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TV Swivel and Pull Out Accuride CB3620-258TV

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Heavy Duty Accuride TV Swivel and Pull Out

The Accuride CB3620-258TV is a 14" full extension heavy duty TV swivel and pull out. Recommended for CRT televisions up to 36" diagonals or flat panel TV's up to 42" wide. The maximum recommended load weight is 225 pounds. It has smooth, stable movements. The steel ball bearing slides are silenced for quiet operation. It has a hold-in detent to prevent platform roll-out and bounce-back. The unit comes in black. The mounting height required is 2.42" +/- .10".  A plywood board can be mounted to the plate for larger televisions. Be certain that your cabinet interior height can accommodate 2.5" + the thickness of your platform, and then the height of your TV. Mounting hardware and instructions are included. Swivel rotates 360 degrees at any distance pulled out, or even in its retracted position.
Plate measures 16" x 16".

Please note: when the swivel is extended with a television set upon it, it is recommended to have your entertainment center or armoire secured to your wall or floor to prevent accidental tip over. Bolt through mounting is advised for the slide track. Can be used on counter tops also. Additionally, the unit can be used for large computer monitors in home and commercial applications.

The Accuride TV swivel is designed to handle up to 225 pounds and 36" diagonal CRT heavy TV's. This rating was written before the advent of newer wide screen Plasma, LCD, and LED TV's. So if you have one of the newer TV's on the market, the swivel can be used for medium to semi-large size wide screen TV's. We have had many customers whom have mounted 32" to 55" wide screen flat panel TV's on this swivel and pull out and it performs fantastically! You do want to take two considerations into factor. The first, make sure you mount your TV in a way where it will not fall over. If it came with its own stand, use that on top of the wood platform that you mount on the 16x16 metal swivel plate. Ensure that your TV is secure when you slide the unit back and forth, or when rotating it. If you have a way to fasten the TV stand down, do so. Make sure whatever the swivel is mounted to is also secure from falling when you pull the weight of your TV forward. The second consideration: your viewing angle could become a bit restrictive. With wider televisions, you may obtain a lesser degree of swivel turn left or right before turning your TV partially back into a cabinet, or into the wall. For some applications where you need to turn the TV a great amount, part of the TV could rotate back into your cabinet, or touch the wall.

Why the Accuride TV swivel versus others? We are commonly asked this.
  • The Accuride TV swivel and pull out has STEEL ball bearing slides, not nylon ball bearing or nylon roller slides.
  • Its swivel platform swivels on FOUR swivel wheels, not just a center pivot post.
  • It has FULL LENGTH L bracket mounting along each slide member.
  • It is a heavy duty mechanism made of top quality materials!
Manufacturer: Accuride
Accuride Heavy Duty TV Swivel and Pull-out, 225# rating, swivels full 360 degrees, slides out 14", 16" x 16" strong painted black steel plate with predrilled holes.
Additional views of the TV swivel and pull out. The ball bearing slides, mounting hardware, hold in detent, underside swivel rollers, and full length L-shape mounting brackets.
To view the actual installation instructions for the CB3620-258TV heavy duty TV swivel and pull out, please click this file link to open an Adobe Acrobat PDF file: CB360 instructions

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