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Decorative cabinet hardware questions: knobs and pulls
Switchplate and bath hardware questions
How to place an order & site navigation questions
Shipping or freight calculation questions | Freight calculation examples
Ordering information page questions (shopping cart)
Product information questions: Accuride, Hera, Rev-A-Shelf, Omega, Rock Solid, Lenape, etc.
Custom made cabinet door and drawer front questions

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Decorative cabinet hardware questions: knobs and pulls

Q. In answer to do we sell 'ABC' kind of knob or cabinet pull?
A. We offer knobs and pulls in the following materials:
Wildlife, forest, nautical, sports and fish themed knobs from BuckSnort Lodge
Corian®, Gibraltar®, Earthstone®, Formica Solid Surface®, Hi-Macs®, Staron®, and Avonite® knobs and pulls from Rock Solid.
Porcelain (ceramic) knobs and pulls from Amerock..
Stainless steel knobs, T-pulls, and bar pulls from Arthur Harris. (Top of the Line 303 grade stainless steel)
Stainless steel arch pulls, wire pulls, slant pulls, and knobs from Siro Designs.
European Railing pulls from Siro, also from Arthur Harris (stainless steel).
Solid Brass cabinet knobs and pulls from Classic Brass, Schaub&Company, and Siro too.
Solid Bronze cabinet knobs and pulls from Classic Brass and Schaub&Company.
Tropical fish, dolphin, and hand painted knobs from Siro Designs.
Theme knobs from Siro Designs, Schaub&Company, and BuckSnort Lodge. (Themes such as animal lifeforms, insects, vegetables, fruits, seashore life, forest twigs, and other odds and ends.)
Wood knobs and pulls from Siro.
Solid steel commodity priced pulls in multiple metallic finishes in the Siro Penny Savers collection.

Q. Do you stock many cabinet pulls?
A. We have set up avenues to bring in most products quickly. We stock some of the more requested knobs and pulls. For the custom knobs and pulls, most are set up as direct ships. It is very difficult to predict who will want what color granite knob or which Corian pull with which metal accents. Custom hardware is ordered as we receive orders. And we place orders right away without delay.

Q. What are the general lead times?
A. They vary by manufacturer. Some are as little as a few days, most are 1 to 3 weeks. We have a couple of vendors that make their hardware to order and they can take 3 to 5 weeks in some cases. We will always give estimated lead times when you order, or prior to ordering.

Q. Do you have oddball sized pulls? Unusual hole centers?
A. Yes, check out our Weird hole center to center page for quick reference to various measurements.

Q. Do you have arch pulls, bow pulls?
A. Yes, Siro Stainless Steel Collection, Siro Metro collection. Classic Brass Classic Collection too.

Q. Do you carry bar pulls, European Railing?
A. Yes, Siro European Railing and Arthur Harris Stainless Steel bar rails.

Q. Can I order just one knob or pull?
A. Most certainly. We encourage sample orders when you are not certain how the knob or pull will look in your kitchen or bath.


Switchplate and bath hardware questions

Q. What kind of switchplates do you sell?
A. Solid surface plates from Rock Solid. Made of Corian, Gibraltar, Earthstone, Formica, Hi-Macs, Staron, Meganite. Other new solid surface material can be used, please inquire. Custom configurations.
Wood switchplates we had to remove from our website on 1-18-17. When we can find a new producer for them, preferably US based, and willing to make custom cutouts, we will re-add them to our new website that will be written this year. Same web address, just a new layout and mobile friendly. It is coming.

Q. Do you make custom switchplates?
Rock Solid can make solid surface switchplates with various standard configurations in any order. Oversized plates and special cutouts have to be quoted and do carry a premium price.

Q. What kind of bath hardware do you offer?
A.Ceramic pool and bath hardware from AC Products. Tons of color choices and selections.
Porcelain fixtures from Lenape. Much to choose from.
Matching solid surface material bath hardware from Rock Solid.
Granite corner soap dishes from Turned In Stone. (on closeout)
Harney Hardware bathroom accessories.
Designer bath hardware from Doug Mockett.

