BuckSnort Lodge Wildlife Collection
Animals of US forests in full shape, real life looking cabinet knobs and pulls

Wildlife from the forest. Animals that you see and read about living in forests in the United States. Deer, wolves, bears, elk, moose, ducks, and owls. As well as some of their insect and water friends: bees, ladybugs, butterflies, frogs, and turtles. We are a bit confused why a buffalo was tossed into this collection, but there is a buffalo knob too. Many of the knobs feature the wildlife animals in full shape, others are in a round or oval shaped knob. The deer, wolf, and bear dual tracks handles also come as left and right version single footprints. The 4 point antler pull is over 5" long. Mallard ducks have been a long time favorite for cabinet knobs. Use these designs in your kitchen or on furniture where you are trying to bring that theme into the room. There's a little bit of wildlife for everyone in this collection. Many of these designs work as great gifts for the sportsman or hunting enthusiast.

BuckSnort Lodge Products Wildlife collection - wolf, bear, and deer shaped cabinet knobs. Creates of the forest and their footprints as cabinet hardware

Duck, bumble bee, owl, frogs, turtles, deer, and wolf tracks in full shape rustic cabinet knobs. Eclectic-ware

Pricing is shown lower on this page.
All of the above items are available in these five finishes:

BuckSnort Lodge finish options for their rustic cabinet knobs and handles

In the first two large pictures above, knob and pull part numbers are written beneath the item, and then width and height dimensions are displayed. On pulls, a center to center measurement will also be listed. All knobs are a single screw hole mount. If no center to center is listed, then the piece mounts by one screw only.

How to order:
We will have an item number, description, and price chart following below. The BuckSnort part numbers in the big catalog image above are 3 digit numbers. For our part numbers, we will precede them with BUC-BR, then include the 3 digits from above, and then complete the part number with the finish code abbreviation. All items above are available in the five finishes shown below that picture.

Finish codes:
Please use these finish codes when completing your part number. AB for antique brass; AC for antique copper; ORB or oil rubbed bronze; P for pewter; N for nickel.

What a complete part number looks like:
Item # 002, the walking moose LF shown above, in say the oil rubbed bronze finish would become: BUC-BR002-ORB.
(Please remember to add your finish code choice to the part number to complete it.)

For BuckSnort orders of 25 pieces or greater, mix and match items, we offer a 10% discount off the prices posted.

If you would like to order on-line, click the orange box below. You can also call in orders or fax them. All part numbers for items shown above on this page are in the chart immediately below.
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(add finish code to complete)


Individual price

BUC-BR002-(color choice)

Walking Moose left facing knob


BUC-BR183-(color choice)

Walking Moose right facing knob


BUC-BR168-(color choice)

Moose Head left face knob


BUC-BR196-(color choice)

Moose Head right face knob


BUC-BR176-(color choice)

Moose in Round knob


BUC-BR294-(color choice)

Moose Antler right face handle, 3" ctc


BUC-BR295-(color choice)

Moose Antler left face handle, 3" ctc


BUC-BR044-(color choice)

Walking Bear knob


BUC-BR323-(color choice)

Bear Cub right face knob


BUC-BR324-(color choice)

Bear Cub left face knob


BUC-BR051-(color choice)

Elk left facing knob


BUC-BR271-(color choice)

Elk right facing knob


BUC-BR224-(color choice)

Elk Small Oval knob


BUC-BR172-(color choice)

Bear in Round knob


BUC-BR162-(color choice)

Dual Whitetail track handle, 3" ctc


BUC-BR163-(color choice)

Whitetail Track Right Foot knob


BUC-BR164-(color choice)

Whitetail Track Left Foot knob


BUC-BR055-(color choice)

Buffalo knob


BUC-BR165-(color choice)

Dual Whitetail Trail handle, 3" ctc, multiple hoof prints


BUC-BR159-(color choice)

Dual Wolf Track handle, 3" ctc


BUC-BR160-(color choice)

Wolf Track Right Foot knob


BUC-BR161-(color choice)

Wolf Track Left Foot knob


BUC-BR169-(color choice)

Dual Bear Track handle, 3" ctc


BUC-BR170-(color choice)

Bear Track Right Foot knob


BUC-BR171-(color choice)

Bear Track Left Foot knob


BUC-BR346-(color choice)

Realistic Butterfly knob


Part numbers below are those from the second catalog picture above.

BUC-BR130-(color choice)

Triple Mallards handle, 3" ctc


BUC-BR108-(color choice)

Mallard Duck knob


BUC-BR177-(color choice)

Mallard in Round knob


BUC-BR157-(color choice)

Mallards on the Wing knob


BUC-BR239-(color choice)

Deer Antler right face handle, 3" ctc


BUC-BR240-(color choice)

Deer Antler left face handle, 3" ctc


BUC-BR306-(color choice)

Small Whitetail Oval knob


BUC-BR128-(color choice)

Running Whitetail knob


BUC-BR236-(color choice)

Frog knob


BUC-BR210-(color choice)

Bee knob


BUC-BR211-(color choice)

Ladybug knob


BUC-BR111-(color choice)

Turtle knob


BUC-BR052-(color choice)

Whitetail Round knob


BUC-BR173-(color choice)

Stone Wolf Track knob


BUC-BR179-(color choice)

Wolf Track in Round knob


BUC-BR077-(color choice)

Horned Owl knob


BUC-BR321-(color choice)

Shotgun Shell knob


BUC-BR053-(color choice)

Howling Wolf knob


BUC-BR184-(color choice)

Howling Wolves knob


BUC-BR349-(color choice)

4 point Antler Pull, 3" ctc


BUC-BR350-(color choice)

Howling Wolf Head


* ORB note: The ORB oil rubbed bronze finish pieces are $1 more per piece than the prices listed above. This finish requires a different application process and thus it is more costly. So orders for ORB finishes will show unit pricing as $1 more than the price grid figures above.

Some additional information about BuckSnort Lodge Products:

- All hardware pieces are one-piece zinc cast construction, finishes are plated and sealed with a baked-on lacquer
- Most orders are set up as direct ships and generally ship in 3 to 5 weeks or less. Orders traveling outside the US will come to us first, then we will ship them from Florida.
- There is no minimum order quantity, but orders under 5 pieces will have a $5 manufacturer's order charge.
- Orders of 5 pieces or more will not have that charge.
- Shipping cost is based upon final weight of the package and distance traveled from Michigan, on direct ships.
- BuckSnort Lodge guarantees pieces against defects and workmanship for a period of 1 year.
- All hardware will come with #8x32 mounting screws 1" long.

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