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Published by John W. Wagonis in Website Stuff / Miscellaneous · 21 December 2019
The Eclectic-ware website goes back to the year 2000. And in comparison to what it looked like then and what it looks like now, we're just gonna zoom right past that conversation. Let's just say, it is far better....
In November of 2019, after practicing with some new web authoring software for many months, and then spending from approx. February to October rewriting the majority of the web pages, we uploaded our new responsive website. We did it in-house. No company was assigned to write it for us. It's all home grown right here from Wimauma, Florida.
Eclectic-ware navigation hamburger menuIn comes our second level menu. When we first uploaded the new site, we had a link to every page crammed into the main menu across the screen on PC's and Laptops, and the wide screen format on tablets. The compressed Hamburger menu, (the symbol you see to the left), also had all those links in what we found out was a somewhat confusing format. All pages accessible from the same Hamburger button? Kind of felt like a highway on a smartphone with a list that dropped way below your ankles. So, some helpful advice from the Tech Support people at Website X5 suggested making the main menu far less cluttered. And adding a secondary hamburger menu - more specific to the pages or page section of the website that you are within. And that clicked. Because that is the way we had always done it in the past with our old software. But mostly with just text links, not a nice now you see me, and now you don't polite slide out menu. So we spent a few hours on this day going through each page and configuring submenus for the associated pages related only to that section.


Our website is set up for the most part by Manufacturer. Hera Lighting is a section. Woodmont Doors pages are altogether. The knob and pull collections from Siro Designs are under a header for Siro Designs. We have always made our product brand names known, and we display each manufacturer's products in a private little corner so you can look over their styles and designs without being clobbered with flying things on the screen trying to redirect you to another product brand.
That's another thing we DON'T do on our website. We do not sell ad space and turn it into a commercial. It is a product showcase. We are showing you the products that you are looking for. Ad pop ups will not happen. Nothing worse that trying to close a bunch of crazy little windows or videos that want to start screaming at you.

Hamburger Menu

Those 3 little horizontal lines generally inside a square rounded corner colored background. Some might actually be pictures of hamburgers. We did not name it that. Some other guy a decade or so ago gave it that name. And it is a very convenient tool. It takes up little screen space as it is snoozing. And when you wake it, it gives you a tiny little road map to find your way around to other web pages. How cool is that?
So when you seen the orange color hamburger menu button below our main full across the screen menu, or black hamburger button on smaller devices, the orange button guides you around the section that you are in. Many of our products such as the cabinet lighting and cabinet knobs and drawer pulls, have a lot of choices. Different types of lighting, and different choices in decorative hardware for your cabinet doors. Please take a little time to explore some of the numerous choices available to you. And, whenever you have product questions, or questions on how to find something on our website, there are multiple ways of getting those answers:
The Contact Us link is in the header and footer of every web page. | The Search Field is located at the top and bottom of all web pages. | And our 813-633-7544 phone number is displayed in the header and footer of all web pages.
We welcome your inquiries when you need help. Throughout the site too, there are mini-contact forms sporadically, and direct e-mail links. We know some products open up questions.
Thank you for reading our rambling today. Most blog posts from here forward should mainly be product related. As well as other helpful home improvement advice, shipping advice, and other stuff. I'm sure our Pugs will make it into the blog soon too.

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