Rev-A-Shelf slide out waste containers & replacement bins

The Replacement trash bins are for the RVxxxxx series slides-out kitchen garbage cans from Rev-A-Shelf. If you need the entire slide-out assembly with bin, you can view the various waste slide-outs here. (shown lower on this page)
Measurements and pricing will be provided below the next few pictures of the replacement bins.

First picture shows: REV-RV-20-6, then REV-6700, then REV-RV-1024W.
Rev-A-Shelf replacement kitchen trash cans

Second picture shows: REV-RV-35-8, then REV-RV-50-8, then REV-RV-50WL-8
The 35 qt can is also available with a lid. Order the lid separately.
Rev-A-Shelf replacement kitchen trash bins

This picture is just to show the REV-6700 on its side. The 30 quart REV-6700 can is also commonly used in the drawer slide out trash systems when the can fits down through and opening in the chassis that is mounted toward the top of your cabinet opening. Note: our under lip measurements are the width and depth of the can directly under the top rim of the can.
Rev-A-Shelf replacement kitchen slide out waste bins

The measurements below are those we took, and they may vary from the measurements published in the Rev-A-Shelf spec guide. And they can vary from 1/8" to 3/16" from time to time. But these are the current measurements rounded to the nearest 1/8". They are the overall size measured at the top and then the height.

And because we are asked if the bins taper down in size at the bottom, we will also list the bottom measurements of the cans. Then, we are also asked about the size under the top lip. So that measurement will be listed too. The under lip measurement is the body of the can just under the top rim. The under lip measurement is important for those who are using the cans in drop down drawers. That will be the part that fits in your hole. If your hole measurement is bigger than the overall measurement, guess what, the can will fall through. Please be careful when thinking that little 20 quart can will fit in a drop down commonly designed for the 30 quart can.

As of October, 2015, we have decided to stop carrying the replacement bins individually. All replacement bins are available in case quantities only. The case quantities are: RV-20-6 = 6; RV-1024W =10; REV-6700 = 6; RV-35-8 = 8; RV-50-8 = 8.  Our decision to do this is based upon new UPS rules about shipping larger boxes. The dimensional rate boxes for shipping one or two cans, especially to the western states was extremely high.  We just do not feel good about $25 to $35 shipping costs on an $18 can.




Notes about availability.


(available case only)

20 Qt. 8-1/4" x 14-1/4" x 15-1/8" tall
Bottom = 6" x 12-3/8"
under lip = 6-3/4" x 13-1/4"

Available in case qty of 6 @ $86.56 per case. (case only)


(available case only)

27 Qt. 10-3/4" x 11" x 17-7/8" tall
Bottom = 8-1/2" x 8-1/2"
under lip = 10" x 10"

Available in case qty of 10 @ $163.98 per case. (case only)


(available case only)

30 Qt. 9-3/8" x 15-1/2" x 17-7/8" tall
Bottom = 6-1/2" x 12-1/2"
under lip = 8-1/4" x 14-1/4"

Available by case qty of 6 @ $101.47 per case. (case only)


(available case only)

35 Qt. 10-1/4" x 14-1/8" x 17-7/8" tall
Bottom = 8" x 11-1/2"
under lip = 9-1/8" x 13"

Available in case qty of 8 @ $138.82 per case. (case only)


(available case only)

50 Qt. 11-5/8" x 14-7/8" x 21-3/4" tall
Bottom = 8" x 11-7/8"
under lip = 9-3/4" x 13-1/2"

Available in case qty of 8 @ $189.14 per case. (case only)



Lid for RV-35-8 bin, sold as separate item

Ordered as requested. Boxed individually.



Lid for RV-50-8 bin, sold as separate item

Ordered as requested. Boxed individually.


To order any of the above bins (part numbers in left hand column), select this orange link button to order them on-line. You will need to enter the part number onto our ordering form. Click-here-to-order2
If you like, you can order them by phone, fax, or mail order too.

All of the above bins are white rubberized plastic. Some RVxxxxx slide-out units have two bins each. Some bins are inverted in the RV units and slide into your cabinet sideways instead of lengthwise. A few of the RV slide-out units are not shown on this web site, but are available. We will quote pricing upon request. The 'S' on the end of RV part numbers denotes full extension slides.