Q. Do you have black ceramic bath hardware? Yes!  Big time.
A. Check out the AC Products series 700 page or the recessed bath hardware page. You will see selections for towel bars, TP holder, soap dishes, corner shelves and more is gloss black ceramic.

Q. Do you carry glass shelves?
A. Yes, Lenape tempered glass shelves, free floating mounts.
Expo Design glass shelves and shelf brackets. Nice stylish choices. Glass available by itself if you need glass.


How to place an order questions & site navigation questions

Generalized answer: you can order on-line, by phone, by fax, mail order, or submit most of your data via e-mail. Select this link for more information on the five ways to order with us.

Q. How do I copy my data into your on-line ordering form?
A. We ask that you jot down notes as you review our web pages. Our on-line ordering form is not a shopping cart, you will need to manually type in your name, address, credit card info as with any other shopping cart. But you must also type in your part numbers in to the part number fields. Description fields and comments fields are available for your use also. It is simple to use, and of course you can call us too if you do not wish to order on-line. The ordering form will also open in a NEW window so you can keep your working web site window open and not lose the page you were on.

Q. Do you have a site search feature?
A. We had Google search on our web pages, but it malfunctioned. When we rewrite our site, it will contain a search box. This will probably be late 2017. There is a Products Page which outlines most of the products. Our Manufacturers Index page outlines what each manufacturer produces. If you do not find a reference for what you are looking for, e-mail us.

Q. How do I know what data to submit to properly place an order with Eclectic-ware?
A. In most every section of our web site, we have a how to order page for that brand of hardware, or ordering instructions near the bottom of the page. Specific answers and outlines for that product can be found there. Please do note that there are multiple finish options, combination pieces, and size options for many brands of hardware. Please ask us any questions you like during or prior to ordering.

Q. Can I order samples first?
A. Most certainly, we have no minimum order. And we encourage samples for custom made hardware and even the mainstream hardware. We know it is difficult to completely determine the look of a piece of hardware from an image on your computer screen. It is better to order one or two, rather than a bunch if you are uncertain. Solid surface hardware and marble and granite knobs are non-returnable. Please do order samples if you are uncertain.

Q. I have a Corian countertop, will the Corian knobs and switchplates match?
A. You better believe it. Rock Solid uses the actual Solid Surface material to make their hardware. If you want Sandstone, Platinum, Sahara, Maui, etc., that is what you will get. It will be an exact color match.


Shipping or freight calculation questions

Q. Can we see examples of freight charges?
A. Yes. We are aware of companies that charge outrageous freight rates. We posted many examples of freight charges we apply to orders. Follow this link to that web page.

Q. How do I know how much freight will be?
A. We can estimate it prior to ordering if you like. The way we calculate the freight charge is by your zip code and the weight of the package. If real light, we will utilize Priority Mail to save you money. UPS ground is our preferred carrier and we will charge you the UPS rate. Too many companies try to profit off freight. Freight is not a salable item. It is not meant to make a company money. Any company that shows you a tier structure for value of the order to the increase in freight can be ripping you off. If we ship a 20 pound box to Georgia, it will cost less than shipping the same box to California (we're Florida based). Distance and weight determine freight. The same is true about value. A $500 order weighing 7 pounds and a $10 order weighing 7 pounds have the same freight cost! We will add insurance for valuable orders.
If you are worried about being gouged, don't be. We will estimate the freight in advance if you ask. And we treat our customers fairly.

Q. What about shipping outside the USA?
A. We compare rates before shipping out of the country. In most cases we use International Priority Mail, or International First Class Mail due to the attractive rates the US Postal Service offers.
For Canada we will ship via International Priority Mail or via UPS, whichever is the best rate for your area.
Alaska, Hawaii, and US Territories we use domestic Priority Mail mainly. It is a great rate in most cases. We can ship via UPS 2nd day air or overnight if you request it.

Q. Do you air ship packages?
A. Yes, upon request. We will also give you additional information, such as, packages going from Florida to most of the Southeastern US is 2-day travel. If you ask us to send it UPS 2nd day air, we will tell you that normal ground is already 2-day service. We are not going to charge you for something when there is no need to send it second day. We are customer service oriented and we will always inform you of your options and how to save you money.


