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Looking Ahead to 2021

Published by John W. Wagonis in Website Stuff / Miscellaneous · 27 November 2020
Traditionally year after year, we say Happy New Year several days before the new year happens, and a lot for several weeks after it has happened. I would really like to say Happy New Year, but instead, it feels better served to just offer Hope that 2021 will be a better year.

I want to offer Hope because most likely I am afraid to offend anyone by using the word Happy. 2020 has not been happy for a lot of people, just the opposite. We are still battling Covid-19 and it is dangerously strong. We are also facing a high unemployment problem which causes me to be sad for millions of people. Millions of people who I do not know and whose paths I will most certainly will never cross since I barely go anywhere. Millions of people fighting their own individual hardships of not knowing when or if they will be going back to work. We are Americans. Most of us like working. We do bitch and complain about our jobs, but when we work, we do gather a feeling of accomplishment. We do earn our living so we can buy those things we like buying. And on the responsible side of the equation, work allows us to be productive members of the community by paying our bills and looking out for ourselves financially. This is not happening for everyone right now. People are scared.

How can we make 2021 far better than 2020?
  • First: We need to care. Care about our own situation, but most of all, care about others and their plights.
  • Second: We need to be generous. Generosity is not just about donating money. I am not prompting that yeah or nay. Generosity is: Smiling, being nice to people, holding the door for someone, sharing some food, giving some of your time to help someone, and just being decent to people. Which includes everyone you don't know too.
  • Third: We are going to need to follow a few uncomfortable rules. Can we do that? Just follow a few simple rules? For ourselves and everyone else? We may not like hearing it, but isn't abiding by a few extra common sense rules better than building hundreds of thousands of pine boxes?

Now before most of the Republican Party starts labeling me as a Liberal, let me clear the water or whatever other cliche you may want to use, I am half Republican and half Democrat. What a concept! That middle ground thing! The thing that makes America truly great. AND LET ME SAY, this little blog post is not going to be a political statement. So for all those gearing up to slam me right now, don't. This blog post isn't going to be about cabinet or bathroom hardware either. But if you need some, follow that link. And it's not going to be about a Gofundme or giving money to the poor, or anything like that.

It is going to be about, what can all of us do to make 2021 better? A group effort. Who's in to make 2021 better?

Well, back to Happy New Year. I think it is okay to say it. And it should be said. But be ready. You may say it to someone who has lost a wife or husband to Covid-19. Or even a child. They may say Happy New Year back to you, but they may just be saying it to be nice and to conclude a conversation. Some people may need to talk about a loss, be ready to listen. Some people may want to talk about thier financial situation. And some may not want to talk about it. Some of us are very private people, or stubborn proud people. Just be light on your toes and be ready to be nice and to listen. And know when to back off as needed. The phrase: Give me some Space. Boy, does that one matter more than anything right now....

We will need to have that consideration ... and for quite some time. Covid-19 and unemployment will need TIME to heal. There are several promising vaccines buzzing in the news. The world has stood up against this virus and we want to fight. Until the vaccines are ready for anyone choosing to take one, or needing to take one, what can we do until then?

  • We can wear masks when in public or when in groups. (I do not want to hear complaining, masks help.)
  • We can keep our hands washed as often as possible. Or when we question anything that we recently touched. Such as a gas pump, store door handles, anything questionable in public. Consider your hands to be dirty if you are uncertain about them being clean.
  • We can keep our hands off our face when we know that we touched something in public. If you consciously practice this, it actually does become easier. And stop licking your fingers to grab a piece of paper. No hands to the face. Penalty of 15 yards.
  • Of course, there is that social distancing thing too. We should had known in February 2020 how aggressive this virus was through airborne spread. We deal with a flu every year. Why were we not cautious with Covid-19 from the beginning?
  • If someone is not wearing a mask, take a few steps backwards. Nothing wrong with talking to someone from 6 to 12 feet away. We can hear each other.
  • And something major that we can do to slow the spread of Covid-19, stop bitching about having to do the above. Don't be a damn cry baby. We don't want to see people on the news yelling at grocery store workers about their constitutional rights. We don't want to hear people whining about their religious rights being taken away. No one is taking away your religious rights. Makes me sick that even churches aren't preaching the right thing to do. Instead they want to invite everyone in, sing at the top of your lungs, and create super spreader events. What the hell is wrong with people?

I know, most everyone not believing in masks or thinking Covid won't get them has already tuned out and closed this page. But for those who do care, for those who want to make 2021 better, for those who want to go back to work, just look to the world report. Other countries are recovering. And yes, I know, some countries are surging out of control like the US is. This is a world virus. It is not a hoax. It is most certainly real. We do not want a repeat of the 1918 Spanish Flu which extended into 1919 and 1920. And it originated from the United States.

When we do win against Covid-19, businesses will come back. They will re-open. Sadly, not all of them, because harm has been done. But the buildings are still there. And we all have seen businesses come and go over the decades. Someone, yes, probably a rich guy, will buy out those empty buildings and turn them into something. Quite possibly the same kind of business it was. Thus people will go back to work. A full recovery will not happen immediately. 2021 is where we begin! No need to wait till 1-1-2021, get started on caring and doing the right things now. As many of us have been doing for the last 9 to 10 months. And in 2021 continue doing the right things. We can win.

Do we want to whine, cry, and bitch? Or do we want to act and get our butts in gear and do the right THINGS? Yes, plural, things! It is going to take effort. There is no silver platter or easy way around this. It will take work, some sacrifice, and the great need to be nice. Stop fighting back and forth. Just be nice, or stay at home. We don't need rude uncaring people out in public who do not take this virus seriously and add to the spread. Those fools can just stay at home, and locked in their houses. If you want to behave and do the right things, you can come out and play. At a distance.

To make 2021 better, we all need to do as many of the right things that we can. Stop disobeying and criticizing. Start doing all the right things. The economy will self-recover when we can open up safely and fully. Right now, it is not safe.

Hopeful New Year to all. Spread the cheer. And still be considerate and compassionate to everyone who is not happy. They did not ask to have a loss befall them. Just show some care.

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