Hafele Loox model 2020 - 12 Volt LED Cabinet Lights

Awesome LED replacement lights to take the place of your recessed halogen lights!

The Loox model 2020 light is our suggestion for replacing older Hera Lighting E1, H11, and KB12 recessed halogen lights in boats and RV's. They will fit into your 2-1/8" holes. We know most of the 12 volt halogen lights run directly from your yacht's 12 volt DC, or the DC on your motorcoach. The 2020 will run from 12 volt DC. You can use them in household use too with the Loox LED power drivers. The Loox 2020 comes standard as a recessed light. There are surface mount rings however to make them surface mount lights.

The light comes in 3 finishes: polished chrome, matte black, and matte nickel. And then each finish comes in three light outputs: warm white 3000K (the softer easier on the eyes glow), cool white 4000K (a cleaner whiter light output), and then brighter cool white 5000K (more of a white white light output).

The Loox 2020 is a 3.2 watt LED light. So it will use about 16% of the power that a 20 watt halogen uses. Thus, if you have 15 halogen lights inside your boat cabin, that is 300 watts of power used. With 15 of a 3.2 watt LED light, that is under 48 watts used. Your boat batteries will be thanking you.

And for new installs or retrofits, you can use these lights as under cabinet lights in your home. They work from 12 volt LED power drivers and are dimmable if set up to dim.

The 3 finishes of the Loox 2020 light: matte black, polished chrome, and matte nickel

The 3 light output colors.
Top is Warm White 3000K; second down is cool white 4000K; bottom was Daylight white 6500K. (The daylight 6500K has been replaced with the cool white 5000K)

A few specs on the Loox 2020 light:
3.2 watt LED light, 12 volt. 2.565" outer diameter, thus 2-9/16" (same as Hera E1 and KB12 lights). Low profile when recessed mounted. The back portion that fits into your bored hole is 2.06" in diameter. BUT, it has two friction mount metal clips on its backside. They are set at 2.4", but can collapse. Thus, it allows this light to be pushed into 2-1/8" dia. holes if you have that size hole already pre-drilled. But it can fit into holes that range from 2-1/8" to 2-3/8". We will have a picture of the backside and the friction fit clips lower on the page. Decorative ring and casing are all METAL construction, not plastic. And Hafele says this light is 'water tolerant.' Making it an awesome choice for boats.

Pricing, part numbers, and descriptions
We will provide this info now, but after it, we will be showing many more pictures to help you with your planning, and offer additional insights. These lights are not just for replacements. You can use them for new installs with or without the Loox power drivers . They can be used in the home too by attaching them to the low voltage power drivers.

HAF-833.72.280 matte nickel light, warm white 3000K light, $32.69 each
HAF-833.72.281 matte black light, warm white 3000K light, $32.69 each
HAF-833.72.282 polished chrome light, warm white 3000K light, $32.69 each
(The 3 warm white finishes of the lights we keep in stock.)

HAF-833.72.283 matte nickel light, cool white 4000K light, $32.69 each
HAF-833.72.284 matte black light, cool white 4000K light, $32.69 each
HAF-833.72.285 polished chrome light, cool white 4000K light, $32.69 each

HAF-833.72.286 matte nickel light, cool white 5000K light, $32.69 each
HAF-833.72.287 matte black light, cool white 5000K light, $32.69 each
HAF-833.72.288 polished chrome light, cool white 5000K light, $32.69 each

Volume discounts:
On Loox 2020 light purchases of 25 to 49 lights, pricing will be 10% off.
On quantities of 50 or more, then 15% off.

We have been keeping in our stock the 3 finishes in warm white output, the 20 watt power drivers, touch free dimmer, and some cables for faster shipments from us.

Click-here-to-order2 or you can call us at 813-633-7544. Use the part numbers above and below when using our on-line ordering form.

For boat and RV owners replacing halogen 12 volt lights, you will cut the attached lead wire on the lights and splice them into where your existing lights were. If you are doing a kitchen or bathroom installation, and are planning to use the lights on a 12 volt low voltage LED power driver, then the next block of part numbers and pricing is important for you.

HAF-833.74.960 20 watt LED power driver for 12 volt lights, $35.89 each
HAF-833.74.901 30 watt LED power driver for 12 volt lights, $59.90 each
HAF-833.74.913 60 watt LED power driver for 12 volt lights, $79.20 each
(LED drivers are kept in stock.)

