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Arthur Harris Stainless Steel Cabinet Knobs and Pulls

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Arthur Harris 303 Grade Stainless Steel Door Handles and Cabinet Knobs

Arthur Harris makes CUSTOM cabinet and door hardware. We have another decorative hardware company that makes knobs and handles to order because of multiple finish options or colors, that is considered custom too. But Arthur Harris takes custom to a higher level. Most other companies may offer choices A, B, C, D, etc. Arthur Harris makes their custom sized European Railing handles to whatever size you ask for. Yes, all handles are made to the sixteenth of an inch. So if you need a few to match that old 2-3/4" ctc hole style, or you want a few 12" long handles, or 12-5/16" long, or even a 68-3/4" long handle for a tall pantry door, you are in the right place. Eclectic-ware offers Arthur Harris handles made to precision sizes for you to perfect your kitchen. Or bathroom cabinets. Or your office or den, or anywhere else you are choosing to use them.
Because they are solid stainless steel, and brought to an elegant brushed stainless steel finish, this type of handle will hold up indefinitely indoors. They can be used on covered outdoor patios also. They can be used inside boat cabins. If anyone requires any for outdoor use, Arthur Harris also has the option of 316 Grade stainless steel for handles that will be exposed to the elements. If that is something you might need, we can discuss that over the phone or via e-mail. But for the pages that follow, everything will pertain to the normal 303 Grade stainless steel. And Arthur Harris chooses to use 303 Grade vs. 304 Grade for the better luster they can achieve in the finished appearance of the handles. They sparkle more!
Arthur Harris stainless steel door handles
Arthur Harris knobs and handles are Made in the USA. All of them! A genuine US Made product that we are very proud to offer. They are high end hardware. The handles are very strongly constructed. Each bar is tapped to have the standoff thread into the bar. Each bar has a slight recess cut in it so the standoff body (the full diameter of the top of the standoff) can recess a little into the bar, instead of only the threaded tap fitting in. Thus a seamless look, and a precision tight fit for superior strength. See the picture below.
Custom made stainless steel european railing cabinet handles
The way the legs fit into the handle is a superior construction method. The taps are cut directly into the stainless steel, there are no brass inserts or anything else. The legs turn into the bar, no sharp exposed edges. Then the taps in the bottoms of the legs are direct into the stainless steel too. A handle design meant to hold up extremely well. And since these handles are used on passage way and glass doors too in their larger diameters, definitely strongly constucted handles. The BN Series 7/8" bar is shown in the example above.

The knobs and T-Pulls are the same way. The taps for the screws to thread into are all within the body of the stainless steel. No inserts, nothing to dislodge loose. Knobs are also brought to the same elegant brushed finish and available in 12 designs in two different diameter sizes. T-Pulls are basically a one-legged handle to accommodate areas where you need something shorter.

And then something really nice, we have a page that describes the Back to Back Mounting method for the bar rails. You can have a set mounted exactly opposite on both sides of a door. Arthur Harris is the only company we represent that will do this for us. And they do it in every custom size from around 6 to 8" long to start, up to 96" long in sixteenth of an inch increments. And in 5 bar diameters. Yep, that is around 7,000 potential sizes. But, when you consider that the CTC ratio can be altered from standard, and the leg height can be changed if you want, now we are well over a half million potential sizes. That is Custom!

Please select from the choices below to learn more about each series, how to order, and pricing information. Whenever you encounter questions, please call or e-mail us.
By Standard we mean, the rails made with tails hanging on the ends, all made to custom sizes of your choice, CTC sizes are to your choice too, six bar diameters to choose from. Handles for kitchen cabinet doors, pantry doors, fidges, dishwashers, and other rooms of the house.
The same bar rail style handles but with the modification on one to allow them to be mounted opposite on both sides of a door. Great for passage way doors, glass doors, closet doors, or anywhere that you require a handle on both sides of a door.
The same bar rails in all 6 diameters, but with the legs mounted to the maximum CTC allowed for the length of the handle. Basically, the tails go away. Made to any length you need. Just a different look to the leg placement.
The long rail handles are sometimes referred to as T-Pulls, but we like referring to a T-Pull as having one leg only. These also can be made in custom sizes and in all six bar diameters.
Twelve designs of precision cut knobs available in 2 diameter sizes. Big and bold for normal kitchen cabinet doors and drawer fronts. And then some more dainty size for tiny spice drawers or anywhere that a smaller knob looks better.
A couple of pictures of one of our customer's kitchens showing how she used custom sized handles to correspond to the overall sizes of her cabinet doors. (If anyone else would like to send us photos of the handles installed, we can show off your kitchen too if you like.)
On the Customer Testimonial page, we also offer a few tips on measuring and planning since we have a couple kitchen pictures to help with those explanations. And whenever you have questions to answers we have not presented yet, please give us a call or e-mail us.

On Sept. 17, 2020, our ad agency wrote a nice blog post for us about Arthur Harris Stainless Steel Handles.

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