Ceramic Bathroom Hardware

AC Products ceramic bathroom hardware is made in the USA. We like giving a plug to products that we offer that are born in America. So that is one great thing about this hardware. The next, is the colors. There are several different series of ceramic pieces that AC Products offers. The Stylish 700 Series, the most extensive, has approx. 40 selections – ALL of which are available in about 100+ colors each.

ceramic bathroom hardware stylish 700 series

A great collection of ceramic bathroom hardware

You will find a few differently styled soap dishes. Three sizes of corner shelves, the jumbo coming with or without a hook beneath it. A matching vanity soap dish and toothbrush holder. Some recessed items such as the 3 shower caddies, recessed soap dish, and recessed toilet paper holder. There is a surface mount toilet paper holder, a robe hook, the towel ring which has been cited for retirement, but we still have some. And then the popular ceramic towel bar. And not just in one size and one color. The towel bar posts are all the same size, but you have a choice of 4 bar lengths, of which you can alter any of them shorter. The bar can come in white or clear, you can choose that too. And you have a choice of 4 mounting methods – and then all of that in 100+ ceramic colors. So the model 730 towel bar technically can come in 3200 different combinations. Don’t ask us to show you a picture of every combination, not gonna happen. It is not our objective to bore you. But it is our objective to offer solutions. Not everyone is using white, bone or biscuit ceramic tile. Some people want a grey-tone soap dish or corner shelves for their shower. The next guy may want a blue tone, and the girl next door may want a Wild Rose colored shower caddy. The 700 Series is awesome for choices. And about those mounting methods. There are 5 to choose from.

Ceramic bathroom hardware moutning methods

The various mounting methods for ceramic bath hardware

The most popular mounting method is thin-set. What thin-set means is that the hardware piece is generally glued to the backer board using the same adhesive that the tiles use. And you must have an opening in the tile for it to fit into. Most pieces are sized to fit into a 4×4 opening, but that is not uniform for all pieces, especially a few of the larger items. Some people call thin-set “recessed”, that is not correct. Yes, the protrusion on the back will recess into the tile depth, generally 1/4″ to 5/16″. The definition for recessed, as you can see in the picture above is that it fits into the wall 3 or more inches. The recessed TP holder shown needs 3-5/8″ of depth to fit in the wall – into a 6×6 opening. The mud set item shown above can be considered semi-recessed. It does not require as deep of an opening to fit into. You must have 1-1/4″ or more. And it is called mud set because professionals prefer to create a mud pack and push the piece in place and that is how they mount it. It can be mounted with adhesive also if you choose.

The two other mounting methods, flat back and clip on have their specific purposes. Flat back was created as a simple solution for repairs or afterthoughts. Flat back can be mounted to ANY flat wall surface. It can go over tile, it can glue directly to sheetrock or backer board. It can glue onto a wood or paneling style wall. We do not promote it being glued directly to drywall, that is not considered best practice. For normal drywall mounting, on a smooth unblemished surface, use the clip on mount. The mounting clip will secure to the drywall using screws and drywall anchors, then the towel bars, soap dishes, and surface mount TP holder slide down over the tapered clip and wedge themselves in place. For more detailed explanations about the 5 mounting methods, please visit that link.

The other AC Products collections: Series 500, 800, and 900, can be viewed on our web site. There is a lot to see and we are not going to try to cram any more into this blog post. You can view a ton of data, a lot of colors, and other helpful information on our web site. And again, AC Products bath hardware is made in America, right here in Ohio. Quality craftsmanship and very nicely designed hardware….

Replacement Spring Loaded Towel Bars

Something that seems to happen in ceramic tile showers and bathtubs all across America is finding one with a broken towel bar. The plastic bar between the non-removable ceramic posts snapped.  We hear all kinds of stories.  My grandson was doing chin ups.  My husband fell into it and broke it.  I moved into a new house and it did not have one.  Of course we never hear any stories about the lady of the house breaking one.  Guess that doesn’t happen.

If you contacted a tile setter, most of them will offer to chip out one of the posts, put a new bar between them, put the one post back on, and hand you the $150 bill.  Some of them are aware of an ingenious solution: The Lenape Re-Place-A-Bar.

