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Our web site is about Home Improvement hardware primarily related to kitchen and bathroom cabinetry. Amongst the many brands of cabinet hardware that we offer, some items can be used as gifts. And without implying that you have massive work to do installing them. We have 3 prints from artwork by an artist related to us. Glass shelves and mounting clips that can be used within your living rooms, bedrooms, and for decorative purposes in other areas of your home. We have pull out computer keyboard trays and LCD monitor holders - a great way to help someone organize their desk area, at home or work. One of our collections of ceramic bath hardware has nice seashell designs to it. If someone is remodeling their bathroom, these are nice items to present as gifts. But in that case, we would recommend asking before giving, as people who are remodeling may already have a plan in mind. And sometimes kitchen accessories and bath safety products satisfy that need to give a gift with a functional purpose in mind. Over the years, many of our customers have told us that they were buying cabinet knobs and pulls as a gift for a family member. So various hardware items can serve gift purposes. We have tried to outline some below.


Our Gift style product selections

Most of the products that we offer are related to home improvement, primarily for the kitchen or bathrooms. Some of the bathware, cabinet lighting, and even custom decorative knobs could be used as gifts, and have been over the years. On this page, we are highlighting some products that work well as gifts. If you have any questions about availability or lead times, please call or e-mail us.

Pat Gawle's Lighthouse painting
Artist Prints
Presently, we show 3 of Pat Gawle's paintings. They have been reproduced as prints. Colorful artwork for your home decor.

KV Keyboard Trays and under desk keyboard pull outs
Computer Keyboad Arms
Everyone likes more desk space. Some of us like to lean back in our chair or sit at a crooked angles. These ergonomic keyboard and mouse trays provide comfort and free up some desk space. They pull out from under your desk. Many models to select from with and without mouse tray attachments.

Monitor and laptop arms. Pull your laptop over in front of you when you need it, and push it away when you want.
Laptop Articulating Arms
These arms can be used to hold a computer monitor, or also a laptop computer. Arms retract back and forth, tilt side to side, and rise up and down. Another solution for freeing up desk space and creating comfort when you sit.

Shell shape towel bars, TP holders, and soap dishes
Shell Shape Bath Hardware
Our web site has a lot of bathroom hardware throughout it. This one collection from AC Products features ceramic towel bars, soap dishes, TP holders, and towel rings in gloss and matte ceramic tile colors. And with the shell design shape shown above.

Rectangular and corner glass shelves and decorative hanging brackets.
Glass Shelves
Rectangular and corner tempered glass shelves. A gift that anyone can mount in the living room, kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, home office. Display pictures or precious items atop a stylish glass shelf.

Kitchen slide out trash containers
Slide-out Trash Cans
Organization in the kitchen is a big thing. Many kitchens could have a stand up trash can in the corner, or one tossed into a pantry. Why not hide it altogether in one of your base cabinets? Slide outs can be door mounted if desired.

Click here to view a larger image, part numbers and pricing for the Siro Flowers collection
Siro Designs Flower knobs
Colorful true to life floral knobs for use on kitchen or bathroom cabinetry, or on furniture. Siro has a few collections of knobs that can be used as gifts. Check out their Butterfly and Caribe collections too.

Log House Numbers for gifts for the home
Log House Numbers
The numerals 0 to 9 are available individually, you can order just the numbers you need for your house wall or mailbox. They have a cut log texture to them, and are available in 5 finishes. The coasters are 3-7/8" in diameter, weather coated, and come in antique brass only.


Eclectic-ware is a great place for Hera Lighting, and cabinet and bathroom hardware. When it comes to gifts, we are doing what we can.

Kanji says: Hey
Pugs just wanna have fun

Our Artist Corner page shows 3 prints of original oil paintings
 by Patricia Gawle.

Printing note:
If you are planning on printing this page, we hope that you can do so in color. Also, please set your printer setting to landscape, this way you will not cut off the right edge of the pictures. We tried to make the 3 pictures large enough to show you excellent detail. (Or just right click on any picture and print the picture from the context menu. Right clicking will allow you to save the picture too.)

About the artist:
Brought up on a small farm in western Massachusetts, Pat attended Ringling School of Art and Design in Sarasota, Florida, where she earned a Bachelor of Arts degree. She has traveled extensively, including a 5 year stint in Mexico where she further developed her unique style, rich, vibrant color pallet and architectural themes. Pat now splits her time between traveling and on-site projects. To see her tile mural work and sculptures, you can view those on her Facebook profile at In her studio in Mexico, Pat  paints and creates beautiful hand-painted tile murals. She is also in the process of writing an illustrated travel journal of her adventures.

About the prints:
These magical images are part of Patricia Gawle's "Wondrous Places" series. The original paintings, accomplished in oil on canvas, reflect a world we wish we lived in. You don't just look at these paintings, they invite you in – to walk through the grass, climb a banyan tree, swing your legs from a bridge, or board an awaiting boat on the beach. They have an essence beyond what can be seen – they are meant to be experienced.

More information about print sizes, framing, and pricing will follow the 3 pictures you are now about to see....

TITLE: Blue Sky Red Roofs
Patricia Gawle's Red Roof painting reproduced in prints - Red Roof print
Size of above print is 15-7/8" tall by 19-1/4" wide.

TITLE: Longboat Bridge
Patricia Gawle's Bridge painting reproduced in prints - Bridge print
Size of above print is 14-1/8" tall by 19-7/8" wide.

TITLE: Lighthouse Point
Patricia Gawle's Lighthouse painting reproduced in prints - Lighthouse print
Size of above print is 18-1/4" tall by 15-5/8" wide.

Here are the exact print sizes:
"Blue Sky Red Roofs" 15 7/8" tall x 19 1/4" wide
"Longboat Bridge" 14 1/8" tall x 19 7/8" wide
"Lighthouse Point" 15 5/8" wide x 18 1/4" tall
This is the exact "image" size for each.

About framing the prints:
Generally when someone chooses to then frame the print the framer leaves a 1/2" or so, white margin around the edge before the matt. The matt could then add another 3" to 4" or so, to each side... Most framers would leave more matt at the bottom to "weight" the piece.
In the first example this could mean a finished size of: 15 7/8 + 1" + 6" = 23 7/8 19 1/4 +1" + 7" = 26 1/4 with margin and matt ...then the frame could add more...
One has a lot of flexibility if you want it to end up a certain size... just work backwards from the finished size and leave less / more margin or matt ... or no margin or matt.

About the paper:
Prints are reproduced on acid free paper from Pat's original oil paintings.

To order any of the prints, please click here: place-order

Each print is $16. If you would like to purchase all 3 together as a collection, then the set is $40.
Shipping costs as of December, 2017:
to ship 1, 2, or all 3 of the prints, we use Priority Mail. This is $8.35 to any US zip code including Alaska, Hawaii, Guam, Puerto Rico, and the USVI. Shipments out of the US will be via International Priority Mail and the cost varies by country. International shipping is normally in the $20 to $25 range for 1, 2, or all 3 of the prints (via International First Class Mail).

Part numbers for ordering:

If you have any questions about the above, please call or e-mail us.
The 3 pictures shown above are the propery of Patricia Gawle. We ask they are not to be reproduced or displayed on any other web sites without the permission of the artist. Patricia Gawle can be contacted through her Facebook page at:

Solve your odd size hole center to center problem.
Answers here.

Got 2-3/4", 3-1/2", or any crazy size

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