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Accuride Furniture Hardware and Slides

Accuride Furniture Cabinet Hardware from Eclectic-ware

As of December 1, 2021, we recently dropped the Accuride Flipper Door slides, TV Swivel, and Deluxe Keyboard Tray from our website. For some unknown reason, the price on the TV Swivel and Keyboard Tray just suddenly doubled. Thus these items are now priced way above their value. So we will no longer offer them on our website. There has been a growing price gouging trend in the US over the last several months. And these two products are made in Mexico. So you can't blame the $15/hr craziness that is going on. But to now offer the TV Swivel at over $400 and the Keyboard Tray at almost $600 is ridiculous. We just will not do it.

We do not have replacement items set up for dropping these parts. Knap & Vogt will make pocketing door slides. You can look them up. They use to have TV swivels and keyboard trays too. But that kind of hardware is actually providing little use in today's market. Flat panel TV's mount on nice stands or articulating wall arms. Which you can now find in the same stores that sell the televisions. And keyboard pull outs? 80% of the world is using their smartphone for most things. Other use tablets or have laptops. Not as many people use a PC as much as they did 20 years ago. Not a great call for Keyboard trays any more. Many manufacturers stopped making them. You may find a desk with a pull out flat tray, nothing more than a plank of wood on a pair of drop down drawer slides.

So at this time, doubtful that we will look for substitutes for the Accuride items.
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