Ordering information page questions (shopping cart)

Repeated question: Q. How do I copy my data into your on-line ordering form?
A. We ask that you jot down notes as you review our web pages. Our on-line ordering form is not a shopping cart, you will need to manually type in your name, address, credit card info as with any other shopping cart. But you must also type in your part numbers in to the part number fields. Description fields and comments fields are available for your use also. It is simple to use, and of course you can call us too if you do not wish to order on-line. The ordering form will also open in a NEW window so you can keep your working web site window open and not lose the page you were on.

Q. Why don't you have a shopping cart like other web sites?
A. We could set up a shopping cart, but with all the custom hardware that we now offer, there would be over 5 million part numbers. AND WE WOULDN'T CATCH MISTAKES IF PROCESSED AUTOMATICALLY BY A ROBOT. Several examples:
1. Accuride Flipper door slides, sometimes hinge plates are forgotten, sometime extra connecting clips that are not needed are added to the order.
2. Hera Lighting, we compare the number of SlimLites or other lights to the connectors, power cords, touch dimmers, etc. If your configuration looks odd, we question it! A robot wouldn't.
3. Rock Solid or Turned In Stone custom hardware.  Both are nonreturnable. We use optical mouses on our computers and set them at maximum acceleration. If when selecting your Corian color your mouse accidentally lands on Azure instead of Aurora, you will get the wrong color knobs! Non-returnable knobs.
4. Wine rack lattice is used in pairs, sometimes only one piece is ordered. We see it, a robot doesn't know.
5. AC Products items come in a host of colors. Remember the mouse jumping thing when selecting color options? Meant to click on black, but accidentally clicked on bone. When typing out the words or color codes, less chance of getting that wrong.
6. Wood switchplates come in thousands of possible combinations, wood species, grain selection, edges, sizes, etc. Drop down menus could make a mess of things.
These are common oversights with orders we have received. We do not want to send a wrong or incomplete order. It is NOT our goal to cost you extra freight, time, or aggravation. So for now, we will manually review every order we receive. That is part of our customer service! Would you like to see some of our testimonials of customer satisfaction?

Q. Your on-line ordering page came up with a page cannot be displayed error.  What's wrong?
A. We have been told that certain browsers can bring up this error message on secure sites. It is primarily due to McAfee or Norton firewall protection, and then the standard Windows' firewall BOTH being turned on. Double check that you do not have double firewall going. And if you ever wonder why your computer seems slow, that might be part of the reason too. Too much going on in the background.


Product information questions: AC Products, Lenape, Accuride, Hera, Rev-A-Shelf, Omega, Woodmont Doors, etc.

Q. Do you provide tech support or can you answer my questions about....?
A. We educate ourselves on the products that we offer. We do not like receiving the answer, "I don't know." And thus we do not use it ourselves. If we do not know, we will find out for you. Our owner is very knowledgeable about the products. He will answer your questions or find the answers to them. It is best to summarize your questions in an e-mail. If you would like to call or fax us, that is quite all right too. We use to have longer than normal business hours to accommodate our West Coast friends and those that work late. Now we generally stop answering the phone by 5 PM. Sometimes we will answer e-mails later than that, or by the next day.


Custom made cabinet door and drawer front questions
Q. Why can I not find prices for your custom made doors on your web site?
A. As of Dec. 2009, Quality Doors is out of business.
Woodmont Doors is our main door line now and we quote pricing on their door designs per request. There is an on-line submission form. As for WalzCraft door selections, they have a ton more choice and it is much more complicated. Thus send us a quotation request and we will quote their brand of door for you too. As for posted door pricing, it is just a bit complex.

Q. How long do door orders take?
A. We order right away when we receive a door order. Thermal foil (RTF) doors usually are 2 to 3 weeks production, then shipping time to you. Unfinished wood doors are about 2 weeks plus travel. Finished wood doors are 2 to 2-1/2 weeks plus travel. Larger orders do seem to take a day or two longer production time. When any of the 2 doors companies we represent confirms the orders we place, we always update you with their estimated ship date on our invoice. All door orders are set up as direct ships to speed up travel time to you and to keep the freight cost to you much lower.

Q. What is face frame cabinetry?
A. For an easy explanation, select this link to view 2 diagrams explaining it.


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