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Woodmont Doors Online Quotation Form

Woodmont Doors section index
(And links to all pages, including individual door design pages, are in all Woodmont Doors page footers.)

Woodmont Doors Quotation and Ordering Form

This form has been disabled. Woodmont Doors are no longer available to the public.
Please see our Brushy Creek Custom Doors for great alternatives.

This form is used for quotations and orders both. All submissions will be treated as a quotation first so we can supply you with pricing. Then after we communicate back and forth, you can decide if you would like to proceed as an order. Form results will come to us, then a real person will calculate pricing for you. It is VERY important to enter your e-mail address and phone number correctly.

The form is long. On a PC or tablet, it looks nice with related lines stretching across your screen for data entry, use you tablet in landscape mode. On a smartphone, it will be a very long one column layout. We have labeled data fields so you can follow them easier. We are aware on small requests, you may fill in only a few lines. But the form needs to be ready for those who have a lot of door sizes. So the submit button is way at the bottom.

There will be helpful notes and guides in blue print along the way down the form. There will be multiple comments fields that you can free type notes to us. We have tried to cover all accessory items available to include moldings, refacing materials, cut-to-size plywood, and hinge information.

The auto-responder e-mail is triggered to send back your submission data in an e-mail. When we personally respond to your door quotation / order request via e-mail, we will include your collected data again. Why? Because you need to really look it over and make sure all measurements and info are correct. All doors are custom made. We will communicate back and forth and double check all data, as well as you will double check the data entered.

Some tips about filling out the form:
Enter your measurement numbers with fractions as: 15-3/16 or 8-1/4 or 28-7/8. No need to use the (") sign after your measurements. Measurements are entered in inches. Separating a whole number and fraction with a dash (-) is a very clear way of doing it. If you enter 15 3/16 or 8 1/4, we will still know what it is. But the (-) sign helps. Also, numbers like 15.1875 and 8.25 are acceptable, but fractions are preferred.

Most selection fields have drop down choices for easier selections rather than you typing everything.

There are several strategically placed comments fields throughout the form.

It is important to have your complete SHIP TO address filled in as it is necessary to calculate the shipping cost.

** If you need to go back to a Woodmont Doors product or reference page for some clarity, links to these pages are at the bottom of this page. For Windows users on a PC, if you choose to RIGHT CLICK on a link, it gives you a short pop up where you can choose to open a page in a new tab or window. Thus, this form will stay conveniently open for you.

The form (when filled out) can be printed and then faxed to us, or mailed to us. Watch it closely to make sure none of the drop down selections erased or printed unclearly.
We advise using the Send Your Woodmont Doors submission button at the end of the form. This way we will receive your request right away, and can get back to you sooner. And contact form submissions are so much easier to read than squiggled fax submissions.

This form is used for both orders and quotation requests. When you reach the end and submit the form, the refresh page that comes up after will give you a little more information about what happens next.

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