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Kitchen CabinetryEclectic-ware is about home improvement hardware related to kitchen and bathroom cabinetry.  But we don’t stop there.  Most people think of cabinet hardware as being hinges, slides, and knobs.  It is a little bit more than that.

Cabinet hardware is everything used to make  a cabinet.  And whether that cabinet is for your kitchen, bathroom, laundry room, garage, or a special piece of furniture you are making, the hardware is all the same.  You might get a little fancier for some living room or bedroom cabinetry, and you may keep it really plain for the garage.  You have choices.

First, you do have to decide on the cabinets.  We do not offer cabinet boxes, but we do have doors and drawer fronts, and other refacing supplies such as cut to size plywood and veneer.  As well as the same choices in thermal foil.  And maple drawer boxes too.  You can order wood doors finished or unfinished.  If you have a special stain color in mind for your cabinets, get your doors unfinished and then stain them yourself.  And these are not just for cabinet makers and woodworkers.  DIY people refinish their own kitchens and baths all the time.

When hanging cabinet doors, concealed hinges have pretty much become the norm.  When adding drawer slides, there are tons of choices from simple to ultra quiet with soft-closing mechanisms.

Hera closet lightingThen, something that was not so popular 30 to 100 years ago, but that is almost essential to cabinetry now, is cabinet lighting.  Whether the lighting is below cabinets, above them, or in them, accent lighting is awesome.  And under cabinet lighting that acts as task lighting is nice to have upon your countertops.  Too many people depend upon one ceiling light in the kitchen to light the whole kitchen.  How many people have said, there is not enough light in this kitchen?  Hera Lighting products answer that need, as well as turning any cabinet or piece of furniture into a showpiece.  In this picture we just showed, that is a bank of drawers, shelves, and a counter in a closet.  And with spotlight lighting to throw plenty of light onto that counter top.  You could be just show casing some treasured pieces on the counter, or using it functionally.  Nonetheless, cabinet lighting brings it alive.

Cabinet knobs and drawer pulls come in hundreds of thousands of choices.  You might see a few hundred of them at any store.  But with the tremendous amount of decorative cabinet hardware manufacturers out there, most of which do not have their items displayed in regular stores, you really have no idea of all the possibilities.  It’s not just plain brass or chrome handles anymore.  Resin handles have come a long way in vibrant colors and strength.Arthur Harris custom sized stainless steel cabinet handles  Metallic finish options are in the dozens of choices now.  Glass, Corian, Wilsonart, and even leather handles now exist.  We have one company that will make their custom stainless steel bar handles to the sixteenth of an inch.  You can order a precision sized handle!

Other cabinet hardware would include organizing accessory, such as those for wine bottles, stemware glasses, pots and pans, even kitchen slide out trash cans.  Pantry pulls outs or simple cabinet hooks can multiply storage capacity.  Pull out drawers can make reaching deeper within a cabinet an easier chore.  There is a lot you can do beyond the basic scope of a simple cabinet.  We are here to help.  And we showcase a lot of nice products on our Eclectic-ware web site.  Please let us know how we can assist you.  And this can be for new construction or a remodeling job.