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Profiles page: frame - panel - edge for series 100, 200, 300, & 400 doors, and wood drawer fronts
AND wood stain finish choices for doors, plywood, veneer, etc.

Here's the simplicity of your profile choices, and what you need to select:
Series 200
raised panel doors require you to select: a) frame profile, b) panel profile, and c) edge profile.
Series 400 plywood panel doors require your selection of: a) frame profile, b) edge profile. You can also select between the default smooth plywood panel or the B panel which is a beaded plywood panel.
Series 100 mitered corner raised panel doors require you to select: a) panel profile only.
Series 300 mitered corner plywood panel doors require you to select: a) nothing. Unless you would like the beaded plywood panel, then you would note that.
Series 500 slab drawer fronts, just select: a) edge profile (preferably a matching edge to your doors).
Mulllion or Frame Only doors, select: a) frame profile, and b) edge profile.

WOOD FINISH OPTIONS are shown much lower on this page.

This first picture explains some definitions about doors and drawer fronts. As well as giving you some information on hinge boring, and cabinet refacing terms.
Woodmont Doors grain direction, definitions, and refacing terms.

The next THREE diagrams below are also shown on each WOOD door series page where they apply.

Frame profiles
Woodmont Doors fame profile selections for wood cabinet doors

Panel profiles
Woodmont Doors panel profile choices

Edge profiles
Woodmont Doors edge profile choices

This next graphic shows you how a panel fits into a frame. And it shows how a 5-piece door fits together. The four frame piece surround the panel. The the edge profile is the outer perimeter of the door. On slab drawer fronts and raised panel drawer fronts, the panel grain will run left to right (horizontally). On PLYWOOD panel drawer fronts however, the plywood panel grain will run up and down (vertically). This is just the way Woodmont Doors makes them.
This is how door profiles come together

Wood stain finish options:

All doors, drawer fronts, plywood, veneer, fillers, and moldings are available in Red Oak, Maple, Cherry or Alder woods. Paint grade available too for doors and drawer fronts only.
Doors can be ordered unfinished, or you can request finishing from the choices below.
If you would like a glazed finish, glaze colors are chocolate, bronze, mocha, and almond.
Paint grade doors come unfinished only, they are fine sanded and ready for you to paint.

Woodmont Doors will do two solid paint finishes on their wood doors. Choices are white or antique white only, and they will be painted only on maple doors and drawer fronts. White and Antique White painted doors can come glazed also. They have an eggshell sheen to them, and are a baked painted finish, very durable.

PLEASE NOTE: Stain color choices are restricted by wood species.
Autumn Oak, Nutmeg Oak, Wheat Oak, Champagne Oak, and Charcoal Oak are Oak wood finish options.

Harvest Maple, Natural Maple, Toffee Maple, Ginger Maple, Champagne Maple, Cider Maple, Cordovan Maple, and Espresso Maple are Maple wood finishes.

Cider Cherry, Cordovan Cherry, Ginger Cherry, Espresso Cherry, and also Natural Cherry are Cherry wood finishes.

Alder comes in the same finish options as Maple. We will update pictures in our web site rewrite.

We took photographs of the 3x3 sample chips from Woodmont and will show you nice images of the colors with the wood grains showing.

A comparison of the 5 Oak finishes.
All Oak finishes allow the oak grain to show well, and you can feel the grain also.
The Oak stain finishes from Woodmont Doors

Wheat Oak, the common honey golden oak.

Autumn Oak , a little darker than Wheat, more brown with an extremely light red hue.

Nutmeg Oak, getting into a darker brown with a distinct reddish hue in the color.

Champagne Oak, a white wash oak. (NOW A DISCONTINUED COLOR)

Charcoal Oak, a blackish very dark brown.

A comparison of the 8 Maple finishes.
All Maple finishes come out very smooth. You will see the grain the the lighter colors, and the surface feels like glass, hard and smooth.
Woodmont Doors Maple stain finishes

Maple stain finishes for wood cabinet doors

Natural Maple , a clear coat finish over select maple wood, a light even blonde color showing the grain.

Champagne Maple , white wash finish on select maple, extremely smooth and hard looking finish. (NOW A DISCONTINUED COLOR)

Ginger Maple, a very even medium brown.

Espresso Maple, the darkest brown available from Woodmont, a solid looking dark brown.

Harvest Maple , (is now a DISCONTINUED color)

Toffee Maple, a light brown with a slight gray tone that allows the grain to still show.

Cider Maple , a carmel tone light to almost medium brown, faint reddish hue.

Cordovan Maple , similar to Ginger Maple, but not as thick looking, more grain shows, faint red hue

The White and Antique White paint finishes on Maple will be shown a little lower on this page.

A comparison of the 4 Cherry stain finishes. Natural Cherry is also available.
The Cherry finishes also come out extremely smooth, you will not feel the grain. Cherry and Maple are similar in grain and how they fine sand smooth.
Cherry stain finishes for Woodmont Kitchen Cabinet Doors

Cider Cherry, a very nice medium brown with red hint that allows the grain to show well.

Cordovan Cherry , a deeper reddish brown, almost a dark brown, grain is more masked.

Ginger Cherry, a true medium brown, all you see is brown with faint grain lines still showing.

Espresso Cherry, very dark brown, smooth even color, hard to see any grain lines.

We do not have a current photo of the natural cherry. Natural Cherry is just a clear coat finish on select cherry. It allows the true wood color to show.

