Hera Lighting low voltage electronic transformers and dimmers

Good news,
we found an awesome 12 volt 60 watt electronic transformer that can be used with Hera low voltage halogen and Xenon lights!

First we would like to say, if you are looking for the Hera ETD1 touch dimmer or ERD1 rotary dimmer, that information is STILL on this web page. It is more toward the bottom of the page.

And now our story begins. Hera electronic 12 volt transformers had been around since the mid 1990's. Hera started its business primarily with low voltage under cabinet halogen lighting. They had many halogen light choices. All of those lights used the same transformers. In the 90's, they were the E60T and OMN 60LT. Both of those were 60 watt, any many are still working because we have recently helped customers who were replacing 20+ year old transformers.

Around 2004-05, those two transformer were transformed into more slender versions so they could hide easier on the bottoms of cabinetry, or placed within chases. The UE-E60T and UC-60FT became the new part numbers. Both also were 60 watt. And then the UK-120-TW was introduced which was a dual 60 watt. The UK120TW allowed up to 6 of the 20 watt halogen lights to operate from it.

All of the 5 transformers just mentioned had burn out protection and overload protection. If you tried to operate more than 60 watts, or 120 watts on the UK120TW, the transformers refused to turn on. If they heated up too much, they would turn off to cool down, instead of just burning up and becoming useless. Excellent choices in electronic transformers. Eventually, they do run through their life cycle and cease to function. Electric line spikes, lightening, circuit breakers acting up can lessen the life of a transformer, or anything electronic for that matter.

In August of 2015 Hera announced that they discontinued manufacturing on all halogen and xenon lights, to include all parts and transformers too. We did stock up and added the balance of their inventory into ours. In mid July, 2018, we sold the last of the Hera transformers. Sad day.
But happy times are back, we found a fantastic replacement!

Hatch 12 volt 60 watt halogen transformer

This is our new 12 volt electronic transformer from Hatch. It is a Class 2 UL listed transformer. After this brief description, we will show many more pictures and explanations about how to integrate this with Hera lights.

The input voltage is 120 volt, output is 11.5 volt, just like the Hera transformers. It has a 3-prong plug, Hera had only 2-prong plugs. There is an attached 10 feet long lead wire that your halogen lights will connect to. A small amount of wire splicing will be needed upon your part.

part # HAT-PS1260LWNW @ $72.92 each (white case with white cord)
Click-here-to-order2 or you can call us at 813-633-7544
, Florida, USA

If you would like the black color transformer with black cord, use part number HAT-PS1260LBNW . Only one letter changed in that part number, a W to a B for black. Same price.


That was the quickie info, now our extended info. And then toward the bottom of the page, our original information on Hera dimmers is still there. We still have dimmers in stock too.

This is the top side of the transformer. It is a solid white case. (Black are available too.) The case is sealed, smooth attractive plastic with no writing except the embedded Hatch logo in the center. Very clean. Meant to be plugged in vertically (normal plug on the wall), or floor inserted. This is an advisement from Hatch. Basically that means, the 3-prong plugs seats into the outlet tightly with no way to loosen when vertical or floor mounted. If put in at an angle, or horizontally arranged outlets, or hanging from a ceiling outlet, that is not advised. The transformer is not heavy, just four ounces, but when compared to a normal cord end, it very well is 15 times heavier than a plug. So do seat the transformer into its outlet snugly. Make sure its weight will not pull it lose. And this advisement is also for heat. When vertical or flat, heat will rise off it ... and away from it. Important for longer transformer life.

The twin wire comes separated and bared on the opposite end of the 10' output cord. It is ready to be spliced into the wires on your lights ... OR spliced to your old Hera transformer terminal block.

This is what we mean by splicing the old Hera transformer terminal block onto the Hatch transformer. Your Hera terminal block has a twin wire going into it. You can cut that terminal block off your old dead transformer , leave as much wire as you can attached to it. Then splice each wire of the pair to the paired wire on your new transformer. Your polarity will not matter, do not be concerned with getting the wires backwards, they will work either way. This is AC. Wire crimps like the 18 gauge red crimps we used in the example above are quick and easy. Available at most hardware and automotive stores. Wire nuts could be used, but crimps are better, and insulated.

