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5 Inexpensive Ways To Reimagine Your Bathroom

Published by Ad agency contributed in Bathroom Hardware · 14 August 2020
As a weekend warrior, you have probably prioritized your home renovation projects by either need or easiness. You may not have the funds just yet to do a full home remodel or even a room remodel, but you can do some touch-ups that can change your space from good to fantastic! Today we thought we would offer some knowledge on five inexpensive ways to reimagine your bathroom space. From updating bath lien to upgrading your bathroom hardware, we are going to turn your boring bathroom into a getaway.

One easy and inexpensive fix is changing up your bathroom hardware. Hardware includes knobs, toilet paper holders, towel racks, towel rings, robe hooks, shower curtain rods, and faucet spouts.

These pieces are easy to order online, and a pretty straight forward install. We recommend buying all your pieces of hardware from the same 'collection' to have a consistent look across your bathroom. Remember to properly install your fixtures for safety!

Utilizing bathroom shelves in another inexpensive way to spruce up your space! Floating shelves can not only update the look but also increase storage space if you find it is limited.

Currently, there is an interest in having a 'rustic' look to your home. A rustic style can even save you money if you have the right tools! Get creative with your shelves, make them square, triangular, or even polygon-shaped. Shop around for a look that suits your tastes.

Tile Paint
Painting your tile is a trend that is popping up on every DIY Pinterest board. Painting your tile can completely change your bathroom space without spending more than $40!

Caution! You cannot just use any paint! It is essential to pick a latex or epoxy paint. You can also spring for a mildew-proof that will keep your tiles looking brand new. Do your research and be sure you are using the proper paint for your bathroom tiles.

Bathroom Linens
An easy and effective way to change your bathroom is to update your bathroom linens. Pick a 'theme' or color that matches your style and then hunt for:
  • Bath towels
  • Hand towels
  • Bathmats
  • Shower curtain
  • Washcloths
These bathroom linens can really tie your bathroom together without overspending. Plus, you can usually find deals depending on the time of year.

Art & Embellishments
Bathroom trinkets and art pieces will take your bathroom to the next level. Buy similar matching styles of bathroom accessories to create a uniform look throughout. Woven baskets can be a great addition to your guest bathroom to add storage and charm. Adding 'Old-timey' type bottles or candles can create more atmosphere to your once dull bathroom. If you are a DIYer, you might look at adding a frame around your bathroom mirror.

A 'New' Bathroom Without The Cost
Tie all of these easy and affordable bathroom tips together, and you'll think you've done a complete remodel! If you're looking for great deals and inexpensive bathroom hardware, check out our page on Bathroom Hardware. Do you have any tips and tricks to turn your bathroom from old to new at an affordable price? Let us know!

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