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Guest Blogging on Eclectic-ware

Published by John W. Wagonis in Website Stuff / Miscellaneous · 24 March 2020

Guest Blogging is the SEO rage

Why are we writing these tiny bits of information all over websites around the world? Primarily for two reasons. 1) to help those whom are reading them. Good, relevant, helpful info to teach or inform about a product, service, or how to perform a task yourself. And 2) to bring people to our own websites. And for number 2, that is two-fold. With the greater number of relevant backlinks that you have to your website, the more horsepower you get from Google. But let's not forget about the blog itself. If it was helpful and informative, as well as inspiring, the reader is destined to follow one or more of the links to find more of what he wants (without even going back to Google).

SEO companies all over the world want to promise you links. Eclectic-ware is not an SEO company. We sell cabinet and bathroom hardware. We are just trying to promote our own SEO. And of course a great way to do that is to get info about us on other websites across the United States and other world countries, mostly the English speaking countries, and then bring people to our website - to help them with cabinet and bathroom hardware.

Guest Posting

We are open to guest posting, both directions. If you would like to write a short or long blog post for our website and include a link or two out to your website, sounds good. BUT! We play by the rules. This is not going to be an open forum for just anyone to write about anything just to hop up a few backlinks for themself. Blog posts will not just be automatically thrown into our blog. They will be reviewed, and they have to be RELEVANT. There are a ton of cheap ass SEO companies out there that do not understand RELEVANCE.

And, if you like our writing style and would like us to write a relevant blog post for your website, this can be done too. We of course would like to merge in a paragragh about how one of our products relates, and add a link to that product page. Without it sounding like a commercial.

Thus, the rules: Guest Blogging on our site

If you would like to write something for our site, it would need to be professional, and related to home improvement obviously. Cooking articles, info about clothing, automotive related, or your child's science project are NOT relevant. Unless the science project was redesigning your kitchen. Don't request or bother us with unrelated gibberish. And if you are one of those cheap ass SEO companies, go somewhere else. We are opening the door to people who want to write, who want to share something about what they do that is related, and those who would like to earn a backlink back to their site. Their website also should not be in direct competition with ours. If you are selling Hera Lighting or any of the other products that we offer, and are trying to bring our customers to your site, that is not fair play. Nor would we do that to you.

The blog posts we are referring to would be something along the lines of: a) I'm a tile setter and can offer info about how to install a ceramic soap dish. b) I just built beautiful cabinetry for my living room and I used LED spotlights behind the glass front doors and this is how I did it. c) I make wood furniture and use similar products and want to bring people to my website to sell my furniture. d) I'm an electrician and I can tell people how to install cabinet lighting, and I am for hire. Get the idea? Related topics, related contractors, related products, but not in direct competition with the brands we sell. (In cooperation with the brands we sell, that helps both of us.)

Your blog or article should be well written in English. Not choppy incomplete sentences. Grammar should be good. Think about. Look at how reads this. Would you decipher through snetences that look like this? Speling errors and uh sentences backwards they are and lacko cammas, and other crap - We don't want! This is why we will review blog submissions first, and it is at our discretion to decline anything that is not a good fit. How to and informative blogs are not fiction, so we are not looking for prose. You can get a feel for how I write by just looking at my blog submissions and my web pages that offer a lot of helpful info about our products.

Links back to your site: You can place in bold which anchor text you would like as a link and let us know the URL to link to. You can have two or three links if you like. Sometimes a topic hits on a related sub topic and that is okay. And whether it is one, two, or three links back to the same domain, but to various pages, Google will count that as only one backlink from our domain. But, you will still get the exposure from the anchor text, and the relevant page, and it all revolves around the subject of the paragraph it is in. If you captured your reader's attention, that is great. Forget about Google, get them interested in what you wrote and let them follow that link right back to you. If you have a graphic or two that you would like included, that is good to do also.

The Reciprocal part of this:
After you write that nice blog for us, write another very similar for yourself, hitting on a product or two of ours that is related to your first blog, and give us a link back. We are in this to help each other. Do not copy that first blog word for word and post it in two places. That is also a sign of the cheap SEO tactics. Write a second fresh blog but in a flattering way to us in how our products did or could participate in what you do. Make sense?

Us Guest Blogging for you

I do like to write. I do not always have a lot of time to do so, but I am pretty quick when I can get to it. I do have a lot of experiences, yet the blog posts I should be writing should be related to kitchens, bathrooms, custom furniture, home improvement, maybe even yard projects since I have done most of my own myself. I am skilled with many power tools, yet I am not a licensed contractor. I am cautious with my advice. Most of my knowledge is from my dad and my neighbors when I was growing up, and then my own skillset that I perfected by just trying things on my own. Recently, I added a two-tier metal roof to my carport. Never built a roof before, thought it would be fun, drew it out, ordered all the products, went to work. It coincides with the other oriental themed structures on our property, and closely matches to our house roof (in color and shape).

Since what I would primarily write about would in some way relate to one of the products on my website, I of course would be looking to slip in that one or second link back to Eclectic-ware to get that beloved link juice. And then of course this should work the same way. If you would want me to also write a second post, something related to your 'related' site, a follow up to the blog I just wrote, I can do so and get the link posted back to your site from my site.


That is what guest posting and link building is about. We are cooperating with each other to benefit ourselves, AND the readers of our posts. Do not forget about whom we are writing for. If a blog cannot help someone, keep it off the net. It is just a waste of space. And a waste of time. Irritating readers would become like a thick newspaper. Newspapers in the early to mid 1900's were read. As soon as they became fat and were filled with 60% or more of ads, they became less read. I get magazine companies offering free subscriptions to their magazines all the time. Why would I want to look at 60 pages of the same ads from the previous month just to find 10 pages of articles in between, and then be irritated because maybe two pages of articles actually were worth something. Glad I didn't pay for that. Right? We all think the same thing.

Relevance, relevance, relevance. If our products, services, or stories are not related in some way, do not bother. Our goal together needs to be to benefit each other ... and our readers. You can use our contact form to send us a quick request and mini-outline of what you would like to do, or see from us. Or you can just e-mail us. SEO companies be warned, this is not an invitation to you. Do not harass me or try to game the system.

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