RV has nothing to do with RV motor homes. RV is just a series code for the Rev-A-Shelf slide outs.

When looking to replace your old bins, please take careful note of the above measurements. Make sure your cabinet width, depth, and height can accommodate these bins. Specifications change over the years and your bin may not measure precisely to the current measurements. If you have any questions, please e-mail, or call us.

Customer testimonials:
Hi John, My order of 8-1-12 arrived today 8-3-12 as promised and the waste baskets for which I had been searching for over a year are perfect. They are exactly as described. The measurements are perfect and I couldn't be more pleased. They fit my pull out cabinet racks perfectly. Thanks.
Beverly I., Homestead, FL - ordered Rev-A-Shelf replacement bins.

Rev-A-Shelf kitchen slide out trash can complete units

The RV Series of kitchen and bathroom wire frame slide out trash cans offers several sizes for various applications. The two smaller 20 quart versions are best suited for bathrooms. The RV8PB slides in lengthwise on 3/4 extension slides. Whereas the RV14PB-S slides in sideways which means the can does not slide as deeply into the cabinet. This is good when you may have plumbing in the way that would block the can.

The RV9PB and RV12PB are the popular choices for a single pull out can for the kitchen. The RV12PB will hold more trash. Then there are double can pull outs and the largest, RV12PB50-S, a 50 quart can with lid, and on full extension slides.

All of the RV Series trash slide outs can be converted to door mount applications using the DMKIT (door mount kit). In the pictures below, some are shown door mounted and some are not. ALL work both ways. Door mounting is just an option, and a good option at that. It is convenient to pull your door straight out and have the trash can come out with it. But if you like, you can keep your door on its hinges, and still reach in to pull the trash slide out into its extended position.

All assemblies come complete: Slide-track with wire frame attached, and then the white bin(s). All are bottom mount systems. Thus you line them up on your cabinet floor, put in 4 screws, and you are done, unless you are door mounting them.. Then there is a spec more work to mount the door to the slide track.

Measurements are provided below, these are the measurements of the assembled units. We recommend having a cabinet door "opening" of at least 1/2" greater in height and width. This way when you put a bag in the can, or your can gets full, you can still extend it out to change it or add more trash to it. You would like to have a little space left and right and above.

The last unit shown, the 5349-18DM2 is one of Rev-A-Shelf's Premier trash slide outs. It is more heavy duty, comes with a stronger cage and full extension slides. And the cage allows you to door mount a door with no additional hardware needed. If you would like a double 35 quart slide out, and one that will withstand a couple of decades of harder use, the 5349-18DM2 is the one we recommend.

Lids are available for the 35 quart cans as a separate item. One is shown on the 50 quart slide out below, and it happens to come with that slide out.

All cage assemblies are painted white, all bins are white. On the 5349 unit, the slides are brushed aluminum.

Rev-A-Shelf RV12PB kitchen slide out trash can
$71.11 each

Single 35 quart, 3/4 extension slide out.
10-5/8" wide x 22" deep x 19" high.
Ideal for kitchen, can be door mounted as shown above, or leave the hinges on your door and have a hinged door. Very easy to install. Can clears opening with the 3/4 extension slides. Best unit for normal size base cabinets.

Rev-A-Shelf RV18PB2-S full extension kitchen pull out trash can
$119.24 each

Double 35 quart, full extension slide out.
14-3/8" wide x 22" deep x 19-1/4" high.
Awesome for the kitchen. Use both cans for trash, or one for recyclables. Both cans pull easily out of the wire frame for dumping of recyclables or cleaning. Full extension slides allow both cans to clear the cabinet opening. Door mounting is an option, as shown avbove.

Rev-A-Shelf RV9PB single kitchen slide out trash can
$69.04 each
Single 30 quart, 3/4 extension slide out.
9-1/2" wide x 22" deep x 19-1/4" high.
This has been one of the most popular kitchen trash cans over the years. It is narrower so it can fit into smaller cabinets. It is shown above with a hinged door. If you need to make it a door mount unit, the door mount kit is shown further down the page. Remember, the door mount kit is an option for all the RV Series slide outs.

