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Loox 2027 12volt LED Spotlight

Loox 2027 Cloud style LED light

Cloud style? We weren't sure what else to call it. When it is on, it kind of looks like a cloud puff. This light is styled a bit different from most LED lights. It has a full circumference ring that glows, kind of resembles fluorescent lighting. The center of the light is a aluminum finished round disc that does not light up. But when the light is lit, it does not look overly dull in the center. It reflects so well, that the entire face appears to be glowing.

We thought it was a bit different and would be nice to offer it. The light is 2.6 watts with a lumen output of 190-218 depending upon if you select the 3000K, 4000K, or 5000K. The one in our picture is the 3000K warm white, which was quite bright. The 2027 has a 79" attached lead wire which connects into the 12 volt power drivers. It is surface mount only and will stick down just 9mm (3/8").

Can be used for under cabinet lighting in kitchens and bathrooms, or as a display light. Instead of projecting all of its light output just downward, it seems to promote it outward also. So a nice light to light up wider areas instead of just directional lighting.
Manufacturer: Hafele
Hafele 833.72.050 Loox LED model 2027, 12V, 2.6 watts warm white 3000K, 190 lumen, surface mount 65x9mm, matte silver
HAF-833.72.051 (4000K cool white, 208 lumen)
HAF-833.72.052 (5000K cool white, 218 lumen)
Hafele LED Power Drivers and Switching Accessories
Hafele 833.74.960 Loox LED 12V driver, 0-20 watts, 6 yellow ports, 140x50x16mm, black plastic casing
Hafele LED Power Drivers and Switching Accessories
Hafele 833.74.901 Loox LED 12V driver, 0-30 watts, 6 yellow ports, 195x43x28mm, black plastic casing
(ALL GONE. Order the 40 watt driver HAF-833.74.962 as the recommended substitute.)
Ordering Note:
Lights are 2.6 watts each. You can easily connect up to 6 on the 20 watt driver utilizing all 6 ports. Or up to 7 with use of a terminal block extender. 30 watt and higher drivers available for applications requiring more lights. Additional drivers and dimmers are on that web page.

Lights are dimmable. Each has a 79" attached lead wire. Full ring shield on light is a milky white color with an aluminum colored center. Meant to be screw mounted.

Hafele Loox LED Lighting quick reference of web pages:

FIXED 12 VOLT SPOTLIGHTS: Model 2020 | Model 2039 | Model 2027
SURFACE MOUNTED SLIM LED SPOTLIGHTS: Models 3023, 3025, 3035, 3036
FLEXIBLE ARM READING LIGHTS: Model 2034 round head | Model 2018 conehead
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