Shipping rate examples on specific products

- with regional examples too (all estimates current as of February 2017)
We will update them annually as rate increases with freight carriers occur.

Basically, we would like our customers to know that it is not our intent to profit on freight. If we ship a 10 pound box and it is worth $15 or $1300.00, the shipping rate will be the same. The added insurance will add $11.70 coverage amount to the larger of those two examples, but the base freight is the same.
Again, we can estimate most products very well. Shipping estimates are easy to determine.
Your zip code is important for calculating freight. (or country for International)


Examples on specific products - with regional examples too (all estimates current as of February 2017)
We will update them annually as rate increases with freight carriers occur.
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Throughout 2019, it is our goal to make our website mobile friendly and shopping cart friendly. Until then, we still have web pages formatted best for PC's and an ordering form where you have to do a little bit of the work and enter the part numbers. When it comes to a robot calculating shipping, NONE ARE SMART ENOUGH. A robot does not know what box we will use to combine items. A robot does not know that 1, 2, or 3 of the 24" towel bars can fit in the same box and thus ship at the same rate because it is a dimensional size box. And if a robe hook is added in, it can be tucked into the box and still not change the shipping amount. But if you add in a jumbo corner shelf, then we have to use a slightly larger box. If you order a huge piece of wine rack lattice and then some direct ship decorative hardware with the order, again how can the robot calculate box A and box B and know it all. So shipping on your order will be determined by a real person, it will be the rates we are charged by UPS, FedEx, or the post office, and it will not be inflated. We do not gouge our customers. And anyone in the world can see real cost shipping rates on UPS's, FedEx's, and the Postal websites. Nothing is hidden.


We do receive requests for shipping rates and we encourage you to call or e-mail so we can quote you a shipping amount in advance if you would like. Below are examples of amounts we apply for shipping. We're using some of the more popular products for the examples, and we will also show a few weight examples and ranges.

EXAMPLES: (light weight packages)

  • A one pound package shipping via Priority Mail anywhere in the US to include Alaska, Hawaii, APO's, FPO's, Puerto Rico, USVI, and Guam costs $6.65 to $8.35 depending on the zone (distance from Florida). This is current as of February 2017. If extra insurance is needed or advised, we apply the USPS cost for the higher insurance.
  • Packages weights do follow zones. So a 2 pound Priority Mail package shipping to most cities in NY, MI, OH, IN, KY, VA, MD, DE for example is $9.75 to $10.55 (zones 5 and 6).
  • Two pounds shipping to Alaska, Hawaii, California, Oregon, Nevada, etc is $12.75.
  • We use Priority Mail for lightweight inexpensive items. Or when it has to travel over water. The rates are great! And the USPS has done an exceptional job in handling our packages carefully and efficiently!
  • Some very low value lightweight packages are generally mailed via first class mail with a minimum $8.00 shipping fee to cover our basic order processing expense.

One pound part examples:
1 or 2 Lenape 24" Re-Place-A-Bars, 1 of the 36" Re-Place-A-Bars; 2 to 8 of most any lightweight cabinet handle or knob with the exception of longer, heavier handles; a half dozen ceramic knobs or tropical fish knobs; Hera decor rings and lenses; Hera transformers or dimmers - qty 1. Products like this are lightweight and generally ship at a cost around $7.00 (within US zip codes). Shipping to Canada and other countries is based on international postal rates to those countries. We will use International First Class Mail when we can for packages under 4 pounds. Anything over 4 pounds must go Int'l Priority Mail - Still a lot more affordable than UPS and Fed Ex.

Two pound part examples:
Two Lenape 36" Re-Place-A-Bars; 3 or 4 of the 24" Re-Place-A-Bars; several cabinet handles; a small ceramic toilet paper holder; porcelain robe hooks; a dozen lightweight tropical fish knobs. Basically anything under 2 pounds. Items like this can ship from $6.80 to $12.40 via Priority Mail depending upon your distance from Florida. Distance increases the freight amount.

