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Woodmont Doors Custom Made Kitchen Cabinet Doors

Woodmont Doors section index

Woodmont Doors custom made wood cabinet doors and drawer fronts

We have kept 5 of our old Woodmont Doors page on our website. In April 2022, Woodmont Doors decided to stop selling to the public. So we lost their door line. They had a lot of nice finished and unfinished wood doors. Along with drawer fronts, veneer, cut to size plywood, and various moldings. All no longer available. Even to existing customers, they are making no more of their products for public availability.

So on the other 4 pages that we are keeping, they were our summary pages for Modern style doors, Shaker style doors, transitional and traditional raised panel styles also. On these remaining pages, we will note the old Woodmont Doors style name AND if there are any possible close choices from Brushy Creek Custom Doors. With Brushy Creek, we have a MUCH larger line of 3-D Laminate doors, a.k.a. Ridgid Thermal Foil. And we have a collection of custom unfinished wood doors. The wood doors are available in 11 wood choices. You can pick your design, and them mix and match your frame, panel, and edge choices. Thus creating a lot of different designs. Similar to what we had with Quality Doors back in 2001 to 2009. But only unfinished. And sadly, no veneer or plywood options, just doors and drawer fronts. Which is what the majority of customers need. Great for new installations. Potentially a little challenging for renovations.
Below are our old 4 category pictures from Woodmont. They still apply to what we need to explain about your current options.

So to save you a little time, if you are looking to potentially match to some older Woodmont Doors, go onto one of these 4 pages to get started to see if there is an option. If you are starting fresh and looking for doors and drawer fronts for a new kitchen or a renovation you are doing, leave this section, and look at our selections from Brushy Creek Custom Doors.
Here you will find info on only shaker style 5-piece mortise and tennon corner doors. All are flat panel with options of a flat reversed raised panel (RRP). The majority of the choices had slab drawer fronts, a few had 5-piece matching fronts. The frame width choices did vary by design from 2-1/8" to 2-5/8" and up to 3" wide frames.
Here is where you will find choices that had light ornate profiles. Mostly Mitered Corner flat panel doors. Some beaded panel designs, some with slab drawer fronts, others with 5-piece matching drawer fronts. Some designs with wider frames for a more bold look. A few raised panel door choices and one arch top door choice too.
Here is where you will find choices that had more ornate profiles. Basically fancier doors that have been in kitchens over the past century. More details to the doors, lots of mitered corner choices. More formal and elegant.
In modern kitchens, predominately frameless cabinetry, Slab door designs are quite common. Smooth bold looking faces that did come in any of the maple or cherry finish options available, including the solid paint colors. These were square corner, square edge, slab style doors and drawer fronts. Just a simple modern look.
All other older Woodmont Doors page links have been removed from this page. Moldings, finishes, hinge boring, quotation page links, all of them. Since they no longer apply. What is left of this section of our website is just for reference. When time permits, we will add back some of the old Quality Doors info too since we kept all our old catalogs for reference. We can help there too with some Brushy Creek crossover designs that are the same or close.

When you think of cabinet doors...

Are you thinking only about the kitchen? Yes, the kitchen is the big room, it needs to look good, and it will have cabinets. Upper cabinets, base cabinets, islands, and floor to ceiling pantries. But now step beyond the kitchen and imagine the same or similar doors and drawer fronts here:
  • bathroom cabinets and tub surrounds
  • dining rooms
  • bedroom cabinetry and chest of drawers
  • walk-in closets
  • entertainment centers and armoire cabinets
  • living room built in entertainment center walls
  • desks, message centers, kitchen work stations
  • utility and laundry rooms
  • garage cabinets
  • wet bars
  • basement kitchenettes
  • rolling server carts
  • and even in your home office or den, desks and custom filing cabinets

One of our older press releases can be read here:
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