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Eclectic-ware Kitchen Cabinet and Bathroom Hardware

Published by John W. Wagonis in Cabinet Hardware · 14 December 2019
This is our original first blog post from 2014. Rewritten only to correct a few grammarical mistakes and to reflect verbage related to current product offering.

Founded in December, 2000, for 19 years we have been supplying homeowners and cabinet makers with quality cabinet and bathroom hardware. Many of our product lines are made to order. They are not something just stocked on a shelf. We do stock some mainstream items. But, when it comes to a specific size wood or thermal foil cabinet door, a stainless steel handle made to the sixteenth of an inch, or a Corian cabinet handle or matching switchplate made to a configuration, size, and color of your choice – this is part of what we do!

We are a full line distributor for Hera Lighting and Loox LED Lighting. Our service includes tech support and helping you plan your lighting project. We are not just going to scan barcodes, toss a bunch of boxes in a bag for you, and say good luck. If you have questions, before or after a sale, we will answer them for you. When you are planning three 12 foot sections of linear LED lighting, several spotlights, and some TAPE-LED for your toe kicks, and you need to know how many lights you can run per power driver, and what cables you need, we are here to help with that. And more.

Ceramic Bathroom Hardware

Another great product line that we offer is AC Products ceramic bathroom hardware. How many people have a tiled wall shower stall or bathtub? Most everyone! Ceramic tile showers and tubs have been the most popular choice since indoor plumbing. Yes, there are very nice all-in-one fiberglass surrounds and other things available today. But by far, half the homes and condos in America have tiled shower walls. And half of those people wish there was a miracle cure to keep your grout clean without having to workout while cleaning it. But back to AC Products. Tiled-in towel bars, soap dishes, corner shelves. These are convenience items for your bathroom. Organizational necessities so you do not keep your soap or towel on the floor.

AC Products color array for ceramic bathroom hardware choices
And not just in white or off white. Most ceramic pieces from AC Products come in over 80 colors. There are also 6 stoneware colors. So if you are planning a new bathroom, or remodeling an existing bathroom, or just replacing that broken soap dish, we have some solutions for you. And we won’t bore or frustrate you with just white, white, or white. If you need black gloss, Mexican sand, heron blue, Texas yellow, or any of the extended color choices – you have those choices. There is much more info on this in the AC Products section of our web site.

Custom Made Cabinet Doors

When faced with building a new home, or remodeling a kitchen or bathroom, order your made to size wood and thermal foil cabinet doors from us. There are a lot of people who do projects themselves. We applaud you for that. Measuring for your own cabinet doors, ordering them unfinished (or finished), then applying that special color stain you have been wanting to have in your kitchen for ages, gives you that completed kitchen you wanted. The custom made cabinet doors that we offer are for DIY people, contractors, and cabinet makers. Anyone can purchase through us.  Options for raised panel doors, shaker style, and even thermal foil doors present you with countless choices. Wood doors can come prefinished. 3D Laminate (thermal foil) doors are available in 70 different colors and woodgrains. Finishing off your kitchen, bathroom, living room, or bedroom with custom cabinetry makes your home, your special home. Off the rack cabinets? Yuk. Custom sized drawers under your bed with drawer fronts finished in Espresso Maple, yeah!

We offer quality products. About half the product lines that we offer are Made in the USA. Many are made in Europe and Asia also. We do not import or offer cheap products. All our products come from US wholesale manufacturers and US distribution points. We are not into the cheap commodity hardware that you can sell fast and cheap. Our product lines were selected based on our prior knowledge about them, and happy to say, some of them selected us. As we get into posting future blogs, we will try to inform you about all the great products that we offer....

-- We had 5 additional blog entries from 2015-16 that we will update and repost in our blog forum. Our website was completely revamped and finally updated in November, 2019. It is now mobile phone friendly, and shopping cart friendly. As well as people friendly. Some pages may have a bit of reading to do on them. This is because there is product information to convey. We are not just advertising a bag of cookies or a sweater. Pick your flavor or color and add to cart. No, we have cabinet door handles, many of which that come in multiple sizes, multiple colors, and may have corresponding cabinet knobs to go with them. We need to talk a little about that to aid in your selections. We just don't have a bunch of pages with pictures and prices. When you visit our AC Products ceramic section, you will see what we mean about the assistance that we offer to our customers.

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