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Arthur Harris Stainless Steel Kitchen Hardware

Published by Ad agency contributed in Cabinet Hardware · 17 September 2020
Upgrading your kitchen with modern touches is easy with Arthur Harris Stainless Steel Kitchen Hardware. Eclectic-ware offers Arthur Harris's stainless steel door handles and cabinet knobs. These are 303 grade solid stainless steel handles that have a brushed stainless steel finish. This kitchen hardware can also be used for:

  • Bathroom Cabinets
  • Office Spaces
  • Boat Cabins
  • Covered Outdoor Patios

Arthur Harris Stainless Steel Kitchen Handles are a durable kitchen upgrade that are built to last. Eclectic-ware offers a great deal of door handle lengths and multiple knob designs and sizes for all your projects. Browse our Arthur Harris page and order right on our website or call us at 813-633-7544.

Arthur Harris custom stainless steel cabine handles in customers kitchenAn Affordable Luxury Kitchen Upgrade

Making small and inexpensive changes to your kitchen can make a big difference. One of the best ways to make a 'big change' is switching out or adding cabinet hardware. Taking on a project like this can be done in as little as an afternoon. Picking a style of kitchen hardware will probably end up being the longest part of your kitchen upgrade. The Arthur Harris selections can give your kitchen the perfect touch of modern. Whether you have a glass door pantry, pull out drawers, or extra tall cabinets, Arthur Harris Stainless Steel Kitchen Hardware makes custom-sized European-style railing handles including:

  • Standard Style Bar Handles
  • Back to Back Mounted Handles
  • End to End Style Handles
  • Cabinet Knobs
  • T-Pulls

Measuring and Planning For Your Kitchen Hardware

Eclectic-ware offers Arthur Harris Solid Stainless Steel Cabinet Handles in sizes made to your specific measurements:

  • Any cabinet handle is made to the sixteenth of an inch
  • Sizes ranging from 2” short to 96” long for most bar diameters
  • Choose from 6 bar diameters from ⅜” up to 1”
  • End to End handles made in the same sixteenth of an inch increments
  • Back to Back Mounted Handles available in ANY length in 5 bar diameters
  • Knobs available in 12 machine cut styles and 2 diameter sizes
  • T-Pulls available in 6 standard sizes, and then custom sizes too

Custom ordered sizes is what we specialize in. Handles are made how YOU need them.

Instead of installing the same size handle on every single cabinet face, Eclectic-ware's selection allows your cabinet handles to flow with the sizes of your door and drawer fronts. Both vertically and horizontally.

European-style railing handles are installed vertically and horizontally on your cabinet doors and drawer fronts. You have options. To order the proper size railing, Eclectic-ware recommends ordering a railing in the range of 2 to 3” shorter than the width or height of your cabinet door or drawer. This ensures the tail ends of the handles remain 1” to 1.5” from the edges of your cabinetry. For more detailed instructions on measuring and installation, visit Eclectic-ware's page.

Installing handles that extend near the full length of your cabinetry creates a highly customized and polished look. It also is more practical as, oftentimes, when brushing past our cabinets, we can snag our belt loops or pockets on the kitchen hardware. Eclectic-ware points out that measuring for and installing the railings as they recommend reduces the likelihood of that happening.

Buy Your Arthur Harris Stainless Steel Kitchen Hardware From Eclectic-ware

Eclectic-ware offers superior customer service from knowledgeable staff. They can answer all your questions about hardware selection, design, and installation.

Discounts are available on bulk orders of Arthur Harris Stainless Steel Kitchen Hardware. Varying discounts apply to assorted knobs, Back to Back handles, and European-style rails. Volume discounts are as follows:

10% off for 25-49 items
15% off for 50-99
20% off for 100 or more
25% off for 400 or more

Stainless steel kitchen hardware gives a sleek and modern design to not only your kitchen, but bathrooms, office, and more. Arthur Harris 303 grade stainless steel provides that look with quality that will last, as all handles are solid stainless steel - not coated. Eclectic-ware offers a broad selection of sizes and styles for customizability and to help you fulfill the vision of your remodel.

To get a quote on your Arthur Harris Stainless Steel Kitchen Hardware, visit Eclectic-ware's page.

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