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Traditional Style Wood Kitchen Cabinet Doors

Woodmont Doors section index

Traditional Style wood kitchen cabinet doors and drawer fronts

This is how Woodmont Doors defines their Traditional Style:
  • Formal, elegant, classic look
  • More detailed, ornate profiles

Thus, these are the more fancy doors. And yes, they will be the slightly more expensive choices too. For the most part, all but one design are flat panel doors. There is just one that is raised panel. There is a beaded panel design. Frame widths come in 2-1/8", 2-3/8", and 2-5/8" choices. Drawer fronts are a mix of slab and matching 5-piece designs. Most are only available in Maple. But when you make it to the wood finishes page, you will see that Maple has 7 stain colors and 6 solid paint colors that the doors can be made in. So Maple isn't necessarily limiting, it actually expands your pre-finished options.

The design name and wood choice is how that door comes. So Maple dominates in the Traditional Style doors, there is one choice in Cherry, but sadly, none of them are made in Oak. You can still request paint grade if you like. Doors are available as unfinished, or pre-finished in one of the finish choices available for the specific wood choice. If you are planning on painting them yourself, request paint grade. If you are planning on staining them yourself, then you just request unfinished.

First Door Styles: Traditional with 2-1/8" frame widths

Panel choice can be Solid Reverse Raised (RRP) or 1/4" veneer panel for the Classic and Classic5. The Raleigh5 is the only raised panel choice on this page.

Now, Door Styles: Traditional with 2-3/8" frame widths

All are flat panel styles. Here is the only Cherry wood selection. And the one beaded panel choice is in this grouping.

Panel choice can be Solid Reverse Raised (RRP) or 1/4" veneer panel

And last, Door Styles: Traditional with 2-5/8" frame widths

Both are flat panel styles, and basically the same style. Only the drawer front choice is changing.

Panel choice can be Solid Reverse Raised (RRP) or 1/4" veneer panel

Proceding to the Quotation or Ordering Process

(Pretty much our same speach as on the Shaker / Transitional Styles page.) When you are ready to request a quote or to place an order, here is what you need to know:
  • Open the on-line quotation and ordering form. Or use the FAX Order Form. Or just organize your notes for an e-mail or phone call to us.
  • Write down your door style name, you will be entering it on the quotation form. (Hovering the mouse over a door or clicking or tapping on a door style will reveal its name.)
  • Note if you are requesting unfinished, check it. Or write in your finish color for the wood choice selection. Or note paint grade (which is unfinished sanded light color wood).
  • Hinge boring is an option, choose one method or leave it blank if you do not want it.
  • If you require hinges, you can tell us which you need, and how many.
  • Most every door has a choice of RRP (reversed raised panel) or 1/4" veneer panel - tell us your choice. RRP will cost more. Only one door is raised panel on this page.
  • Commence on entering all your door quantities and sizes, in inches to the sixteenth of an inch.
  • Enter drawer front quantities and sizes if you have any. Any 5-piece drawer front requests that do not meet the min. height requirement will become a slab drawer front. Thus somewhat changing the Traditional look of what this style represents.
  • If you need plywood, veneer, or molding choices, note those in their selected areas of the form. Use the molding part numbers to identify moldings.

When you submit your form, we will try to get to it as soon as possible. Sometimes it will take us 2 to 3 days, please be patient with us. And most Saturdays and Sundays we do not work. Thus submissions placed on Friday may not worked on until Tuesday or Wednesday. Because Monday generally presents a few challenges in catching up.

We treat all door submissions as Quote First. No pricing is shown on our site for cabinet doors. It is too complex. So your submission will be considered a quote request. We will quote it. You will decide after that if you would like to proceed as an order. Repeat customers may just want to proceed as an order. We will still quote it first and send back your data for you to look over and confirm that all your details and measurements are correct. Everything is gone over twice or three times.

Make sure you double check your e-mail address entered. The auto-responder only knows to e-mail the reply to the e-mail that you typed in. It has no way of verifying or checking it for accuracy. That is up to you. Thus, if you did not see the auto-responder e-mail, chances are you entered your e-mail incorrectly. Or you have Earthlink and it blocked it. Or you have GMail and GMail is having fun by hiding it in the Spam folder that they also hide way down in the folder list. Aren't these challenging times. Our forms on this website, contact, mini-contact, and quotation forms, are all preset to display return e-mail acknowledgments as from Please keep that e-mail address from being blocked. And we never use that e-mail to spam or do any of those crazy broadcast lists. That e-mail address is for our customers to use.

Uncertain about a door style or finish color prior to ordering?

There are some solutions for this. First, there is no minimum size order. If you would like to order one door or one drawer front first to test it out, you can. Additionally, if you are only uncertain about the finish color, Woodmont does make sample chip blocks with the actual stains and paints on real wood. They do charge $6 each for them and $12 for the shipping of one or more, but it is a way to see the color first. We think ordering a door in the design and color you are considering is the better of the two ideas. But both are options.
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