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Knobs and handles for Every room of your house. Commercial applications too.

Modern, eclectic & traditional styles of cabinet hardware. Rustic and contemporary finishes. European Railing long pulls, appliance handles, stainless steel knobs and pulls & bar rail handles. Closet and wall hooks. Cabinet knobs and handles for kitchens, bathrooms, and living room furniture. Themed cabinet hardware in many of the collections. Quick ship times, fantastic selections, order in any quantity!

Siro Designs cabinet hardware from Eclectic-wareThis Siro Designs index page will be a bit lengthy. Siro is our most extensive hardware line. Siro has 64 collections in their current catalog. We are showing 49 of them on our web site. Some collections are multiple printed catalog pages. So we show a thumbnail for each graphic to give you a broader idea of what each collection contains. For Example, the Impala collection has many different styled items. Showing one thumbnail does not do it justice. And the Stainless Steel collection, the longest of them all, has 10 graphics shown. There are a ton of knob and pulls choices in the Stainless Steel collection. Each Siro web page will have a link in the top border back to this index page if you wish to use if for quick reference. Also, on the bottom of each Siro page will be text link navigation to all our Siro product pages.

Siro knobs and pulls are used in your kitchen, your bathrooms, your dining room, and even in on your bedroom furniture. Just because the common use is on kitchen cabinets, they are not limited to that. Drawer pulls can be used on office desks, filing cabinet, and other fine furniture. The selection of themed and rustic handles from Siro adds to the creativity of your furniture or the room you are placing them in. There are various office and commercial applications for their hardware. The Stainless Steel line can be used in food prep kitchens and health care offices because of its sanitary nature. Siro has decorative cabinet hardware for everything! Modern and sleek designs. Rustic handles and knobs, colorful knobs, childrens knobs, and European Railing. This is the largest decorative hardware line that we offer, and we cannot describe it in one paragraph.

The product pages will contain a larger image, or images, of the thumbnails below. And then pricing shown beneath each larger picture with ordering links for the ordering methods we accept. Click on any of the thumbnails below for more extensive info.

On each Siro page, you will see this helpful info too:
In most every Siro catalog graphic, you will see measurements for the knobs and pulls written near one of the pictures for each grouping of items. Sometimes there are several finishes available per piece. So the measurement per piece is listed once. Sometimes there are several sizes of handles so the measurement guide lists the sizes that remain a constant for the handle, then the paragraph shows changes in length (OL), or center to center (CC). If you have questions, you can e-mail us via our contact form.

Siro definitions to describe what each measurement means.

If you are looking for longer handles, you can find them in the following collections:
Belina | European Railing | Impala | Mosaic | Quadra | and Stainless Steel

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And now, the collections....


Siro Designs Allegra spiral design cabinet pulls
Spiral design pulls


Siro Designs Atlantis old world nautical cabinet door handles
From beneath the sea


Siro Designs Belina modern cabinet handles
Belina (picture 1)
Modern sleek handles


Siro Designs Belina loop style cabinet handles
Belina (picture 2)
Open loop handles


Siro Designs Big Bang fish, tea cup, and whimsical cabinet knobs
Big Bang (picture 1)
Tea cups, fish, grapes, flowers


Siro Designs Big Bang fork, knife, and spoon handles
Big Bang (picture 2)
Forks, knives, spoons, turtles


Siro Designs Biscayne dual line arch handles for kitchen cabinets
Twin line arch handles


Siro Designs Botanico highly colorful ceramic cabinet knobs
Highly colorful ceramic knobs


Siro Designs Butterflies colorful cabinet knobs in butterfly shapes
Real life colorful butterflies


Siro Designs Caribe colorful sea life cabinet knobs
Sea life: dolphins, fish, etc.


Siro Designs Chelsea leather cabinet pulls
Chelsea (picture 1)
Italian leather strap handles


Siro Designs Chelsea leather strap kitchen cabinet pulls
Chelsea (picture 2)
Color combinations


Siro Designs Chelsea decorative leather cabinet pulls
Chelsea (picture 3)
Color combinations


Siro Designs Decco colorful square knobs and rectangular handles
Colored ABS see-through plastic


Siro Designs Duotones two-tone cabinet pulls
Duotones (picture 1)
Two-tone handles


Siro Designs Duotones modern two color kitchen cabinet handles
Duotones (picture 2)
More two-tone pulls


Siro Designs Edelweiss heart shaped cabinet pulls and wall hooks
Heart shape pulls & hooks


Siro Designs Eos modern cabinet pulls with tapered tops
Tapered top knobs & pulls


Siro Designs Etcetera finger pulls also called edge pulls
Etcetera (picture 1)
Finger edge pulls


Siro Designs Etcetera spindle like T-pulls
Etcetera (picture 2)
Small T-pulls


Siro Designs European Railing long bar pulls
European Railing (pic 1)
Short to long bar pulls


Siro Designs European Railing bar style cabinet pulls in five finishes
European Railing (pic 2)
Short to long bar handles


Siro Designs Flowers colorful cabinet knobs in flower shapes
Very colorful flower knobs


Siro Designs Gharial river rock look square knobs and drawer pulls
Looks like riverbed rocks


Siro Designs Ian Smith spiral and woven cabinet pulls and hooks
Ian Smith
Spiral and woven pulls


Siro Designs Impala tall tribesman door pulls - great for pantry doors, den doors and other larger doors
Impala (picture 1)
Tall tribesman handles


Siro Designs Impala ivory elephant tusk handles and elephant head knobs
Impala (picture 2)
Large elephant tusk pulls