Three to four pound parts:
Most ceramic towel bar assemblies; larger toilet paper holders; a bunch of metal cabinet knobs, etc. We can send packages like this to NY, OH, MD, that general distance from Florida for approx. $16.50 to $17.00. The same package to MA, ME, NH, RI would be approx. $17.00 to 17.70. Going to California and other western states, $18 to $20. Going to a very remote area in Montana, Wyoming, California, etc. about $23 to $25. UPS adds $3.25 or $4.20 to the package rate for distant remote areas. Big cities do not have the "DAS" surcharge. Sending to a commercial address costs $3.00 LESS than residential addresses. So money can be saved by having items shipped to commercial addresses via UPS Ground.

At our discretion, and if we can fit it into FLAT RATE postal boxes, we will send some heavier items via the Postal System. So each order is given consideration for the best way to travel to you. With over 20 years experience in knowing who delivers what cheaper, faster, or safer, we will take the best approach for you. Safety is considered over cost for very fragile items. We do not stuff Ceramic soap dishes in flat rate boxes allowing for no padding. That is just not smart.

When UPS dimensional rates apply to how ground packages are packed, and some are large, but lightweight, we apply the correct dimensional rate. It really isn't too bad within the Eastern United States. To the west coast, it does end up costing a little more than actual weight. But it is a UPS rule that we cannot fight. We do try to keep package dimensions as minimal as possible on larger boxes.

Four pound and heavier packages:
Within the continental US States, most of the time ship via UPS Ground. We use the UPS zone and rate charts. Sometimes we have to add in $1 or $1.50 for cardboard used to pack very fragile items or excessive bubble wrap needed. But only on those orders. Better to have it arrive safe than broken.

Lots and lots of cabinet handles can weigh 20 to 50 pounds. Kitchen slide out trash cans can weigh 10 to 15 pounds. Shipping costs are applied at package weight, and dimensional weight in some cases on huge items, and how far they are going. When we ship to Tampa, it is less expensive than shipping to Los Angeles. This is just the systems set forth by USPS, UPS, and FedEx.

For US domestic packages off the continent, we generally ship via the US Postal System (AK, HI, USVI, PR, Guam). For packages to countries outside the US, also, the US Postal System offers better rates. Might take a little longer for travel time, but they have proven themselves ultra reliable.

Direct ships:
There are many manufacturers that allow us direct ships. All these companies will ship throughout the United States. The majority of International orders will ship to us first, then we will ship out of the country. Many of our vendors have flat rate shipping rates that we abide by. One is $13.50, another company charges $16 flat rate anywhere in the continental US. Some charge $9.50, $10.50, $11.50, etc. Some will charge $13.47 because that's what it was. On your order for direct ships, we will apply their standard or actual freight charge. For door orders, Woodmont Doors has incredibly low shipping rates. We set up ALL Continental US door orders as direct ships. This saves you considerably on the freight charges for those huge boxes. Door orders to Alaska, Hawaii, and Canada will have freight quoted first from Woodmont Doors before any order is processed. Some smaller door orders we can have come to us first, then we can ship them outside the 48 States.

Contact us by phone, fax or e-mail any time you have questions. We are here to help.

Our orders are professionally packed. Our packing supervisor shown below is demonstrating how we cushion the insides of our boxes. ;-)

Kanji assisting with the packing duties
Kanji Wu Wagonis (at about 3 months old - July 2006)

May, 2008: He's fully grown, all muscle, and up to 26 pounds ... and still full of energy.
And in May. 2016, he still beats me running across the yard.
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Kanji Wu Wagonis - a Pug professional working at Eclectic-ware

UH OH. Our newly appointed marketing director just brought it to our attention that his big brother should not be the only guy featured on the web site.

So introducing Tai Chi Wagonis. As of July 2014, he is 6 years old. He is inspecting how we laid out the components of an appliance garage to add helpful pictures to our web site. (I think he gave me a passing grade on the pictures.)
daddy helper5

All right, two more guys are muscling into the action. They have not been assigned jobs yet. The Twins, Miyagi and Khenpo. Miyagi is displaying his "I'm Batman" chest hair. They joined the crew in 2013 and are now 5 years old in 2016. We adopted them through Florida Pug Rescue. So now we have 4 boys running around (yeah, right, running around - more like snoring at my feet) and adding to the daily _____________. (fill in the blank)

Sometimes it gets a little wild and noisy around here when Kanji is trying to pack boxes. And if you do call us and hear the Four-Pug-Alarm going off, that is probably because a vehicle pulled in the driveway. The alarm goes off quickly with the rattle of the treat container.

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