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In the fields below, quantity first, then the base part number. For bar pulls, then enter the overall length of the handles you would like. If you require a special CTC on the handles, enter that too. By default, the CTC is 2-1/2" less than OL on the normal style bar handles. But you can have that differently if you need it different. The larger comments field farther down on the page can be used for any additional information about extra customizing needs.

For the end to end style handles, please enter your OL for the handle; centers will be made at maximum for the bar length.

And for the Back-to-Back handles , enter your OL and CTC. Then farther down the page, remember to tell us what your DOOR THICKNESS is. Use the larger comments field for that.

For T-handles , enter set part number, or custom size info.

For 5/8" or 7/8" knobs , just enter the part numbers: example ARH-111, etc.

Fractional numbers are best entered like this: 8-1/2, 12-13/16, 41-3/8, etc. Keeps them understandable.

Each line: Quantity | Part number | OL (overall length measurement) | CTC (center to center)

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  • Payment by check or money order is also accepted on US and Canadian orders.

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Special Instructions or Comments:

  • You can free type any additional notes or concerns about your order.
  • The stainless steel bar handles and knobs are custom made, and HEAVY. Expedited shipping is generally not available as they do have to be made first. Usually a 2 week lead time. They can be shipped faster, but most US and Canadian orders are direct ships out of Chicago.
  • For back to back mounted handles, Please remember your DOOR THICKNESS measurement.

Almost Done:

Any volume discounts we advertise for 25+, 50+, and 100+ on the handles will be shown on the invoice we will e-mail you. This ordering form is just a form. No robot standing guard.

Anyone can order from us. For Commercial customers who would like to attach a Purchase Order number or job name, enter it here:

For Florida Commercial Customers with a FL Resale Certificate (sales tax exempt), please enter that number here: if items are for resale.

For anyone who has received one of our promotional codes via a sales flyer, from one of our fragile labels on a box we shipped, from a Facebook promotion, or any other advertising means that we use, you can enter it here:

Alternative contact method: FAX #

Upon submitting your order , you will be taken to a thank you page with greater details about what will happen next. It is the same page for the several ordering forms we have set up. You can skip through some of the gibberish on it that will not apply to your particular order.

We will reply to your order within 2 days. If you have not heard from us by the 3rd day (weekends and holidays excluded), please inquire with us. Sometimes computers do tend to not do as we ask them to do. Yeah, really.


Live customer service hours: Mon-Fri 9 AM to 5 PM E.S.T. (sometimes Sat. too)
Phone orders gladly accepted. 813-633-7544

Shipping Charges:
Freight is calculated by your zip code and the final weight or size of the package. This is the fair way for cross country, local travel, and out of the country shipping. We do not charge shipping by merchandise value or use a tier structure. That is not accurate or fair to customers.

Freight questions are commonly asked of us. Click here to see some examples. We welcome your comments to improve our service. And one day we will start using a shopping cart for order check out. That is in the works. But with the numerous custom made products that we offer, and products from multiple manufacturers, a shopping cart is complicated to set up. Right now, entering part numbers in this form is our way of accepting secure on-line orders. And it gives a human the chance to calculate accurate shipping costs, and the best overall shipping method. We do have a checkbox above near the credit card entry fields that allows you to request a quote first before committing to your order. Do know, we do not try to profit from erroneous shipping charges. We charge what we are being charged to ship the specific box. We keep it fair.

And when it comes to orders that we set up as direct ships, we apply the shipping charges the manufacturers generally apply to us. Many of them do have set fees, a few have some small order fees, some charge the exact UPS amount. So on direct ships we apply the shipping charge from the manufacturer. We are a direct manufacturers rep for the majority of our product lines. Popular items we do stock.

Privacy Policy:
Our STRICT privacy policy is very straight forward. We do NOT share any customer information with anyone!

Whatever data you send to us, stays with us. For direct ship orders of certain custom hardware, we submit your shipping address to our vendors so they know where to ship it. We have a few vendors that require phone numbers - only so they can place them on the UPS shipping label. We do not give your e-mail address to UPS. Only the shipping address and phone number for the label.

We back up our data in-house. We refuse to use any on-line back up services. Your information stays with us, not some web storage facility. To cut to the chase, whatever info you send us is kept safe and confidential. Our computers are firewall protected. We do not have e-mail lists. We do not buy e-mail lists. We sell no e-mail addresses. We believe in treating you how we like to be treated. And since we don't want our information in the wrong hands, we also respect that of every one of our customers!

John W. Wagonis
Owner and operator of Eclectic-ware

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Arthur Harris On-Line Ordering Form

This order form is tailored for stainless steel bar handle lengths and centers measurements, for easier part number entry. If you need more than 15 parts lines, you can send a second submission, or add extra data into the comments field farther down the page. Or call in your order.

The TAB key, mouse, or tapping will advance you in the fields. If you accidentally hit RETURN before you are finished, use your browser BACK button to return to this page. Which should still have your data filled out.

We ship orders worldwide.  We have had many customers from Canada, England, Australia and other predominately English speaking nations that we advertise in.  We have shipped all througout Europe, and to several Asian, African, and South American countries.
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If you would prefer to call in your order, please do: 813-633-7544 (Mon-Fri, 9 to 5, EST)


We do not restrict our customers to ordering just on-line. You have the option of calling in your order if you like. Orders are accepted by FAX and US Mail too.
For phone orders: call us from 9 to 5 Mon-Fri EST at 813-633-7544 or 813-362-7898 cell.



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