All 5 of the Cherry finish options will darken with age. This is a normal characteristic of cherry wood. Cherry wood is a brown wood, and can very from light brown when it is young, to a darker brown as it ages. It will have a variance. Please note, cherry wood is not red. Red is the color of the fruit of the tree and sometimes misunderstood as the wood color. Cherry wood is brown.

Glazing is an option that goes on top of a stain or natural finish. The four glaze colors are Mocha, Almond (white), Bronze, and Chocolate (black). You can choose to add glaze to any Maple, Cherry, or Hickory door or drawer front, and some molding selections. The glaze must catch in crevices. So some slab drawer fronts with simple edges, cannot be glazed. Nor can plywood or veneer, they are flat, nothing for the glaze to catch in. And when it comes to the oak doors, glazing is NOT an option. Only for Maple, Cherry, and Hickory. And the white and antique white painted door options.

You can put any glaze color on any stain, but the idea of glazing is to accent the doors. You want it to show. So bronze or chocolate glaze on an Espresso finished door makes no sense. You would not see the contrast. Nor would you put the almond glaze on a white painted door, it just will not show. Glazing is meant to give an aged or antique look to brand new doors. It is not for every kitchen or bathroom, and most kitchens will not have it. It has to be something you want to do, not just something you think you should do.

Shown below are the 4 glaze colors.

Mocha glaze , shown on harvest maple.

Almond glaze , shown on toffee maple.

Chocolate glaze , shown on cordovan maple.

Bronze glaze, shown on cider maple.

The two paint colors that Woodmont does, white and antique white, come on the maple wood only, with an MDF panel. This is true of raised panel and plywood panel doors. Frame is solid hard maple, panel is MDF for a smoother finish with the sealed baked on enamel. Both finishes are glass-like, no grain shows in the panel, and we cannot see any in the frame either. And it is an over baked on paint finish. Not just sprayed and dried. There is a big process to achieve these finishes.

White is like an eggshell color, it is white, but not a stark white. The antique white is best described as a bone white, you see a faint tan shade to it.

And here's what happened to me when I took pictures of the two doors below. I walked into my work table and put a big black smudge on the white door. I took a damp paper towel and wiped on it, and with a little effort, the smudge did come off and the finish of the door looks even.  I did not damage the door. So the baked on finish is far superior to just spray and dry finishes. All stain color finishes shown above are also baked on finishes.


This s a painted white door. It is design 400 door with the E frame, the 118 edge, and the beaded panel. This is referred to as the Beaded Shaker Style door. Drawer fronts can be made to match it. Black and white illustrations of the profiles are higher toward the top of this page. The backs of the door and drawer fronts are also painted white.


This is the antique white finish, shown with a chocolate glaze. Note how the glaze catches on the frame, panel, and edge grooves. This is design 200 door with the S frame, P4 panel, and PRE edge. The back is painted antique white, no glazing on the backs. Glazing is an option. You can have any door or drawer front style painted in just the solid antique white, or the white.


A note from the production manager at Woodmont Doors:
We made the decision not to use wood panels for our solid painted colors. (Door frames are still solid maple.)  We use a premium quality mid density fiberboard for the center panel on our prefinished solid colors.  The quality of the product is by far superior for two major reasons:

1) MDF is an excellent engineered product designed specifically for stabilization.  Another superior characteristic, it is paintable. The surface accepts paint extremely well allowing a smooth, clean finish without imperfections. It also allows for easy machining of profiles or edge detail.

2) Wood is superior for many of the same reasons, in addition to being natural, renewable, and used for a gazillion years!  However, the issue with wood is the panel will shrink and expand depending on the seasonal environmental changes.  Nature does that so it won't crack.  When we ship to coastal areas during typhoon season or other areas of high humidity, doors will swell because they take on moisture.  During winter months in northern areas where the houses are heated for months on end, the relative humidity in a home becomes extremely low.  Thus shrinkage!  When we paint a door a solid color, our Antique White or White, the customer expects the painted surface to be near perfect without the shrinkage or expansion!  We cannot get there with wood.

This holds true with unfinished doors too.  I stress to my customers that Paint Grade-MDF doors is only way to go.  Once painted, it looks great!  Many painters will caulk and putty, but over time it will still crack.

Consumers need to understand that MDF is not particle board. It is made of fibers engineered for a quality product.

Jeff E.



Here's an interesting link on finishing cabinet doors:

Sample colors program:
Woodmont Doors now makes 3-1/2"x5" wood pieces with the stain colors on them. They do charge $6 per sample block. They do not pass them out for free. And then the shipping cost is $12 flat fee for any number of blocks. So if you wanted to compare 3 colors, it would cost $18 + $12 shipping. The sample blocks are non-returnable. When you are uncertain about a color or how it will look in your kitchen or bathroom, opting to pay a little for a sample first is a good idea. All door orders are non-returnable. So you do need to be certain. When it is only one color you are contemplating, we do advise ordering a door in one of the smallest sizes you will be using. This way you can see an actual door in your kitchen instead of just a 3-1/2x5 wood block. A door will be more expensive, but is generally a better way to determine the look for your remodel.

At this time, there are no RTF samples available. But with any door or drawer front, you are welcome to order just one to test it out first. There is no restriction on order size. Sometimes people only need one door or drawer front for a project that they are working on.
All doors and materials from Woodmont Doors are non-returnable items.

Door choices, measuring and installation information, hinge info, and quotation and ordering links are in the top margin of this page. Scroll back up.

Solve your odd size hole center to center problem.
Answers here.

Got 2-3/4", 3-1/2", or any crazy size

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