yellow tone)
C364 capri blue
C744 pink (a duplicate pink color, they have a standard pink)
C950 sunflower (a really bright glowing yellow)

C30 wild rose, and C467 wood violet are also now discontinued. (2-12-2018)
M26 matte tan is now discontinued (1-14-2019)

AC Products will not be making any new items in these colors, but they will be selling off anything previously made in these color. If there are some items from the 700 Series that you would like us to check on availability in these colors, we will. Best to send us your request via e-mail.

COLOR MATCHING: AC Products makes only the colors listed in the charts above, and their six stoneware colors. As we are able to take more pictures, we will expand upon our View Colors by Image page. Not all colors are shown on it yet. Custom colors are not something AC Products does. Color glazing is a science that depends upon item size and density, and time needed in the kiln. So they do not try to match colors. We will try to help you match best to your color from the lists above.

So, if you have a small piece of the color you need, or a tile sample, you can send it to us to assist you in matching the closest color, or the best color to accent to yours. Probably best to e-mail us first and ask about it. You can e-mail a picture too. But note, pictures taken indoors, or taken with a flash can distort colors. So some of those white tones, and light yellow and grey colors are difficult to decipher from a picture. If you do choose to send us a piece of your color, our address is in the very bottom left corner of all our web pages. Mark on the package: Sample color to Match. Make sure you include your name, phone #, AND e-mail address so we can contact you.

Also, when it comes to determining colors, we do not have a minimum order. You can order 1 of anything to test it out first. We do stock popular pieces in colors that sell well. But with 100+ color choices, and near 70 item choices, that is potentially 7000 different pieces that are available. Most items do average about 3 weeks for us to receive, for those we do not stock.

Within the AC Products section of our website, links to the AC Products pages are in the top border of each of those pages. Just like other sections of our site. We list the manufacturer names and product categories in the right border of every page, but in the top borders will be specific links for the site section that you are in. Please use them to navigate our website.

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