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Cut to Size Plywood and Veneer

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Woodmont Cut to Size Plywood and Veneer for refacing

*UPSETTING NOTE: As of 4-4-22, we just learned that Woodmont Doors is going to solely focus cabinet door production for their cabinet division, known as Woodmont Cabinetry. We are not part of their cabinet division. Thus, we will no longer be able to offer Woodmont wood doors and accessories. We have added wood doors from Brushy Creek. Web pages are up and ready for the Brushy Creek wood line. It is a bit simplier, just doors and drawer fronts, but still custom. Mix up profiles the way you would like, choose from 11 wood species. We are excited to announce that on 4-23-22, our web pages for Brushy Creek wood doors are ready.

This page will be simple. No pictures, just a brief explanation.

The plywood available is 1/4" veneer plywood. It is actually the same used in the plywood panel doors and drawer fronts. So when finished, it will be a match to your doors and drawer fronts. The largest piece available would be 48" wide and 96" long. The grain will run with the 96" length. You can order it in full pieces if you like, but you do not have to. And if you really do not have too, then don't. It is better to request pieces in the sizes you will be using. You can order them to the sixteenth of an inch. The smallest size will be 3" x 3". Anything larger than that can be requested. You will order it as width x height (length). The grain ALWAYS runs with the length. Thus a piece 24" wide x 33" tall for the end of a base cabinet has the grain run with the 33". A piece 44" wide by 17" tall used on a breakfast bar has the grain running with the 17". So whenever you might have the need for a longer horizontal grain, you would need to invert your measurements.

An example for that: You have a long breakfast bar that is 41" high and 87" long and you want a horizontal grain. You would order it as 41" wide x 87" long and use it horizontally. Now, let's consider that you might want a vertical grain on that same breakfast bar. You would need to order two pieces as 43-1/2" wide (87 / 2) by 41" height. And then opt for a batten molding strip to disguise the seam.

Basically, the grain runs with the height measurement, and you always order as width x height.

Cut to size plywood is recommended to reface cabinet box ends and larger area. You would glue it in place making sure to press it evenly and firmly, working across it, or up and down. AND you always double check the fit of the pieces before putting any glue on them!

When you order the plywood in the size pieces you need, and as finished, all edges will be finished too.

Self-adhesive wood veneer

Veneer is extremely thin. It is 1/85th of an inch thick. That is like 5 or 6 pieces of paper. Veneer is used to reface smaller areas or strips like the front of a face frame. It is easily trimmable with a razor blade. It is also easy to cut it crooked. So a sharp blade and steady hand are critical. And a straight edge when preparing strips on a flat surface. You can trim them after they are in place. You just want to go about it easy.

Veneer is available in Maple, Cherry, and Oak. It can come finished in any of the stain or paint finishes, or you can request it unfinished. The veener rolls come in 24" x 96" only with the grain running with the 96" measurement. It is also SAC (self adhesive covering). The veneer is peel and stick. So after you cut your pieces to size and double check them before applying, you will peel off the protective paper and apply it to your cabinet faces. A clean J-roller is a big aid in applying it evenly and you move along the strip. Helps prevent trapping air bubbles. You DO NOT just push it in place all at once. You start from one end with a curl in it and apply it to the cabinet face little by little, rolling it firmly as you move along. If you cut your strips a little wider than needed, you will have wiggle room for crookedness and can trim them later.

If you are ordering paint grade doors and drawer fronts, you will probably have no need of plywood or veneer. You will probably just paint your cabinet boxes for your refacing project. And if you are constructing a new kitchen with brand new face frame cabinets, your face frames should be real wood. And you will have ordered them in maple, cherry, oak, or possibly another wood choice. Should be no need to veneer over them, unless you are ordering finished doors and you want the face frame fronts to match precisely.

When ordering veneer, you order is by the 24" x 96" roll. Just state the number of pieces you will need. Small kitchens may get by with one piece. Medium to large kitchens may possibly need 2 to 3 rolls.

If you have any questions about plywood or veneer, please let us know.
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