Close up view of our crimping job. This is a step you will need to do at your location because you need to use your old transformer terminal block.

Now you don't have to use your old terminal block. You can wire your light(s) in series and just attach to the wires of this transformer. But each of your Hera wires probably still has the NVK6 male/female pin connector attached to the wire. See our old photo below:

All Hera halogen lights were plug in play. Wires connected right into the terminal blocks and to each other for extension wires.

So if you do choose to cut your old terminal block off and connect it to the two wires on the Hatch transformer, you will save time and effort. You will be splicing just two wires, instead of 1 to 3 individual paired light wires. So if you have a dead transformer, move its terminal block onto the new transformer. Then you can connect your lights the exact same way they have always been connected. This is really nice.

When we tested this transformer to confirm that it will work, we crimped a wire lead with the NVK6 connection on the transformer then connected one of our terminal block extenders to that wire. For two reasons: a) we did not have a dead Hera transformer to nip off the terminal block, b) the terminal block extenders that we have are the last of them and we did not want to cut one. So we sacrificed a wire instead. If you are connecting just ONE halogen light to this transformer, it must be a minimum of 20 watt and not exceed 60 watt. You can wire it directly to the transformer.

Measurements on the Hatch transformer.

ABOUT HARDWIRING: Recently, we had a customer ask us about hardwiring this transformer. As you can see from our pictures above and the black and white diagram just above, the plug is integrated into the casing of the transformer. It is not like the old Hera transformers that had a plug cord leading into the transformer and you could just cut the plug off the end of the wire. So, if you do have a Hera transformer that was hardwired, and you need to set up the same or similar application, here are some ideas. a) Of course the best approach is to take the power in wire of the hardwire application and wire it to a new outlet. Then you can just plug this transformer into that outlet. Which would make inspectors happy too. But if you do not want an outlet, then: b) If you take a normal lamp cord extension cord, you can plug the 3-prong transformer into the extension cord, cut the other end of the extension cord off, and then wire nut that onto the existing wire that was leading into your old Hera transformer. It will work, and it will be safe if you seal everything up after wire nutting. PLEASE do not attempt to open the casing on the Hatch transformer. That will NOT work out well for you. NOTE: the 10 foot lead wire coming out of the Hatch transformer is the OUTPUT wire. That is the wire that is low voltage and feeds current to the lights. It is NOT power in.

The Hatch 12 volt transformer will work with Hera ER1/ES1, ARF20/ARFS20, KB1220, EH11/AH11, Enterprise, Wave, Arc Light, Arc-Tech, Tri-Tech, E2, E3, E4, EH24 ,KH12, and all other Hera halogen lights of the past.

Some Product features as written by Hatch Transformers, Inc.:

  • Case material: UL recognized flame retardant high temperature engineering resin
  • Maximum case temperature: 75 degree Celsius. That's 167 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Epoxy sealed for moisture resistance
  • Low harmonic distortion
  • High power factor >.95
  • High reliability (comes with 3 year warranty, see warranty paragraph below)
  • 100% factory tested
  • Emits no audible noise
  • UL Listed, Class 2, up to 60 watts (20 watt minimum)
  • Electronic short circuit protection (All Hatch low-voltage transformers employ our (ESP) Electronic Short Circuit and Overload Protection. The ESP sensing circuit will instantly shut down the output before any of the components are stressed if a short circuit or overload is detected. The transformer will automatically reset as soon as the fault is corrected.
  • Moisture and shock resistant
  • Nickel-plated hospital grade 120 volt plug
  • Soft start circuitry: All models of Hatch low-voltage transformers utilize a soft start circuity to maximize lamp life. The soft start circuit ramps up the lamp filament voltage slowly when the lamp is cold.


Warranty info:

Electronic Low-Voltage Transformers:
This warranty covers all products with part numbers beginning with the following prefixes: RS, VS, IS, PS, PB, TS, VJ, VE and HA. Any other products sold by Hatch with part numbers not beginning with one of these prefixes are also covered by this warranty if they can be categorically defined as electronic transformers. Hatch Transformers Inc. (HTI) warrants that its Electronic Transformers are free of defects in material and workmanship for a time period of 3 years from the date of invoice, when operated for no more than 4000 hours per annum at an average daily operational load of no more than 12 hours.