Rev-A-Shelf RV15PB2-S full extenion slide out trash bins
$117.72 each
Double 27 quart, with full extension slides.
11-13/16" wide x 22-1/4" deep x 19-1/8" high.
Another unit great for narrow cabinets. The dual 27 quart cans extend fully from the cabinet. Use one for recyclables, or both for that use. Just because it is a trash can, you do not have to use it for trash. One of the other units could be your trash can and this one can be for recyclables. But yes, you can use it for trash if you like.

Rev-A-Shelf RV8PB bathroom cabinet trash can
$49.86 each

Single 20 quart, on 3/4" extension Euro slides.
8-7/8" wide x 16" deep x 15-7/8" high.
The baby of the bunch. A simple 3/4 extension slide out best used for bathrooms. We do not recommend the 20 quart cans for a kitchen, unless you want something small for your kitchen. The RV8PB can be door mounted if you would like that option.

Rev-A-Shelf RV14OB-S full extension bathroom cabinet slide out trash can
$92.17 each

Single 20 quart, on full extension slides.
14-5/8" wide x 16" deep x 16-3/8" high.
Same 20 quart can as the RV8PB but on taller full extension slides and turned sideways. Great unit when you may need to avoid hanging plumbing. The slides are still 16" deep, but the can takes up only about 9" of the front cabinet depth. A good choice for bathroom slide out trash cans.

Rev-A-Shelf RV12PB50-S full extension large kitchen trash can
$118.19 each

Single 50 quart with lid, on full extension slides.
12-1/4" wide x 22" deep x 24-1/4" high.
This unit is much taller than the others. It will require a bigger cabinet opening. It is the only one that comes with a lid. Yet lids are available for the 35 quart units as an optional accessory. If you have the cabinet size and want Big Bertha here, this unit will hold more trash than all the others.

Rev-A-Shelf 5349-18DM2 Premier kitchen trash slide out
$258.30 each

Double Premier 35 quart, on premium full extension slides.
14-13/16" wide x 21-7/8" deep x 19-1/4" high.
The elite. Heavy-duty, soft-closing brushed aluminum slides. Strong cage assembly that you can mount the door to with no additional hardware needed. 35 quart can lids are optional. Ideal for kitchens that would have greater use for the slide out trash cans. Does not have to be door mounted. Shown that way above, but can work on hinged doors.

When ready to place an order for any of the above, please select this link: Click-here-to-order2

If you need replacement bins for your Rev-A-Shelf slide out waste containers,
 please scroll back up this page for sizes, part numbers, and pricing.
The part numbers above are the complete unit with basket.
Please do not order replacement bins using the complete slide-out part numbers.
And all dimensions above are for the assembled units when installed.
Bin measurements are shown first up on this page.

If you would like a lid(s) for the 35 quart units:
RV12PB, RV18PB2-S, or the 5349-18DM2,
lids are an optional accessory.
Part # REV-RV-35-LID-1 @ $ 16.74 each.

The door mount kit below is also an optional accessory.

Rev-A-Shelf door mount kit for kitchen trash can slide outsThe door mount kit,
part # REV-DMKIT @ $25.55 each.
Any of the slide out trash cans shown above with the door mounted to them are demonstrating the option of door mounting. They do not come with the door mount kit, you need to order it separately for the RV Series slide outs. The 5349-18DM2 does NOT use this door mount kit. It's cage assembly is different and already door mountable if you like.

In the picture to the left, you can see the two brackets mounted to the door and then the two brackets assembled to the front of the slides. You will connect them, tighten the screws, and then you have a secure mounted door to the front of your trash can slide out. So the door mount kit is 4 pieces plus spacers and bolts, and painted white to match the slides.

We actually recommend using the door mount kit as it is a very nice convenience.

Solve your odd size hole center to center problem.
Answers here.

Got 2-3/4", 3-1/2", or any crazy size

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Shown first are the replacement trash cans for kitchen slide out units. These cans have special dimensions, which we list below to help you. The 30 and 35 quart bins are also popular for drop in drawer style units. We get asked a lot of questions about that. So when it comes to the overall measurement, and then the under lip measurement: overall is the top of the can, and the height. That part needs to be large enough not to fall through your drop down hole. Under lip is the measurement that will fit into the hole, thus your hole needs to be large enough to accommodate that.

 Then we show some of the Rev-A-Shelf complete slide out units (slides, cage, and bin). Those we also set up as direct ships.


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