Got a Broken Towel Bar ? or snapped Towel Rod ?
Lenape Re-Place-A-Bar solution

Whether you call it a bar, rod, rack, or holder, we have a solution to fix your broken plastic shower and bathtub towel bars.
Bathroom Hardware replacement items


BLACK IS BACK! In 24" long Re-Place-A-Bars.

replacement towel bars Lenape Re-Place-A-Bar

Re-Place-A-Bars (all part numbers are STOCKED items)
~ To fix broken towel rods in your shower or tub area ~

Did someone hang on or fall into your shower bar?
Did it snap out of its holders?
And the holders are glued into the wall and cannot be removed?
Need a replacement bar?
White and clear shower bars available.
12", 24" or 36" lengths, can be cut shorter to size.
Square portion measures 3/4" square.

AND NOW Black is Back in 24" Re-Place-A-Bars!

The black and white instructions above are from Lenape. We will add to them with the long block of text below. And then part numbers and pricing will follow that text.


  • In the above black and white diagram, you only need to saw your bar out if it is still in place. Odds are, it is not.
  • Please print the above diagram or this paragraph of instructions. Bars do NOT come with instructions.
  • Please bookmark this page now, should you need it for future reference.
  • The Re-Place-A-Bars are designed as a replacement for ceramic posts that cannot be removed from your wall.
  • Here are the rest of the most popular answers to the questions that we have had over the years:
  • The bar length is 12", 24", or 36". This does NOT include the spring loaded ends into that equation.
  • The bars are 3/4" square. This is the only size they come in.
  • The spring loaded ends DO come with the bar. Two ends come with each bar.
  • We are not aware of any round replacement bars with spring loaded ends. We have only square.
  • The plastic bars can be cut down to size (by you) by using a hack saw. Or other fine tooth saw.
  • You can use a Ginsu knife it they still exist to cut the bars down.
  • The spring loaded ends can be removed from the bar, and you will remove at least one when you cut the bar to size. Then you will put the end back in.
  • The spring loaded ends can argue with you about being removed. Most fit in pretty tight. The way we have removed them is to use a utility knife. We gently wiggle the blade in under the collar of the spring loaded end and then gently twist. We are not pressuring the razor edge on the plastic, we are just using it as a thin pry bar. Using anything thicker would most likely break the plastic. Look at the color photo above and you can see how the spring loaded ends are slipped into the bar.
  • The new bar is NOT meant to rest on the spring loaded ends when finalized.
  • The length of your new bar is the distance between your posts PLUS the recessed depth of one of the openings in your posts.
  • For example, if you have 22" between your posts, and the square or diamond shaped hole is 7/16" deep, you want your bar to be 22-7/16".
  • Thus, the spring loaded ends self-center the bar, and the bar rests halfway into the depth of the openings in BOTH towel bar end posts. Now the bar strength sits in both posts, not just the spring loaded ends.
  • When you compress one spring loaded end to insert it into the first post, then hold the other in and slip the bar to the inside of the second post and let go, the spring loaded ends will self-center the bar, and then the bar rests upon itself within the posts. (Yes, we are trying to emphasize that point.)
  • When putting your spring loaded end back into the bar, clear the bar of debris, and you may have to push hard. Sometimes they are quite snug.
  • Years ago, bars did come in black,AND as of August 2018, Black 24" bars are back. No black in 36".
  • Yes, the clear bars give the illusion of ribs in them. They are translucent.
  • If you are planning on painting the bars, get clear, you will have better luck with that.


  • Small quantities of Re-Place-A-Bars are generally shipped via US Priority Mail. Please make sure you provide us with a valid mailing address when ordering. For Canadian shipments and other countries, we normally ship via International First Class Mail through the US Post Office.
  • We can ship most everywhere in the world.
  • 10-packs and 100 case packs will ship via UPS.
  • We keep all sizes in both clear and white bars in STOCK.

Part numbers, pricing, and on-line ordering page links, now follow:

Part number




12" long re-place-a-bar, clear

$11.04 each


12" long re-place-a-bar, white

$11.04 each


24" long re-place-a-bar, clear

$12.17 each


24" long re-place-a-bar, white

$12.17 each


36" long re-place-a-bar, clear

$12.79 each


36" long re-place-a-bar, white

$12.79 each


24" long re-place-a-bar, BLACK

$15.03 each

Click-here-to-order2 Re-Place-A-Bars individually. You can also call in orders to 813-633-7544 .
Black 24" are priced a little higher due to purchasing patterns. The White and Clear we purchase in cases of 100 and sell individually. The Black are packaged individually and not in case quantities.

