Hera Lighting KB12 halogen lights - Great for under kitchen cabinets

Although it is true that Hera announced discontinuing the KB12 and KBS12 lights in late 2015, we still have some stock on them, but they have been going fast. We do show remaining quantities left on the five colors in the price chart farther down on the page. All 5 colors are still available through Eclectic-ware. (And we are sad to see this light go. By far, it has been one of the best halogen under cabinet lights ever.)

KB12 light colors: top row - stainless steel look, chrome, gold. Bottom row - white, black.

Hera Lighting KB12 halogen light comes in five finish options
The KB12 halogen light is German made and our recommended light for mounting under kitchen cabinetry when choosing a halogen lighting system.

The KB12 recessed halogen spotlight is low profile. Only 1/16" surface protrusion. Long lasting halogen bulb, 20 watt. Low voltage lights to be used with transformers. For marine applications that have 12 volt DC wiring in place, transformers are not required. Lights are sold individually as are the transformers. Up to 6 lights can run on the UK120TW transformer. Lights have 72" lead wire with NV6 plug end to connect into transformer terminal block(s). Surface mount version of light requires surface mount ring and will make the light much taller, 1" tall when surface mounted.

Hera Lighting KB12 halogen under cabinet light

A larger view of the spec diagram.
Hera KB12 halogen light specifications

A couple of additional photos below to help you. KB12 lights shown with distance rings that makes them into the KBS12 surface mount light. And then showing how the lights and terminal block extenders attach to the transformers.
KBS12 halogen lights for surface mount applications

How do Hera halogen lights hook up to the tansformers

What to order & How to order:

  • Lights come individually.
  • Order any quantity you like, make your own size light kits.
  • For surface mount applications, order distance rings with lights. (optional item)
  • The KB12 light is chosen normally for its low profile mounting in recessed applications.
  • Dimmers are optional accessories and can act as an on/off switch if you like.
  • All lights are plastic. Chrome, gold, and stainless steel are finishes over plastic.
  • 12 volt halogen transformer required OR lights can run from 12 volt on boats and motor coaches.

If you have questions about the lights, transformers, cables, or anything else, please call or e-mail us.
Extended information on 12 volt transformers and dimmers at this link.

Part numbers and prices for items listed above are in the grid below. All KB12 lights are stocked, and we pretty much have the last of the remaining stock on them. When ordering, please use the part numbers below shown with the HER- prefix before them. The orange Click Here to Order box will open up our secure on-line ordering form in a new window.

Click-here-to-order3 or you can call in orders to 813-633-7544, Florida, USA






(15 left - only 15)

individual KB12 20 watt halogen light w/bulb, black



item stocked by Eclectic-ware 

(0 left)**

individual KB12 20 watt halogen light w/bulb, white
(We have approx. 200 more coming in to us)



item stocked by Eclectic-ware 

(2 left)**

individual KB12 20 watt halogen light w/bulb, chrome



item stocked by Eclectic-ware 

(0 left)** but see below

individual KB12 20 watt halogen light w/bulb, gold



item stocked by Eclectic-ware 

(15 left)

individual KB12 20 watt halogen light w/bulb, stainless



item stocked by Eclectic-ware 

(33 left)

individual KB12 light with 20 watt XENON bulb instead of halogen. XENON bulb rated for 10,000 hours. Same fixture, only bulb is different (soft halogen), stainless



item stocked by Eclectic-ware 

(46 left)

KB12 light BUT with 10 watt bulb and socket designed for 10 watt bulbs only (NOT FOR USE WITH 20 WATT BULBS). Special CLOSE OUT pricing. Stainless Steel finish.

(special price)


item stocked by Eclectic-ware 

(40 left)

KB12 light BUT with 10 watt bulb and socket designed for 10 watt bulbs only (NOT FOR USE WITH 20 WATT BULBS). Special CLOSE OUT pricing. White finish.

(special price)


item stocked by Eclectic-ware 

On the KB1210 10 watt light, if you would like it in chrome or gold, we can offer it in those finish options too, and at the $24.69 price. We do have stock on many of the KB12 decor rings and we can change out the ring, except black. All black rings are gone. So if the 10 watt light is of interest to you in chrome or gold, order those as KB1210CH, or KB1210GO.

** Although we are showing a low or zero quantity left, we have many of the DR12 decor rings for the KB12 lights. So if we need to switch some rings to create more of the gold, chrome, stainless steel, or white finish lights, and thus bring down our stock on other colors left, we can. Until all the lights run out, we have many rings where we can adjust the quantity on the color of the lights remaining. One of the little things we do for our customers.

