Tresco Lighting 12 Volt Xenon Cabinet Lights

An affordable 12 volt round puck light that you can recess or surface mount; great for direct E1 and EH11 replacements too.

The 12 volt Xenon light from Tresco comes in 3 finishes. A glossy white, matte black, and brushed nickel. You can recess mount them or surface mount them with the optional surface mount rings. The lights are packaged with a terminal block adapter separated from the twin wire. Each wire has a fitted pin on the end that can slide into this adapter and then connect to the 12 volt transformer, or lights can connect directly to 12 volt DC and operate without a transformer. 20 Watt Xenon Bulbs are changed from the front by removing the lens retaining ring and lens together. Lights come with bulbs in them.

Sad to say, we just learned that this light system has been discontinued. Only because most lighting manufacturers are concentrating on LED. So we still have stock on the below items and will be closing out what we have left. (August 7, 2018)

Tresco Lighting 12 volt Xenon puck lights in white, black, and brushed nickel

Here is the brushed nickel light shown in the optional surface mount ring. Also shown with the terminal block adapter mounted on the wire. The friction fit spring mounted to the back of the light catches easily into the surface mount ring. Then two screws hold the ring onto the surface. Lead wire can exit out the side of the ring or via a through hole in your cabinet bottom. For recessed applications, light fits into a 2-1/8" bore hole, but can fit into a hole size ranging from 2-1/8" to 2-1/4". The spring on the back is set at 2.4", no screws necessary for mounting in recessed applications.
Overall light diameter is 2-13/16".


Part # TRE-20WXBL matte black recessed light, $25.34 each. (4 left)
Click-here-to-order2 (distinctly a flat black finish, all metal construction)

Part # TRE-20WXNI brushed nickel recessed light, $26.76 each. (16 left)
Click-here-to-order2 (looks like brushed stainless steel finish, all metal construction)

Part # TRE-20WXWH glossy white recessed light, $25.34 each. (9 left)
Click-here-to-order2 (a shiny white finish, all metal construction)

Xenon light surface mount rings
Optional surface mount rings. Mount with two screws (supplied), lights snap into rings.
Part # TRE-SPACERBL black ring, $3.62 each. (11 left)
Part # TRE-SPACERNI brushed nickel ring, $5.55 each. (11 left)
Part # TRE-SPACERWH white ring, $3.62 each. (11 left)

Tresco 60 watt transformer
Part # TRE-ELT60CON 60 watt low voltage transformer, $62.41 each. (only 1 left)
72" cord has on/off roll switch in it, comes with attached 6-port terminal block.
Click-here-to-order2 (can support three 20 watt lights, or up to six 10 watt lights)

Phone orders accepted: 813-633-7544


For boat and RV replacing of halogen 12 volt lights, you will cut the attached lead wire on the lights and splice them into where your existing lights were. Or just crimp the ends into your existing 12 volt wiring. We tested them and there does not seem to be a polarity to the wiring for this light.


Okay, tons of info to come.
The specs on the lights are: overall diameter is 2-13/16". Recess depth needed, 9/16" (we measured it as a spec over 1/2"). Protrusion off the surface when recessed is .04", thus under 1/16". They are very low profile. When surface mounting the lights, then they are 3/4" tall.

Recessed lights fit into a 2-1/8" dia. hole and up to a 2-1/4" dia. hole. Spring clip on back allows for various friction fit tension. Ideal replacement for Hera recessed ER1 light and EH11 lights. Very common in marine vessels.

Lights come prepackaged with a 20 watt Xenon bulb. You can use 20 watt or 10 watt G4 bi-pin Xenon bulbs in this light. We do sell replacement bulbs too.

Transformers come with a 6-port attached terminal block. You can connect up to three 20 watt lights to a transformer, or up to six 10 watt lights if using lower watt bulbs.

The terminal block adapter to attach to the end of the light wire is packaged loose for two reasons. a) you many not have the need to use it, thus it saves you from having to cut it off and prep your wire ends. b) for cabinetry installation wiring through cabinetry, it allows you to drill smaller holes to sneak the wire through first and connect the adapter afterward. A diagram farther below will show this.


If you are ready to order, you can call in an order or order on-line. Pricing and part info were higher up on this page, as well as links to our ordering page. From here down, we are just going to show you many more pictures to help acquaint you with these lights.

Surface mount rings (optional) are held on with two screws. Notch in one side allows for exit of lead wire sideways to run along underside of cabinetry. Or you can bore through and run wires through cabinets.

When attaching the adapter to the lead wire, it can then snap and lock onto the transformer terminal block. We tested the wires both ways, polarity does not seem to matter.

This is a general wiring diagram. It applies to many of Tresco's other lights. We wanted to show that when wiring through cabinet bottoms, the wires can fit through a smaller hole because you have the option of adding the terminal block adapter onto the wires after stringing them through cabinetry. Recess mounting is similar. Ideally, drilling a vent hole to help heat escape is a good idea. The wire hole can act as a vent hole also.

A back view of the lights. The metal spring clip mounted to the back is NOT removable. It is a tension clip for friction fit mounting. Clips are set at 2.4" and compress. Ideal for mounting into 2-1/8" to 2-1/4" holes. Then you can see the lead wire, which can exit toward the back of the light, or out from the side of the light. Notice holes in back of lights. These allow heat to vent. When mounting if you are able to drill a vent hole in your cabinetry, it will help with dissipating heat.

Light measurements. Note, when recessing, it is better to have a 9/16" deep or deeper hole. We measured the underside of the light at a spec. over 1/2".

Close up of writing on the transformer.

White light shown inside of optional surface mount ring.

Black light shown inside of optional surface mount ring.





Solve your odd size hole center to center problem.
Answers here.

Got 2-3/4", 3-1/2", or any crazy size

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Our main Lighting line is Hera Lighting. As Hera has progressed in their LED technology, and the world as a whole has progressed, Hera has been phasing out their halogen line of lights. Hera has many LED lights that are fantastic. But all of their low voltage LED lights are 24 volt systems. We had to find solutions for our customers who need 12 volt lights. Especially for those running them directly from 12 volt DC on boats or motor homes. The Tresco 12 volt Xenon light fits that need exactly. And there are some good perks about this light and what you can do with it.


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