HAF-833.73.764 500mm (19-5/8") extension wire, $6.18 each
HAF-833.73.765 1000mm (39-5/8") extension wire, $7.07 each
HAF-833.73.791 2000mm (78-3/4") extension wire, $8.11 each

HAF-833.74.765 4-way extension lead, convert one power driver port into 4 light hookups, 255" long, lots of reach, $13.20 each (use when you are hooking up more lights than 5 to a power driver)

HAF-833.74.798 6-port terminal block extender, convert one power driver port into 6 light hookups, comes with 78" long lead wire, $13.20 each (use when you are hooking up more lights than 5 to a power driver)

Click-here-to-order2 or you can call us at 813-633-7544. Use the part numbers above when using our on-line ordering form.

This is the port side view of the 20 watt power driver. You have 6 ports that you can attach lights into (five on the end and one side port). The 30 watt  power driver has only 4 ports on the end, and then the 60 watt power driver has 5 ports just like as shown with the 20 watt above. We recommend using the 20 watt for small installs, and then the 30 or 60 watt for larger installs, with the addition of some terminal block extenders.

Six of the 3.2 watt Loox lights is 19.2 watts and will run from one 20 watt driver.

There is a nice little dimmer to work with this system. Here are two pictures to assist with our explanation.

In the upper left, we are showing the 20 watt driver. The most commonly used of the three 12 volt drivers available. Then below that is the 78-3/4" long Lead for Modular Switch. One end of the lead connects into the side port of the driver labeled "switch." There is no way to mess up, the connection is very clear to see how it fits together. On the other end of the lead is a flat connection that attaches to the back of the touch free dimmer, that slim silver barrel next to the wire. Then we are also showing the touch free dimmer housing, which is an optional item. The barrel dimmer can be recessed into a bored hole, thus making it a reasonably invisible switch and mounted out of the way.  You can seat it flat into any surface as long as you can get behind that surface to run the lead wire into it. If you would like to use the housing, that gives you an easy way of surface mounting the dimmer where you like. The Lead wire comes in 3 lengths and attaches to the rear of the barrel dimmer. One dimmer per LED power driver.

HOW it works: It is touch free, you do not have to make physical contact with it. But you can touch it if you like if you are use to the halogen style touch dimmers. The dimmer sets a dimming level of 5 to 100%, and also acts as your on/off switch. If you wave your hand or fingers in front of it, or tap the face if you want to touch it, it will turn your lights on or off. If you place your hand in front of it and hold your hand there, the dimmer will either dim downward, or brighten the lights. You just need to hold your hand or fingers in front of it to set the dimming level. But a faster wave of your hand or fingers past it acts as an on/off control. The next time that you turn on your lights, they come on to the dimming level that you had set last. Proximity must be close. If you are 6" away from it, it will not respond. You need to be within one to three inches of it. So walking across the room will not activate it accidentally.

Larger view of the Lead for Modular Switch cable, the barrel style touch free dimmer, and the optional mounting housing that the dimmer can slide into for an easy surface mount. The housing is open on both ends but accepts the dimmer from only one side. It is a snug fit that holds it in place.

barrel style touch free dimmer 75 watt max, $32.80 each
HAF-833.89.092 housing sleeve for dimmer (optional) $5.62 each
HAF-833.89.142 Lead for Modular Switch 78-3/4" long $8.70 each
HAF-833.89.141 Lead for Modular Switch 39-3/8" long $7.70 each
HAF-833.89.140 Lead for Modular Switch 19-5/8" long $6.60 each

Click-here-to-order2 or you can call us at 813-633-7544. Use the part numbers above when using our on-line ordering form.

Lights can be dimmed via wall dimmers also, but note, you will use the lead for modular switch to connect into the side of the diver. This is controlling the dimming on the low voltage side. If you have a wall dimmer designed to lower power to the driver, that is not how this works. The driver has constant power going to it and transforms 120 volt to 12 volt. Dimming works on the 12 volt side. We are showing the touch free dimmer because it is a more affordable option and is nice for stand alone systems. If you are using a master controller that controls multiple areas of your home, not all of them function with all kinds of equipment. If you are an ace at setting things like that up, then you can control zones of lights that way. Most homes do not have complex set ups.

Using to retrofit for Hera halogen lights:
We have been recommending this LED light as an upgrade to the discontinued Hera halogen light line. We still have many Hera halogen lights to offer. But if you have decided to switch to LED, and you have "recessed" lights in that popular 2-1/8" hole size, then this is the LED light of choice. And since it is 12 volt also, it offers another advantage for tricky wiring situations.