The Xenon version of the light is the 20 watt light. Just has a longer lasting Xenon bulb in it which is like a soft white halogen. The Xenon version can also be available in white, chrome, or gold, as we can switch rings on it too.

The distance rings below are the side mount ring which converts the KB12 recessed light into the KBS12 surface mount light. We stock the light as recessed and keep a few of the distance rings in stock. If you order by the KBS12 part numbers shown in the Hera catalog page above, that is okay. But best to order as the KB12 light + the S12 distance ring. It is the same thing regardless of how you note it on our order form. And when the rings are ordered in conjunction with the lights, then they are only $8 each. Gold are sold out.

(7 left)

distance ring, makes KB12 the KBS12 light, 1" tall, black



item stocked by Eclectic-ware 

(60 left)

distance ring, makes KB12 the KBS12 light, 1" tall, white



item stocked by Eclectic-ware 

(10 let)

distance ring, makes KB12 the KBS12 light, 1" tall, chrome



item stocked by Eclectic-ware 

(19 left)

distance ring, makes KB12 the KBS12 light, 1" tall, stainless steel look



item stocked by Eclectic-ware 

Low voltage transformers, Dimmers, extension cables, spare bulbs, and accessories

(approx 60 in stock)

120 watt Premium transformer with RFI (radio frequency interference suppressor) 12 volt, can connect 1 to 6 of the 20 watt lights to it.



item stocked by Eclectic-ware 


Electronic Touch Dimmer (ETD) for use with any of the three 12 volt transformers, 300 watt capacity, up to fifteen 20-watt lights



item stocked by Eclectic-ware 


Electronic Touch Dimmer (ETD) for use with any of the three 12 volt transformers, 300 watt capacity, comes with round black touch pad that you can mount where you like



item stocked by Eclectic-ware 


Electronic Rotary Dimmer (ERD) for use with any of the three 12 volt transformers, 300 watt capacity, up to fifteen 20-watt lights, BLACK w/ black knob



item stocked by Eclectic-ware 


20" extension cable, 500mm



item stocked by Eclectic-ware 


39" extension cable, 1000mm



item stocked by Eclectic-ware 


79" extension cable, 2000mm



item stocked by Eclectic-ware 


119" extension cable, 3000mm



item stocked by Eclectic-ware 


Terminal block extender, for use to connect up to 6 of the ten-watt lights to a 60 watt transformer. Does not increase the power output of the transformer, just increases the number of connecting ports.



item stocked by Eclectic-ware 


10 watt Premium halogen bulb, 4000 hour rating, G4 bi-pin



item stocked by Eclectic-ware 


20 watt Premium halogen bulb, SOLD OUT - DISCONTINUED



item stocked by Eclectic-ware 


20 watt Xenon bulb, 10,000 hour rating (very long life), G4 bi-pin



item stocked by Eclectic-ware 

Click-here-to-order2 or you can call us at 813-633-7544, Florida, USA

Ordering notes:
Lights come individually. Make your own 2-light, 3-light, 4-light, or however-many-light kit that you would like. Or you can order the lights just by themselves. Just remember, they are low voltage. You do not just plug them into the wall, they require 12 volt power. Transformer part number is listed above too. Extension cables are for the purposes of mounting lights farther away from the transformer. Each light has a 72" lead wire pre-attached to it.

Additional info / resources:
The ARFS20 halogen light is another low profile recessed halogen light. Larger in diameter than the KB12. Can be surface mounted too.

If you are looking for the replacement decor rings (face ring) or glass lenses for the above KB12 lights, please view them on our Hera Replacement Parts page.

Hera transformer and dimmer information for lights shown on this page.
SELECT THIS TRANSFORMERS LINK to view readable graphics of the thumbnail images below.
Specifications, part numbers, Instructions and diagrams for the low voltage 12 volt transformers and dimmers specific to the lights on this page are shown.
Hera Lighting UK-120TW premium 120 watt 12 volt transformer with RFI | Hera ETD1 touch dimmer and ETD1/TP touch dimmer with touch pad | Hera ERD1 rotary knob dimmer for use with 12 volt electronic transformers - available in white or black

Customer testimonial:
We ordered some Hera Lights from you (invoice #66725). Just wanted to say that we were really satisfied with your efficiency. Ordering with you was such a pleasure, and we received the lights exactly on time when we needed them. Great service! Thank you.
Trish P., Brooklyn, NY - ordered Hera KB1220BL lights.
To view more customer testimonials about our products or service, select this link.

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