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DIY Home Office

Published by Ad agency contributed in Home Improvement · 27 November 2020
DIY Home Office
The year 2020 has changed a lot for everyone, and one of those changes is how and where we work. We even have a new, frequently used acronym, WFH, meaning work from home. Everyone is trying to create a space in their home that encourages creativity and productivity. Along with the change in how we work in 2020 came a significant increase in managing budgets, and therefore, DIY home offices became a trend. With a DIY office, you can expect to save money and create the home office of your dreams.

How To Design A Home Office
There are many resources online that give you plenty of home office design examples like Instagram, Pinterest, and home-style blogs. Knowing what you want in your office and what is important to you are both important things to note, but there is more to a DIY home office than just the colors and accent decor you choose. We've compiled a few steps to designing your best DIY home office!

Establish A Budget
Your first step in creating the DIY home office of your dreams is to establish a budget. No matter if you are revamping your current space or doing a full-on home office remodel, a budget is the first and possibly the most crucial step. Know what you can spend and what you should spend. Establishing a budget for your home office can also open you to finding more deals and offers than you were expecting.

Decide On A Style
Deciding on the style of your home office is what we consider a "fun step." This step is where you can research all the beautiful offices on the internet and pick and choose different colors, elements, and technology that you'd love to include in your DIY home office.

List Out Work 'Musts'
Picking out a desk and a chair is all good and fun, but it's important to remember why you're building out this office in the first place for work productivity. Here is a list of what people typically need when it comes to your home office:
  • Surge Protector or Power Strip
  • Printer
  • Lighting
  • Microphone and Headphones
  • High-quality Webcam
  • Dual Monitors
  • HDMI or DVI Cables
Although these are typical "fun" to pick out, they will take your space from workable to productive! Remember to add these 'must-haves' to your budget!

Don't Settle For A Crowded Space
What do you think to help your productivity? Studies have that clutter can significantly affect us by influencing our behavior, emotions, and even increased procrastination. When you are designing your DIY home office, you should take shelving and organization into consideration. Having a clear desk and office space can help you focus on your work and avoid procrastination. In your ongoing list of home office must-haves, consider adding a filing cabinet, cubbies, and other forms of organizational furniture that can help you stay on task.

Start Your DIY Home Off With Eclectic-ware
At Eclectic-ware, we are more than just cabinets and bathroom hardware; we offer cabinet hardware, bathroom accessories, lighting, cabinet door knobs, drawer pulls, and plenty of other custom furniture hardware, which makes us a great resource for your DIY home office.

No matter what home office furniture you are building, we offer some of the top furniture hardware products to ensure your DIY home office project goes off without a hitch. Build custom office cabinets or a custom office desk to really let your creativity loose. We have a vast lighting selection that can take your home office from simple to outstanding.

Start your DIY home office project and take a look through our site to find all the cabinets, shelves, lighting, and furniture hardware you need to create the most productive home office. If you have any questions or need any suggestions, call us at 813-633-7544 or email us at

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