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Flipper Door Pocketing Slides Accuride

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Accuride 123 Self-Aligning Flipper Door Slides

For vertically or horizontally mounted retracting doors (pocket doors or called flipper doors too). Great for entertainment centers, armoires, or kitchen cabinets. Supports door heights up to 42". Door widths up to 24". Invert those measurements for horizontal doors. Slides and hinges come in black finish. Lengths from 12 to 28 inches. 30 pound load rating.

35mm hinges included in the slide kits for inset applications, or for face frame overlay mounting of 3/4" thick doors. Overlay and thick door application hinges available and sold separately. Doors 7/8" thick or thicker must use thick door hinges. Maximum door thickness 1-1/4".

Please note: All slides come as a kit. You will have a top slide and a bottom slide per door. All pricing is by the kit. Order one kit per door. The 123 series kits include the 35mm hinges and hinge mounting plates.

Additional notes:
  • The maximum slide length that will fit into your cabinet will be the depth of your cabinet less the thickness of your cabinet door, and add another eighth inch for play. (Unless overlay application.)
  • Allow approx. 2" of side clearance on each side for the slide, hinge, and door combined. Allow up to 2-1/2" per side for real thick doors.
  • Do not design your cabinet to the size of your television width or stereo system and then plan retracting doors. These clearances must fit into your design process first.
Manufacturer: Accuride
Accuride 123.(size) Flipper Door Slide kit. Kit consists of top and bottom slide (unhanded, can be used right or left, or even horizontally). Also, two 35mm hinges for standard inset application, or an overlay application on a small face frame overhang. Kit will also contain hinge mounting plates, screws, and hinge cover caps.
For doors up to 24" wide and 42" tall, 30 pound max weight per kit. ONE KIT DOES ONE DOOR. With optional 40mm hinges, can do thick door and overlay door applications.
ACC-123.12 12" long slide, 7.40" slide travel
ACC-123.14 14" long slide, 9.40" slide travel
ACC-123.16 16" long, 11.40" travel
ACC-123.18 18" long, 13.40" travel
ACC-123.20 20" long, 15.40" travel
ACC-123.22 22" long, 17.40" travel
ACC-123.24 24" long, 19.40" travel
ACC-123.26 26" long, 21.40" travel
ACC-123.28 28" long, 23.40" travel
Additional views of the flipper door slide kits. The ball bearing slides, mounting hardware, hinges and pre-mounted hinge plates.
Door diagrams for included 35mm hinges for normal inset mounting. And then for overlay mounting on a face frame cabinet.
Accuride 123 Flipper Door Slides 35mm hinge mounting diagram
Accuride 123 flipper door slides face frame overlay mounting diagram
Additional options. The 40mm hinge packs from Accuride for Thick Door Applications and overlay applications on frameless cabinetry. If you have doors ranging in thickness from 7/8" to 1-1/4", you can use the 40mm hinges to accomplish this. They are Salice hinges and technically can attach to the same pre-mounted hinge plate on the slide brackets. And then if you are doing an overlay application on a Euro-box cabinet (frameless cabinet), the other 40mm hinge pack is designed for that. The hinge packs come with two hinges, two mounting plates, screws, and hinge cover caps. One pack is designed to accommodate one door. Order one hinge pack per slide kit - ONLY if you are doing a thick door application or frameless overlay application. Remember, the slide kits already come with 35mm hinges for normal applications.
Manufacturer: Accuride
Accuride 4180-0313-XE hinge pack for THICK door mounts on the 123 flipper door slides. (2 hinges, cover caps, 2 plates, and 8 screws)
Manufacturer: Accuride
Accuride 4180-0314-XE hinge pack for overlay door mounts on the 123 flipper door slides. (2 hinges, cover caps, 2 plates, and 8 screws)
Accuride 40mm hinge pack diagrams for thick door applications
Accuride 40mm hinge pack diagrams for overlay door applications
Money saving tips for thick door and overlay door applications.
The slide kits come with 35mm hinges. These are Salice brand hinges. The thick door and overlay door hinge packs, in our opinion, have always been overpriced. So for thick door or overlay door applications, all you really need are the 40mm hinges. The slide kits already contain the hinge mounting plates and all the screws. If you can forego the hinge cover caps, which serve only a decorative purpose, just order the Salice 40mm hinges below for the thick door or overlay door applications. You would need two hinges per slide kit.
Manufacturer: Accuride
Salice CFA7P99 hinge self-closing, 40mm hinge cup bore, (inset).
Can be used for Accuride 123 thick door applications.
Manufacturer: Accuride
Salice CFA7G99 hinge self-closing, 40mm hinge cup bore, (half overlay).
Can be used for Accuride 123 overlay door applications.
To view the actual installation instructions for the 123 Flipper Door Slides, please click this file link to open an Adobe Acrobat PDF file: 123 flipper door slide instructions

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