Hera Lighting Display and Furniture Cabinet Lighting Systems

Hera Lighting introductionHera Lighting cabinet and furniture lighting has many uses.  Predominately, it is used on the underside of your upper kitchen cabinets.  This is where it first started, and where is continues to prove popular.  But in today’s kitchen, things have changed.


Accent lighting is now used inside cabinets too.  And with LED leading the way, the concerns of heat build up inside your cabinets is no Hera Lighting in your kitchen cabinetslonger a concern.  Many of todays kitchens have glass front doors.  You can look into your cabinets without opening the doors.  Thus, you are choosing to show off what is in the inside.  Now if your glass front cabinet doors have a few boxes of Wheaties or Quaker Oats resting right behind them, you need more help than the scope of this blog.  Generally, glass front cabinet doors will have some nice China platters or plates you wish to display.  You may keep vases in your cabinets.  You could have a small statue behind a kitchen cabinet door.  Can you see these things with the glare of the ceiling lights on the glass?  Probably not too well.  So … add some interior spotlight lighting to the inside of your cabinet and show off what you proudly wish to display.

Hera Lighting has Tape-LED lights that you can mount to the underside of your cabinets, above them to accent the wall going up to the ceiling, or add to your toe kicks.  Sometimes you want a little low level lighting under your toe kick.  It will brighten up the kitchen more.  Linear LED lighting has become very popular for the underside of your upper cabinets.  It throws an even light amount across your counters.  Giving you lots of light to work with when preparing meals.  There are several linear LED lights to select from, some that connect end to end without unsightly connection points; they look like one long continuous light.  And when the evening winds down and you do not want a bright task light on, dimming options allow you to bring down the level of light to create accent lighting with the same lights.  For more focused light, traditional spotlights in round or square, pinpoint light where you need it.  Some come with swivel functions to point the light more precisely.

Walking out of the kitchen for a moment, and into the bathroom – what kind of lighting do you have in your bathroom?  Is it the single glass globe in the middle of the ceiling that is turning yellow and not allowing as much light through?  Are they sconce lights on both sides of your mirror?  Is the area of the bathroom where you NEED the light, not getting the light?  All bathrooms are not created equally.  If you need light above theHera Big6/2-LED light counter so you can see what you are doing better, add some.  If you happen to have a shelf unit in the bathroom that you would like some display lighting on, add it.  Every application and every need will be different.  Going across a dual sink area, you may need 5 or 6 spotlights.  In the upper side of a linen closet, you may consider 1 or 2 spotlights.  Or possibly the Big6/2-LED for a strong amount of light from one fixture.

We will continue our discussion on Hera in another post.  We do wish to say that Hera Lighting can be used in almost any residential and commercial application.  It is commonly found in boat and motor homes.  It is used in furniture making.  You may also see it installed at the doctors office the next time the dentist leans you back in his chair.  Next time you visit a hotel or Japanese steak house, look at the utility and accent lighting.  Cabinetry lighting is found most everywhere!  Eclectic-ware proudly distributes Hera Lighting.