Siro Designs Impala Egyptian Princess and Buddha head cabinet knobs
Impala (picture 3)
Egyptian theme knobs & pulls


Siro Designs Impala lizzard, water buffalo, and rhino head cabinet knobs
Impala (picture 4)
Wild animal lifeforms


Siro Designs Italian Line modern sleek cabinet hardware
Italian Line (picture 1)
Modern stylish pulls


Siro Designs Italian Line sleek European cabinetry pulls
Italian Line (picture 2)
More modern pulls, silver-tones


Siro Designs Italian Line modern kitchen cabinet pulls
Italian Line (picture 3)
And more modern handles


Siro Designs Italian Line European cabinet hardware
Italian Line (picture 4)
Whoops, even more


Siro Designs Jazz - the lightening bolt shape cabinet pulls
The lightening bolt pull


Siro Designs Juliana wavy cabinet pulls and tear drop shaped knobs
Smooth curved pulls


Siro Designs Kenchi Japanese style rectangular pulls and square knobs
Japanese styled handles


Siro Designs Mandalay drawer pulls and matching wall hooks
Just take a look


Siro Designs Merida pyramid nubs on arch cabinet pulls and square knobs
Pyramid nub cabinet pulls


Siro Designs Metro - the adjustable center to center cabinet handles for retrofitting
Adjustable CTC handles


Siro Designs Mosaic glittery top rectangular pulls
Mosaic (picture 1)
Little mosaic pieces on top


Siro Designs Mosaic glitter topped kitchen cabinet pulls and matching knobs
Mosaic (picture 2)
Glittery mosaic handles


Siro Designs Nazca - handles with lines of the Earth carved in them
Lines of the Earth


Siro Designs Nuevo Classico antique cabinet hardware
Nuevo Classico (pic 1)
Rustic antique cabinet pulls


Siro Designs Nuevo Classico rustic cabinet pulls and knobs
Nuevo Classico (pic 2)
Antique cabinet hardware


Siro Designs Ocean Line metallic finish sea shell and starfish knobs
Ocean Line
Clam & sprial shells, starfish


Siro Designs Popsicle colorful knobs for the kids room
Colorful knobs for kids


Siro Designs Provence cage style cabinet pulls and knobs
Provence (picture 1)
Cage style knobs and pulls


Siro Designs Provence rustic finish cage knobs and pulls
Provence (picture 2)
More cage style pulls


Siro Designs Quadra modern long cabinet handles
Quadra (picture 1)
Modern short to long pulls


Siro Designs Quadra sleek modern cabinetry pulls
Quadra (picture 2)
More modern kitchen handles


Siro Designs Quadra rounded bar pulls with block feet. Long sizes available, modern styling
Quadra (picture 3)
Short to long modern pulls


Siro Designs Regis slant pulls with a curve to them - optional ball base
Half arch pull, slant pull


Siro Designs Rio bench style handles with colorful inlays
Colorful square glass inlays


Siro Designs Savannah arch pulls and square knobs with horizontal lines across them
Horizontal lines across pulls


Siro Designs Staccaro stepping stone look on arch cabinet pulls
Natural stepping stones look


Siro Designs Stainless Steel block type drawer pulls
Stainless Steel (pic 1)
Block style stainless pulls


Siro Designs Stainless Steel European Railing handles
Stainless Steel (pic 2)
Stainless Steel European Railing


Siro Designs Stainless Steel grooved Euro Rail pulls and knobs
Stainless Steel (pic3)
Groove cut knobs and pulls


Siro Designs Stainless Steel sleek round bar handles with block feet - some long lengths available
Stainless Steel (pic 4)
Short to long round rail pulls


Siro Designs Stainless Steel bow pulls, ball knobs, and tapered flat top knobs
Stainless Steel (pic 5)
Arch pulls and ball knobs


Siro Designs Stainless Steel adjustable center to center handles
Stainless Steel (pic6)
Adjustable CTC pulls


Siro Designs Stainless Steel wall and coat hooks
Stainless Steel (pic 7)
Robe, coat, & towel hooks


Siro Designs Stainless Steel designer wall hooks
Stainless Steel (pic 8)
Decorative stainless hooks


Siro Designs Stainless Steel flat top arch pulls and designer knobs
Stainless Steel (pic 9)
Flat top arch pulls


Siro Designs Stainless Steel coat and hat hooks and racks
Stainless Steel (pic 10)
More stainless steel hooks


Siro Designs Tec-Design mechanical design handles
Mechanical look pulls


Siro Designs Trapeza designer cabinet pulls
Difficult to explain


Siro Designs Tyrol bench style pulls and knobs with colorful inlays
Color inlays in pulls


Siro Designs Vega silver-tone cabinet pulls
Simple bold knobs and pulls


Siro Designs Venice starfish, spiral shells, and scallop shell knobs
Starfish and shell knobs


Siro Designs Vermont cherry and maple cabinet knobs
Maple & Cherry wood knobs


Siro Designs Wave - flowing handles with an S curve
Ride the wave, smooth flowing


Siro Designs Zen - cabinet knobs and pulls with the look of rocks in a water basin
Looks like pebble stones in pond


Siro Designs ZN63 antique nickel cabinet pulls
A new Aged Nickel finish


Siro Designs Penny Savers - commodity cabinet pulls and knobs
Penny Savers
Value priced knobs & pulls


Siro Designs user guidelines and break-away screw information
User Guidelines
And Break-away screw info


Please, select from the above collections to view full size pictures, pricing, & ordering links.

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Siro is our largest cabinet knob and pull brand. Some web pages have combined collections shown on them.

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