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Arthur Harris Quotation and Order Form

Arthur Harris section index
A few tips about how to fill out the form below:

  1. Arthur Harris bar pulls come in 6 diameters. Depending upon your project, you may be using all the same bar diameters, or you may be mixing them. Each line below allows you to select a bar diameter for that line. You can select a choice for each and every line if you like. But if all lines are the same, you can make your selection on Line 1 and if all the other lines are not selected, we will presume that you want that bar diameter for ALL lines.
  2. For the handle style, same plan. Styles: Standard = normal cabinet pulls with the tails on the ends; Back to Back mounted = handles to mount on each side of a door (remember to specify door thickness in the comment field way down in the form); End to End = pulls made with the standoffs (legs) at their furthest outward placement. If you happen to need End to End style handles in a Back to Back mount, tell us about that in the comments fields way down. You can make your selection on Line 1, and if all following lines are the same, you do not have to keep selecting a choice, unless you want to fill it in.
  3. OL overall length is very important to fill in, measurements to the sixteenth of an inch. Pricing is shown on each Arthur Harris web page and pulls are priced by the diameter size and length. On Standard and Back to Back mounted pulls, the CTC will be a default of 2-1/2" less than OL. If that is how you want your handles, then no need to enter the CTC measurement. BUT, if you have a special CTC in relation to the OL, then fill in the CTC for each line.
  4. On End to End style handles, just enter the OL and the CTC will become the maxium for the OL you specified. If you have specific CTC's that you need and want to work with those measurements instead of OL, give us your CTC's and leave the OL fields blank. We will figure it out.
  5. There are several comments fields at the end of the 20 lines for other various information you can add to this quotation reauest or order.

This form is used for both orders and quotation requests. When you reach the end and submit the form, the refresh page that comes up will allow you to enter payment information on that page. If you have calculated your own pricing from what is shown on the web pages and would like to proceed, please fill out your credit card information and submit your order. If you are requesting a formal quotation first, you can just ignore that page and go onward with what you are doing. We will get back to you with a quotation and then a convenient link to proceed as an order if you decide to.

You do not have to use this form if you do not want to. You can type your own request your way and e-mail it to us. You can also e-mail or FAX [813-634-3400] a Purchase Order for commercial customers. This form is designed for Do-It-Yourselfers and Commerical Customers. Anyone can order from us. Phone orders and quotation request also accepted: 813-633-7544 or 813-362-7898

Our shopping cart function is set up for Arthur Harris knobs - because they have no custom criteria. They are easy. But with the handles, there are milions of potential sizes. Our shopping cart is just not that complex. So this form allows that complexity to exist without the madness.

Below you will begin to enter your product information: quantities, bar diameters, overall lengths, center to center sizes, special styling (back to back, or end style). If there is info you need to convey that the form fields do not neatly accept, there will be comments blocks at the end of this form and you can free type any info you need to. Such as special standoff heights, door thickness for back to back mounted handles, any knob choices you wish to include with this quote request or order, T-pull choices, or anything else. (With fully custom made hardware, there are a lot of parameters and choices.)

Enter measurements in inches as numbers with fractions, or decimal equivelants. Whichever you find easier.

Line 1

Line 2

There will be 20 lines to this form because for customers doing a lot of odd sizes in a kitchen, you sometimes need a lot of lines. For those who have need of only one or a few lines, you can skip way to the end of the form. Sorry that it seems indefinitely long on your phone. Looks real spiffy on a PC.

Line 3

Line 4

Line 5

Line 6

Line 7

Line 8

Line 9

Line 10

Line 11

Line 12

Line 13

Line 14

Line 15

Line 16

Line 17

Line 18

Line 19

Line 20

If you have a really huge kitchen and need more lines, finish and send this submission, then go back to this form and continue with more.

The auto responder will send you an e-mail to acknowledge that your form info was sent. Afterward, a real person will get back to you on your quote or order generally via e-mail. We will let you know if we have questions about any of your info. And answer any of your questions.

This form does not auto-calculate any pricing for you. That will be done by us. Any volume discounts that you may qualify for will also be calculated. Arthur Harris volume discounts are outlined on the Arthur Harris product summary page.

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