When using the Loox 2020 LED light on a boat directly from your 12 volt batteries, just wire them in and smooth sailing afterward. Yet, when using them in a household application, or anywhere else where your halogen lights are/were running from low voltage transformers, please take note of these two important installation tips:
a) This light does work from the Hera 12V halogen transformers. It does not have the same coupler on the lead wire, so you will need to splice it into your halogen twin wire that is in place right now. That twin wire is marked on one side with black dashes or writing, making it easy to keep the polarity straight if you are splicing from both ends. Hera has said that their 12 volt transformers have a minimum load needed of 10 watts. We have tested a single Loox 2020 light on a Hera transformer, it did work. Yet there was a very faint buzzing, hard to hear, but it was there. When we added more lights to the transformer, the buzzing went away. So if you are going to use one or two lights on an older halogen transformer, we do advise that you just get the 20 watt LED driver listed on this page to go with your new lights. If 3 or more on the transformer, then you can use your existing transformer until it dies.
b) If you do splice the Loox 2020 light onto your existing wires and plan to use the older transformer that is still working, then when you cut the coupler end off the end of the attached lead wire, leave about 3 to 6" of wire still attached to it, AND THEN STASH THE UNUSED TAILS IN A DRAWER SOMEWHERE. If and when your existing transformer finally dies, you will then need to replace it with the 20, 30, or 60 watt 12 volt LED power driver. When that day comes, you will need to splice those tails back onto your wires. So don't throw them away. One day, they most likely will be needed.


Okay, tons of info to come.
If you are just replacing lights on your boat or motor home, and they are recessed, you probably will not need to read the rest of this page. We will list the part numbers for the surface mount rings below. But most of the rest of the info will be just pictures and some brief notes about the Loox 2020 lights.

This is how the matte nickel light looks when inside its surface mount ring. The three surface mount rings are available separately if you would like to surface mount this light.

Light shown outside the surface mount ring. And you can see the orange 12 volt connector on the end of the pre-attached 78-3/4" long lead wire. If tapping into your existing 12 volt on your boat, you will cut that couple off. Then you will have twin copper strand wire to tie into your 12 volt DC.

HAF-833.72.800 matte nickel surface mount ring, $5.12 each
HAF-833.72.801 matte black surface mount ring, $5.12 each
HAF-833.72.802 polished chrome nickel surface mount ring, $5.12 each
(We are stocking the surface mount rings in small quantities.)

This is the polished chrome light. Very shiny.

This is the matte black light. A smooth elegant black finish, but not overly shiny. Kind of an eggshell sheen.

A side view of the Loox 2020. When recessed, the decorative ring of the light is just 1/16" surface projection. And it is all metal. For anyone who has replaced the plastic decor rings on the Hera ER1 or EH11 lights over the years, you won't be doing that anymore. Attached lead wire does exit out the side of the light, but it is easy enough to fold over and will still allow you to recess the light into a 2-1/8" dia. hole.

These are the two friction fit clamps on the back of the light. The lights push into your bored holes and the spring loaded clamps hold them in place without any screws going into your cabinet or through the light. From the factory, they are set at about 2.4" when measured as a diameter. They do bend. The black casing of the light measures 2.06" in dia. With the lead wire coming out the side, you CANNOT squeeze this light into a 2" hole. That will not work. But it will fit into a 2-1/8" hole (2.125"). These spring loaded friction fit clamps are also what holds the light in the surface mount ring if you plan to surface mount your lights.

An overall view of the 20 watt Loox power driver.

We have offered Hera Lighting since 2001. Hera is an extremely high quality lighting, as are the Loox and Luminoso lights from Hafele. Hera has not produced any 12 volt versions of their LED lights to take the place of the 12 volt halogens that have been or are becoming discontinued. Over the years, we have sold a lot of the 12 volt halogen lights. And we are familiar with Hera's very old halogen lights like the EH11, AH11, KH12, etc. As our replacement parts for these lights drew near an end, we needed a solution for 12 volt LED lights. And Hafele has it. There are more light choices from Hafele, but we are only going to show those related as substitutes for the Hera halogen lights we get requests for. If you would like to view Hera's selections of low voltage 24 volt LED lights and accessories, please select that link.

Pricing for the Hafele Loox 2020 lights was higher up on the page, after the first couple of pictures. Please scroll back up for that info.








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