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PLEASE NOTE: You will not be asked for your credit card number in this submission form.
All orders will be quoted and confirmed with customers before placement with Woodmont Doors.

When you click on SUBMIT, this data will be transmitted and then a thank you page with a link to Eclectic-ware's Ordering page will display. (If you accidentally hit return, you can use your browser back button to come back to this page.)

If this is a firm order, you can go to our our cabinet door on-line ordering form after sending in the form below. The form below has more extensive data fields for door information.
On our ordering page, please enter your name & address, phone, e-mail address, credit card #, expiration date, and in the parts entry field type DOOR ORDER or the quote number we assigned..
(You also can call us if you prefer.)

You will not have to repeat all the data you just submitted from this page. This page is more complexly designed to accommodate door information. Our normal order form is not tailored to accommodate door data.

If you are submitting only a quotation request at this time, when redirected to the thank you page, please select any link on the page to leave it. Thank you for the time you have already put into planning your cabinet doors. Eclectic-ware looks forward to supplying you with professionally crafted Woodmont Doors. Made in America!

When supplying measurements with fractions, please type them as such: 9-5/16, or 34-7/8. Type the fractions out, no need to use decimal equivalents. All measurements are in inches, not millimeters. No need to enter a quote mark". Measure to the sixteenth of an inch.
*means VERY important to fill in. Click here for measuring instructions.
Other helpful notes are in the gold boxes in the form below.


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Fill out the shipping address information below if different from above address. If not different, skip it. Fill in *fields.

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Door choice and measurements. Entry fields for drawer fronts and plywood follow lower in form.
In the "special options" fields, you can enter info about multiple door designs within the same quotation or order, hinge boring, hinges, mullion lites, finger pulls, beveled edges, etc.
Some abbreviations that can be used: BL = bore left; BR = bore right; BP = bore pair; FO = frame only door
ML4 = 4-lite mullion door; ML6 = 6-lite mullion door; ML8 = 8-lite mullion door, 900C for 900C hinges, 900CD for doweled hinges.


**Select one:

 please state quotation request or firm order


If finished, then finish or RTF color:

Doors: Wood:

FRAME (or RTF pass profile)



Door Design #

*when selecting thermal foil doors, leave the panel box above empty. Questions? e-mail us






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If you require more lines above, please submit multiple submissions and state "multiple submissions" in the comments fields way below.

Drawer fronts. When entering data for drawer fronts: finish and finish color if prefinished will be presumed to be the same as your door entry choice higher up in this form. If not, note it in the comments at the end of the form.
BE MINDFUL OF MINIMUM MEASUREMENT REQUIREMENTS for raised panel and plywood panel drawer fronts.





DF Design #






drawer front 1

drawer front 2

drawer front 3

drawer front 4

drawer front 5

drawer front 6

drawer front 7

drawer front 8

drawer front 9

drawer front 10

Drawer boxes: must enter quantity, height, width, and depth measurements:
Standard heights are 3-1/8", 5-1/8", and 7-7/8",
but you can have any custom height from 2" up to 7-7/8".
Standard depths are 15", 18", and 21". No custom depth choices.
Custom widths range from 4" to 36", measure to the sixteenth of an inch.






drawer box1

drawer box2

drawer box3

drawer box4

drawer box5

drawer box6

drawer box7

drawer box8

drawer box9

drawer box10

Cut to size plywood sheets. When entering data for plywood sheets: finish and finish color if prefinished will be presumed to be the same as above. If not, note it in the comments at the end of the form.

NOTE: Grain runs the length of the height measurement. Examples: a piece 22" wide and 38" high will have the grain running with the 38" long measurement. A piece 42" wide and 18" high will have the grain running with the 18" measurement.

If ordering plywood for toe kicks, 3-1/2" is the mimimum height (width) requirement due to shop safety standards,
and 96" is the maximum length (height) measurement. Remember, grain runs with the stated height measurement.
Toe kicks lie horizontally, this is why the measurement appear inverted.


























If any of the sections for doors, drawer fronts, plywood, etc. did not give you enough lines to fill in all your sizes, you can add more into in either of the two following fields. Or submit an additional request.

Optional items can be ordered / quoted below:
refacing veneer sheets, RTF sheets, mouldings, hinge boring, hinge requests....

For optional items, please type in a phrase and any needed measurements and quantities.

Any further comments can be noted or asked below.




Please note: after clicking on SUBMIT, you will be redirected to a thank you page with a link to our ordering information page. If you are requesting a quote only, click any link on that page to return into our site. If this is a firm order, please continue to our on-line secure ordering form, or give us a call with your credit card information. If ordering on-line, there is no need to re-type all the door data you entered above. We will print that out from the form above.

From time to time, e-mail and electronic correspondence do get lost in that vast cyber universe. If you have not heard from us within 4 business days, please inquire again. Quotation requests will be answered in 1 to 3 days. Thank you for your understanding about COMPUTER GLITCHES!

All Woodmont Doors orders are custom made and payment is accepted via American Express, VISA, Mastercard, Discover, or check or money order at the time of placing your order. Please be certian to double check, even triple check your measurements. Once a door order is placed, it cannot be changed.

It is important that your measurements are correct. Once the order form we send to Woodmont Doors is confirmed by them, changes are not allowed. Woodmont Doors is fast and pushes orders into production immediately.

If you wish to print this form and mail or fax it, that is okay. If you mail or fax it, you can write your credit card number and expiration date in the comments field if it is a firm order. If just a quotation, do not give us any credit card info at this time. Fax transmissions come directly to Eclectic-ware. No one else will see your confidential information. Credit card information is never forwarded to Woodmont Doors. It is kept confidential in-house at Eclectic-ware. Privacy policy.

Solve your odd size hole center to center problem.
Answers here.

Got 2-3/4", 3-1/2", or any crazy size

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