Hera Lighting KB12-LED & KBS12-LED recessed and surface mount light fixtures

The KB12-LED is a very low profile surface mounted LED spotlight (almost flat). It is used in residential kitchen, bathroom, and other applications such as closets and home office areas. The KBS12-LED is the surface mount version of the light.

The KB12-LED light is a great little SMD LED light made in Germany. Just 1.6 watts of power consumption each with a lot of light and no heat. Very low profile when recessed, just 1/16" surface protrusion. If you are considering an LED light instead of the traditional halogen hockey puck style light, look no further. The KB12-LED is the best choice for economy and style. Available in warm white and cool white versions. Available in five finish options. Very easy to install too!
Watch one of Hera's videos on installing KB12-LED lights: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lesR3-LlRUw


Hera Lighting KB12-LED recessed spotlight

KB12-LED and KBS12-LED recessed and surface mounted LED light fixtures

The specs from the first picture are enlarged below.
Hera KB12-LED specifications

What to order & How to order:
Each light is 1.6 watts. You can run up to 3 lights on the 6 watt driver, or 18 lights on a 30 watt power driver with the use of one terminal block extenders. For larger applications, you may need to consider the 75 watt driver or multiple 30 watt drivers. The KB12LEDCC extension cables are only needed if you have to mount your lights farther away from the attached terminal block location on the power driver. They have the same couplers as the lights, and lead off each light from the terminal block. Each light already has a 98" attached lead wire. Dimming units and accessories are optional, and a nice option to have. Power drivers plug directly into the wall and can be turned on and off with a switch controlled outlet. If you use dimmers, then those also will act as your power on and off switches. If you have questions about terminal blocks, cables, or anything else, please call or e-mail us.
Extended information on LED power driver at this link.

Part numbers and prices for items listed above are in the grid below. Some items are stocked, others are brought in when ordered. In most cases, anything that we do not keep in stock, we will receive in 4 to 6 days. When ordering, please use the part numbers below shown with the HER- prefix before them. The orange Click Here to Order box will open up our secure on-line ordering form in a new window.

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(17 left)

1.6 watt recessed spotlight, white, warm white



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1.6 watt recessed spotlight, black, warm white



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(all gone)

1.6 watt recessed spotlight, chrome, warm white



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(all gone)

1.6 watt recessed spotlight, gold, warm white



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(all gone)

1.6 watt rec. spotlight, stainless steel, warm white



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(78 left)

1.6 watt recessed spotlight, white, cool white



item stocked by Eclectic-ware 

(3 left)

1.6 watt recessed spotlight, black, cool white



item stocked by Eclectic-ware 

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1.6 watt recessed spotlight, chrome, cool white



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(Hera has approx. 130 more)

1.6 watt recessed spotlight, gold, cool white



item stocked by Eclectic-ware 

(12 left)

1.6 watt rec. spotlight, stainless steel, cool white



item stocked by Eclectic-ware 

(tons left)

KB12 surface mount ring, white



item stocked by Eclectic-ware 

(3 left)

KB12 surface mount ring, black



item stocked by Eclectic-ware 

(10 left)

KB12 surface mount ring, chrome



item stocked by Eclectic-ware 

(all gone)

KB12 surface mount ring, gold




(19 left)

KB12 surface mount ring, stainless steel



item stocked by Eclectic-ware 

*When the S12 distance rings are purchased in conjunction with the KB12-LED recessed lights, they will be $8 each, for any remaining finishes. They are only discounted to this price when bought with the lights.

R12 spacer rings are not commonly asked for. The KB12-LED light is preferred for its 1/16" surface height when recessed. Semi-recessed and surface mount applications are done, just not popular.

LED Power Drivers, Dimmers, Switches, and Accessories


Constant voltage driver 6 watt max. (4 ports)



item stocked by Eclectic-ware 


Constant voltage driver 30 watt max. (12 ports)



item stocked by Eclectic-ware 


Constant voltage driver 75 watt max. (12 ports)



item stocked by Eclectic-ware 


Terminal Block extender for voltage drivers



item stocked by Eclectic-ware 


Dimming module for STICKPS voltage drivers



item stocked by Eclectic-ware 


Dimmer control for STICKPSDIM and PSLED/DIM



item stocked by Eclectic-ware 


Distributor cable to allow one dimming controller to control two dimming modules.



item stocked by Eclectic-ware 


Remote control dimmer - complete unit



item stocked by Eclectic-ware 


Motion activated infrared switch



item stocked by Eclectic-ware 


On-Off rocker switch (power control to lights)



item stocked by Eclectic-ware 


39" long power cable extension



item stocked by Eclectic-ware 


98" long power cable extension



item stocked by Eclectic-ware 

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Ordering notes:
The KB12-LED & KBS12-LED lights can use any of the three PS24V power supplies. The PS24/06/S was created to give the option of using the lights in 3's with a smaller more affordable power supply. The two larger power drivers can accommodate a lot of lights on each. Up to 18 on the 30 watt, and up to 46 on the 75 watt - with use of several terminal block extenders. All part numbers for lights, power supplies, dimming controls, and extension cables are shown in the grid above. If you have any questions about what you need, please call or e-mail us.

Additional info / resources:
The KB12-LED is produced in Germany by Hera, and we stock them. Eventually, the R55-LED light will take over for the KB12-LED in the years ahead. When that happens, we will update this page.

Based on test results from Hera: The KB12-LED light has light output of 555 Lux at 18", and 114 Lux at 1 meter.
When compared to the ES1-LED, the ES1-LED light has light output of 630 Lux at 18", and 136 Lux at 1 meter.


Hera Power Supply / Power Driver information for lights shown on this page:
SELECT THIS POWER SUPPLY LINK to view readable graphics of the thumbnail images below.
Specifications, part numbers, Instructions and diagrams for the LED power drivers and dimmers specific to the lights on this page are shown.
Hera STICKPS24/30 LED power driver | Hera LED dimmers DIMCONTROL PSLEDDIM | LED dimming accessories for Hera STICKPS power supplies | Stick power driver and dimmer diagram | Remote control dimmer diagram


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