WalzCraft Industries thermal foil RTF color selections

Thermal foil and RTF mean the same thing. Thermofoil is just a bad spelling. RTF is the abbreviation for rigid thermal foil. RTF allows for contouring, unlike Formica or laminate surfaces. This is why raised panel, flat panel, and mullions style doors can be done in RTF.

This page is only going to show the thermal foil colors and descriptions. They are in no particular order other than the whites and off-whites are shown first. Many of the thermal foil colors have a texture to them. Those that do, we noted below. And some have a strong texture to them, we noted those as deep texture. The texture is meant to help simulate real wood grain, and also real leather and alligator skin looks too. You will see those toward the bottom of this list. Currently, there are 29 RTF colors to select from. The white gloss is a high gloss glassy like surface. Not very common and the most expensive of the foil colors. If you are looking for a nice clean smooth white, the White Matte or White Crystal are your best choices. If interested in a woodgrain look, you have many choices. Of the woodgrains that say textured or deep texture, you can feel the texture, and see how it more resembles real wood.

The two leather colors and the alligator skin are pretty cool. They may not be for every kitchen, but again, these are not just kitchen cabinet doors. Using the Leather Brown for a living room entertainment center would be awesome. It is an incredible look. It will not be soft like leather, but it will look like leather. And thermal foil is most durable for cleaning. Just a damp sponge is all you need most of the time.

The various woodgrain patterns are nice for modern city kitchens as well as country kitchens. The thermal foil will not fade, nor will you have to repaint or refinish your cabinets at a later date. Walzcraft has a nice collection of colors. All RTF colors are available in the loose foil sheets and the Custom Pressed Stock (plywood) for refacing existing cabinets.

Please review the door designs page and profile page to create your door and drawer front selections.

The WalzCraft line up of thermal foil colors

White High Gloss
smooth, highly shiny, brilliant white, it is mirror like, as you can see by the reflection spot of our flash

White Matte
a pure smooth white, dull finish, extremely minimal reflection to it (actually whiter than depicted)

White Crystal
same color as matte white but with a minor amount of shine (white matte is this white)

White Woodgrain
(textured) best described as the white crystal with an embedded wood grain

Frosty White
very similar to white crystal, but a bit less sheen and faint texture (light texture like antique white)

Antique White
an off white / bone color with a low amount of shine, has faint texture like Frosty White

Almond Crystal
a very light tan color with a minor amount of shine to it, has the crystal texture to it.

Brushed Steel
looks just like brushed stainless steel, an excellent match to stainless sinks and appliances

Brushed Steel grain closeup
The actual brushed steel RTF has the grain appearance of stainless steel.

Pickled Maple
a high quality white wash look maple, nice grain patterns, a champagne finish

Kensington Maple
a honey-blonde look natural maple finish with smooth grain lines

a very nice caramelized bamboo grain, predominately light brown

Solara Oak
(textured) a light to medium brown oak grain with a hint of golden oak

Persian Cherry
medium brown with a hint of red tone, distinct grain lines with a smooth flow

(textured) medium brown with strong red hue, nice grain lines, small reflective grain ticks

Summer Flame
medium to dark brown with a distinct red tone, flowing grain lines

Chocolate Pear
dark brown with flowing grain, low shine, nice choice for dark cabinets (considered a dark walnut)

Westminster Mahogany
(textured) dark reddish brown, blended grain lines, red tone very strong (cordovan look)

Peppered Crosswood
(deep texture) grayish brown, grain flows one way with cross cut look

Close up of Peppered Crosswood
Has a sawcut look that crosses the main grain, the texture flows with the grain.

(textured) very dark brown with distinct walnut grain lines, very nice!

Arctic Ribbon
(deep texture) gray and white background with med. gray grain lines

Birds Eye Maple
honey golden maple with small birds eye marks everywhere

Italian Zebrano
really distinct dark brown grain lines on a golden brown background

Italian Macassar
almost black wide grain lines mixed with med. to dark brown grain lines

Sculpted Wenge
(deep texture) a uniform dark brown with thin deep grain lines

Sculpted Wenge grain closeup
grain resembles rough cut wood, color is uniform, light reflects as multiple colors, but all brown

Italian Wenge
(textured) extremely deep dark brown, uniform color, minor grain visible

Italian Wenge texture
it has those little tick marks that are inherent with an oak grain, they are very shallow - color is better shown in picture to the upper right.

Leather Black
(deep texture) black with a machined leather pattern surface

Leather Black texture
has that pressed machine look to it, like natural skin found on leather belts, color is dark black - full size image one row up and to the right shows the color much better.

Leather White Alligator pattern
although this picture looks a little gray, this color is a pure white all across (not grey)

Leather White Alligator
(deep texture) bright white with semi-gloss, and alligator skin pattern

Leather Brown
(textured) a beautiful dark brown with a smooth leather grain, looks rich

Leather Brown texture
has that desired leather jacket type texture, and that of strong leather furniture, color is dark brown

Black Crystal texture
a light orange peel look, hardly noticeable when looking straight on, can see it at an angle

Black Crystal
completely solid black with a minor amount of shine, has the orange peel like texture

Note about colors
and why some look different:

For some weird photographic reason beyond our realm to control, the close up pictures of the grains came out with faded colors. The full size pictures of the colors are better representation of the colors. The Leather Brown to the left is a good example of this defect in my picture taking ability. We have added some notes under the blow-ups where this happens.

We are trying to give you a better idea of the grains and textures on the RTF colors that have textures.

It used to be that RTF colors were mostly solid colors. Then some simulated wood grains were added over the years. Those were basically smooth as with the Pickled Maple, Kensington Maple, and the other smooth wood grains shown above.

But WalzCraft has a few unique colors. The leather colors are very nice, as well as the sculpted woodgrain colors. This is meant to give RTF a more real look. So if you are interested in your cabinet doors for your kitchen or your furniture to have a real wood feel, considered one of the textured patterns.



Crystal texture:
The black, white, and almond crystal patterns all share this same pattern. The antique white and frosty white are also very similar, but not as pronounced.

When looking straight on at these colors and from a few steps back, you cannot even tell that there is a texture. When you look up close, and from an angle, such as opening and closing the door, then you can see it. It adds a little light reflectivity. And it is extremely easy to clean.

Put together your order: (these instructions will be shown on each page)

  • a) select a door and drawer front design from that web page.
  • b) select your pass profiles for the frame, panel, and edge look you would like.
  • c) select the RTF color that you would like. You are on this page right now.
  • d) then decide if you need the doors bored for concealed hinges or not (hinge options).
  • e) if ordering mullion or frame only doors, still order by design number, but then tell us if frame only, or how many mullion lites, such as ML4 for 4 lites, ML6 for 6 lites, etc.
  • f) send us an on-line quotation request, all pricing is done by quote request - we prefer it via on-line or fax. Pricing is complex and not easy to do over the phone.
  • g) on our order form, enter all of the above info and your quantities and sizes.
  • h) Walzcraft will accept measurements to the 32nd of an inch! Most of the time, you will measure to the sixteenth of an inch.
  • i) If you require refacing sheets or plywood, please see that page also.



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