Now if you need the black bars in larger quantity, we will honor the volume discount schedule we have on the clear and white. At qty 10 bars or more, then 10% off. At qty 100 bars or more, then 30% off.



10 pack of 24" long clear bars

$109.53 per 10 pack


10 pack of 24" long white bars

$109.53 per 10 pack


10 pack of 36" long clear bars

$115.11 per 10 pack


10 pack of 36" long white bars

$115.11 per 10 pack



case of 100 of the 24" long clear bars

$851.90 per case


case of 100 of the 24" long white bars

$851.90 per case


case of 100 of the 36" long clear bars

$895.30 per case


case of 100 of the 36" long white bars

$895.30 per case

Click-here-to-order2 Re-Place-A-Bars in 10-packs or 100 count.

Our bulk and case pricing is more suited to apartment complexes, hotels, state parks, and other facilities that require the bars in bulk. The average homeowner seems to order them 1 to 3 at a time, and that is fine. There is no minimum order. We just want to try to accommodate organizations that may require the bars in larger bulk. This is why the bulk pricing is shown. Eclectic-ware sells to everyone: Homeowners, contractors, high school principals, movie stars, including Chuck Norris, and large businesses.... Anyone can purchase from us.

Oval (D-shaped) plastic towel ring (Clear)

D-ring clear acrylic is no longer available

Did fit Lenape towel ring numbers: 426, 526, and 826 from the Carrousel and Classic series.

Round metal towel rings
(stock items)
White or polished chrome available only.

Lenape 642-01 and 642-72 round towel ring replacements

Carrousel towel ring with round ring

Showing the round and D-ring towel ring choices

Fits Lenape towel ring numbers: 126, 426, 526, 606, and 826 from all Lenape collections.
Available in White or Polished Chrome only now. (Bone & brushed nickel now discontinued)

Lenape Classic Series used a full round white or bone ring. The Meridian Series used the white ring. The Athena series uses the white, brushed nickel, and polished chrome rings. These round rings can also be used for the Carrousel Series towel ring as demonstrated above.
These rings are tougher than the clear D-ring and very doubtful that they would ever break.
And you can use them in place of the clear D-ring. They will fit into the same mount.
There are two little plastic caps that fit over the ends in the split in the ring. This is what keeps the ring from spinning in towel bar posts that have a hole through them. Most posts just have a divot on each side.
Round rings MEASURE 6-1/4" in overall diameter.


Round white towel ring

$9.39 each


Round polished chrome towel ring

$9.39 each


Toilet paper rollers - spring loaded (White only) (stock item)
TP rollers

Fits Lenape toilet paper holders for all series. White plastic roller, spring loaded.

Attn: Hotel refitters. If you need this TP roller in bulk, bulk packaging of Quantity 100 @ $45.00.


White toilet paper holder with spring concealed inside

$1.12 each



Lenape mounting clips to hang ceramic bathroom hardware

All clip mounted towel bars will come with two clips, 4 screws, and 4 drywall anchors. Drywall anchors can be used in a drywall, wood, or ceramic tile surface mount applications. TP holders, soap dishes, toothbrush holders, towel rings, and robe hooks will come with one clip, 2 screws, and 2 drywall anchors.
2-piece Carrousel & Meridian TP holders will have two clips.
These clips are used on the Carrousel, Classic, and Meridan collections, of which much stock still exists.
And then also on the Athena, Classic Blossoms, and Classic Embossed collections.
(The Pro Series is all thin-set mount, and does NOT use this mounting clip.)

Clips measure 1-1/8" across, 1-1/4" tall, and the screw hole ctc is 1" vertical.
Thickest portion of clip on taper is 5/16" thick (depth).
This is Lenape's clip. If you have another brand of bath hardware, we do not know if this clip will fit.

Part # LEN-621-98 @ $3.39 per clip. Sold individually. Click-here-to-order2 stocked.

Please e-mail us if you have any questions.

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Solve your odd size hole center to center problem.
Answers here.

Got 2-3/4", 3-1/2", or any crazy size

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