Re-Place-A-Bar replacement towel rod

The Lenape Re-Place-A-Bar to fix a broken towel bar.

The Re-Place-A-Bar is a white or clear plastic bar.  We have them in 12″, 24″, and 36″ lengths.  You will need to cut it down to the exact size to fit your ceramic post separation.  24″ is by far the most popular size and spacing, but we do hear about all kinds of sizes.  The bars are easy to cut.  A hack saw works well.  Most any other fine tooth saw can work also.  When fitting the bar to your space, the length of the replacement towel rod will be: the distance between your posts plus the recess depth of one of the posts.  When cut like this, you will be able to place one end of the bar with the spring loaded end compressed into one post.  The other end, you will hold the spring loaded plunger in, slide it to the inside of the other post, and release the end.  Now the spring loaded ends self-center the bar.  And the bar now rests halfway in to each post, AND IT RESTS ON THE BAR.  The spring loaded ends are a function to keep the bar centered.  The bar still takes the weight of your towels and holds firmly between the posts.

We do keep these in stock and generally ship them via Priority Mail, or international mail for orders outside the US.  This is a very cost effective way to fix a broken bar.  And most everyone can do it himself or herself.  There is much more information on it in the Lenape section of our web site, on the Re-Place-A-Bars page.

Ceramic towel bar colors

AC Products ceramic towel bars are available in over 110 colors.

Now, to offer another solution.  Sometimes a ceramic post gets broken.  And sometimes you have a very odd color.  We have offered AC Products ceramic bathroom hardware for over 6 years now.  AC Products is made in Apple Creek, Ohio.  A wonderful made in the USA product.  And they make their ceramic bath accessories in over 100+ colors.  If you have a broken towel bar post, odds are good that we can get a close matching color, or even the exact matching color.

Posts do come as pairs only.  And more info on them is shown on our extended ceramic towel bars web page.  As you can see from one of our photos showing the colors, there are a lot.  And this is just a couple dozen of the 110+.

Another note about these colorful towel bar posts: we stock them in white, bone, biscuit, black, and a few other popular colors.  And then they come as thin-set mount, flat back mount, clip on, and mud set mount.  Yep, you have a lot of choices….

Lenape Classic Blossoms porcelain bathroom hardware

The pink flowers with green leaves on white porcelain bath hardware is back!

Pink floral bathroom toilet paper holders, soap dishes, and more

Lenape Classic Blossoms Bath Hardware

The Classic Blossom collection prior to 2009 came with 4 floral choice patterns, on bone or white porcelain.  But in 2009, Lenape had suspended their US production in New Jersey.  Now, with a lot of people asking for the most popular of those six choices, Lenape has reinstated the popular Blossoms on White pattern.

These pieces are oval shaped bases on pure white porcelain.  Porcelain and ceramic are interchangeable terms.  The base clay compound is the same.  Porcelain is just fired at a hotter kiln temperature.  The appearance of porcelain and ceramic is basically the same.  The Blossoms on White bath hardware consists of: double towel bars, single towel bars, a towel ring, a soap dish, matching toothbrush holder, a double robe hook, and a toilet paper holder.  All items are clip mounted pieces, towel bars come with two mounting clips.

The Blossoms flower is a 3-tone pink flower with green leaves in a vine type pattern.  There are small green flowers on the vine that appear to have not blossomed yet.  So it gives the symbolism that the vine is growing.  It has always been a colorful pattern and stands out well on the background of white porcelain.

We invite you to follow this link to the Lenape Classic and Classic Blossoms page on our web site.  We have taken many new pictures of the pieces instead of using the 15 year old picture from Lenape.

Lenape blossoms towel bars and double towel bars

Classic Blossoms Towel Bars

There are close ups of each piece so you can see the floral patterns.  They are shown after the plain white pieces.  As with many of our web pages, there is a lot of data on the page.  Look toward the bottom of the page for a price grid showing prices and dimensions.


AND, we are stocking this collection in both plain white, and Blossoms on White.

If you ever have any questions about the products we offer, please use our Contact Us form to send us a note.  There are links to it from all our web pages.