Lenape Classic Blossoms porcelain bathroom hardware

The pink flowers with green leaves on white porcelain bath hardware is back!

Pink floral bathroom toilet paper holders, soap dishes, and more

Lenape Classic Blossoms Bath Hardware

The Classic Blossom collection prior to 2009 came with 4 floral choice patterns, on bone or white porcelain.  But in 2009, Lenape had suspended their US production in New Jersey.  Now, with a lot of people asking for the most popular of those six choices, Lenape has reinstated the popular Blossoms on White pattern.

These pieces are oval shaped bases on pure white porcelain.  Porcelain and ceramic are interchangeable terms.  The base clay compound is the same.  Porcelain is just fired at a hotter kiln temperature.  The appearance of porcelain and ceramic is basically the same.  The Blossoms on White bath hardware consists of: double towel bars, single towel bars, a towel ring, a soap dish, matching toothbrush holder, a double robe hook, and a toilet paper holder.  All items are clip mounted pieces, towel bars come with two mounting clips.

The Blossoms flower is a 3-tone pink flower with green leaves in a vine type pattern.  There are small green flowers on the vine that appear to have not blossomed yet.  So it gives the symbolism that the vine is growing.  It has always been a colorful pattern and stands out well on the background of white porcelain.

We invite you to follow this link to the Lenape Classic and Classic Blossoms page on our web site.  We have taken many new pictures of the pieces instead of using the 15 year old picture from Lenape.

Lenape blossoms towel bars and double towel bars

Classic Blossoms Towel Bars

There are close ups of each piece so you can see the floral patterns.  They are shown after the plain white pieces.  As with many of our web pages, there is a lot of data on the page.  Look toward the bottom of the page for a price grid showing prices and dimensions.


AND, we are stocking this collection in both plain white, and Blossoms on White.

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