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We are fully familiar with Quality Doors shutting down in Nov. 2009. This is one of the reasons we became a distributor for WalzCraft. WalzCraft is a huge operation. Their specifications guide is over 400 pages long. They offer a ton of choice in cabinet doors, and also cabinet components.

WalzCraft is aware that customers will need to replace just a single door from time to time, or add a few doors for a kitchen island project or a refrigerator resizing problem. Maybe you took out a microwave, or just redesigned a few cabinets. There are several WalzCraft profiles that correspond to the Quality Doors profiles for RTF doors. And there are some that are close enough matches. And unfortunately, there are some that you are just out of luck on. Below will be the cross references that we have information on.

We will start with those that were shown in The Guide for Affordable Cabinet Refacing. These were the selections that were available through The Home Depot and Lowes.

Quality Doors door style names and code numbers

WalzCraft equivalent style number and profile choices

Polar #700C2-113

style 518, SR99-PR99 profiles, D2 edge
(very close, not exact, closest you will get)

Polar Cathedral #701C2-113

style 517, SR99-PR99 profiles, D2 edge
(very close, not exact, closest you will get)

Peak #700HV3-191

style 518, SR109-PR210 profiles, D45 edge
(very close, not exact, closest you will get, edge different)

Peak Cathedral #701HV3-191

style 517, SR109-PR210 profiles, D45 edge
(very close, not exact, closest you will get, edge different)

Peak Roman #716HV3-191

style 519, SR109-PR210 profiles, D45 edge
(very close, not exact, closest you will get, edge different)

Valley #77R2-112

style 500 w/ R13mm radius corner edge
(great match)

Valley 162 #770-162

style 500 w/ D55 edge (almost exact), but if you need concealed hinge boring, select edge # D28

DL Shaker #700SK5-115

style 518, SR109-PR40 profiles, D32 edge (almost exact)

DL Beaded Shaker #700NT-115

not available YET (see Woodmont 800 S5-118)

DL Shaker Double 720SK5-115

style 521, SR109-PR40 profiles, D32 edge (almost exact)

Drawer front codes next



style 518*, SR109-PR40 profiles, D32 edge (almost exact)


not available YET (see Woodmont 800FS S5-118)


style 518*, SR109-PR210 profiles, D45 edge
(very close, not exact, closest you will get, edge different)


style 518*, SR99-PR99 profiles, D2 edge
(very close, not exact, closest you will get)


style 500* with D45 edge (edge is closest you will get)

And now for some RTF color cross references:

Quality Door RTF color name

WalzCraft equivalent color

Matte White

Two suggestions: Matte White is the same white color, but not quite as shiny as the QD matte white. The Frosty White has a very faint grayish hue in it, but the sheen matches. So you have to decide if it is better to match the color closer, or the sheen closer. (I would recommend the sheen in this case. The dullness of the matte white would stand out more.)

Antique White

Antique White = exact match


Almond Crystal = exact match

Sanibel Maple

Pickled Maple = exact match


Samba Cherry (very close, the cherry grain lines are more distinct, the color is extremely close)

White Woodgrain

Woodgrain White (same color but grain pattern is more distinct, shows better)

Natural Maple

Kensington Maple (a near exact match, very close)

Lite Oak

No match. The Solar Oak will have a similar grain, but is a little darker and not as golden. Probably the best choice if you have to go with something. The Persian Cherry is very similar in color, just a little lighter, but grain is distinctly different.


No match. Nothing even close.

Our comparisons were done by holding the Quality Doors color fan deck beside the color fan deck from WalzCraft. We sold Quality Doors from 2001 to 2009. We were very familiar with their product.

WalzCraft has over 25 RTF colors to choose from. Some are textured and actually pretty cool. Their selections are much more vast than what Quality Doors had offered.

In addition to WalzCraft, we do offer Thermal Foil and wood cabinet doors and drawer fronts from Woodmont Doors.
Woodmont has some similar styles and RTF colors to what Quality Doors had. Woodmont is actually located two blocks away from where QD was in Cedar Hill, TX. So many of their suppliers were the same. The matte white RTF from Woodmont is the same as it was from QD. The 800 S5-118 is the same door as the 700NT-115. There are many similarities. We do suggest taking a look at the Woodmont Doors 800 Series RTF doors.

Now, Quality Doors had a much larger line up of RTF doors than The Guide for Affordable Cabinet Refacing showed. That was their retail booklet. The actual commercial spec guide had many more designs. So here is the comparison list to help you.

Quality Doors door or DF design number

WalzCraft equivalent


design 518

700FS drawer front

design 518 drawer front

7DF drawer front

design 500 drawer front

700 SK5 shaker door

design 518 SR109-PR40 D32 edge

700NT-115 beaded shaker

(see Woodmont 800 S5-118)

700 Q7 or Q6 or A5

pass profile not available


design 517


design 516


no match


design 519


design 521 SR109-PR40 D32 edge


design 523

741 HV3 single rope molding

no match

742 HV3 double rope molding

no match

743 HV3 triple rope molding

no match

744 (combo 700-700 dual vertical panel)

design 520

791 (combo 701-700 dual vertical panel)

design 529

796 (combo 716-700 dual vertical panel)

design 530


design 500 w/ R13m radius corner (1/2")


design 500 w/ R6mm radius corner (1/4")

Quality Doors pass profile codes

WalzCraft equivalent pass profile combinations


SR107-PR204 = same


SR107TC-PR204 = same


SR107-PR256 = near exact


SR107TC-PR256 = near exact


SR99-PR99 = closest match, very close


SR110-PR256 = very close


SR109-PR110 = closest available

Q6, Q7, and A5

no match

700 SK5

SR109-PR40 = near exact

700 NT-115

(see Woodmont 800 S5-118)


SR109-PR210 = closest match

Quality Doors edge profiles

WalzCraft equivalent edge profiles


D45 is approx.






D2 is approx.




D82 is approx.




D55, but if you need hinge boring, go with D28


no match


no match, but use D45 for something very similar


no match


D95 is approx.

There you have it. This is the help we can extend to the millions of people who bought Quality Doors over the years. There are just some doors and profiles that cannot be matched. Sometimes you can create focal point doors. Seems more modern kitchens are adding a couple doors here and there in a different color to make a different statement. Of course not the thing to do when you just need to replace a door. In lieu of having to replace every door in your kitchen or bathroom, we are attempting to show you your options.

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