A couple of older Hera images below for your reference.

This is what the old Hera UC-60FT looked like.

And this is a close up of the label on the UC-60FT transformer.


Now we will show the remainder of the Hera dimmers, cables, etc. Pricing for what follows will be farther down on the page in one convenient price grid.

Hera ETD1 and ETD1/TP electronic dimmers for low voltage halogen lights
Note: specs below. Touch pad not shown. It is round, about 2" in diameter, and charcoal black color.
Hera ETD1 specifications

Hera ERD1BL and ERD1WH rotary knob electronic dimmers for low voltage halogen lights
Note: specs below. Black comes with black knob. (White is no longer available.)
Hera ERD1 specifications

Hera NVK64 terminal block extender for electronic transformers

What to order & How to order:

When ordering a transformer as a replacement for a Hera or Tresco brand 12 volt transformer, just select the white or black, and refer to the many notes we have above.

When ordering transformers with lights for new installations, one, two, or three 20 watt halogen lights can operate from the Hatch 60 watt transformer. If using 10 watt lights, you must have at least two on the transformer since the transformer requires a minimum of a 20 watt load. Up to six 10 watt halogen lights can work from the PS1260LWNW. When using in a new install, your halogen lights can be connected in series and then connected to the twin wire attached to the transformer. Wire nuts or crimps will be up to the customer to supply and can be found at most all local hardware and automotive stores.

The Hera dimmers have an extension cord type end coming off of them with three outlets on then. These are 2-prong outlets. If connecting the 3-prong Hatch transformer to them, you will need a 2-prong to 3-prong converter also found at most hardware stores. Multiple transformers can work from one 300 watt dimmer, and then all lights are controlled simultaneously. Please watch the orientation of the transformers when connecting to dimmer cords. Vertical mounting is advised.

If you have questions about the transformers, dimmers, or cables, please call or e-mail us.

Click-here-to-order3 or you can call in orders to 813-633-7544, Florida, USA






Hatch 60 watt transformer, 10' lead wire, bare wire end, ready to be spliced to support 1 to 3 of the 20 watt halogen lights
(white casing and cord)


item stocked by Eclectic-ware 


Hatch 60 watt transformer, 10' lead wire, bare wire end, ready to be spliced to support 1 to 3 of the 20 watt halogen lights
(black casing and cord)


item stocked by Eclectic-ware 


Electronic Touch Dimmer (ETD) for use with any of the three 12 volt transformers, 300 watt capacity, up to fifteen 20-watt lights


item stocked by Eclectic-ware 


Electronic Touch Dimmer (ETD) for use with any of the three 12 volt transformers, 300 watt capacity, comes with round black touch pad that you can mount where you like


item stocked by Eclectic-ware 


Electronic Rotary Dimmer (ERD) for use with any of the three 12 volt transformers, 300 watt capacity, up to fifteen 20-watt lights, BLACK w/ black knob


item stocked by Eclectic-ware 


20" extension cable, 500mm


item stocked by Eclectic-ware 


39" extension cable, 1000mm


item stocked by Eclectic-ware 


79" extension cable, 2000mm


item stocked by Eclectic-ware 


119" extension cable, 3000mm


item stocked by Eclectic-ware 

(6 left)

Terminal block extender, for use to connect up to 6 of the ten-watt lights to a 60 watt transformer. Does not increase the power output of the transformer, just increases the number of connecting ports.


item stocked by Eclectic-ware 

Click-here-to-order2 or you can call us at 813-633-7544, Florida, USA

Additional info / resources:
When using multiple transformers for larger light set ups, please do not mount them side by side . Allow several inches between them if you are trying to centralize them in one location. Transformers do emit some heat, and the heat from each should not be trapped around others. Some ventilation around them is helpful for longer transformer life.

Other product features about the Hatch transformers are listed above in our product features paragraphs.

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