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Zen Kenchi and ZN63 oriental cabinet pulls Siro Designs

Siro Designs section index

Siro Designs Zen 123-Series: drawer pulls that look like river rocks under water within a metal basin

The Siro Zen Collection is peaceful. The round knobs and oval corner rectangular pulls look like basins filled with rocks and water. Just like your little waterfall landscapes that you may have in your home or garden. But these knobs will not make any noise, unless you drop one on your foot as you are installing them. The color combinations come just one way: bright chrome with white, or as fine brushed nickel with smoke. The glass shower door set is the same knob twice, but with plastic spacer cushions and a headless through-bolt so you can mount them back to back on glass doors. If you would like to mount them back to back on thicker doors that are not glass, you can use a longer M4 metric through-bolt to do so. This is true of any cabinet knob. When mounted on cabinets, the screw goes in from behind and threads into the knob. There are through-bolts and hanger bolts which allow you other mounting options. All Siro hardware uses M4 metric machine threaded screws. Looks similar to that #8x32, but it is not. Threads are not interchangeable. Whenever you have questions, please do e-mail us.

The Kenchi collection is shown second.
The ZN63 collection is shown third.
And the Vermont collection is shown last.
Siro Designs Zen 123-series
Zen 123-100 rock garden knob, bright chrome with white
Dia: 34mm (1.35"); P: 28mm (1.10")
ALSO: SIR-123-102 fine brushed nickel with smoke inlay
Siro Designs Zen 123-series
Zen 123-106 rock garden pull, fine brushed nickel with smoke inlay
OL: 14934mm (5.85"); CC: 128mm (5.00"); W: 22mm (.85") P: 26mm (1.05")
ALSO: SIR-123-104 bright chrome with white
Siro Designs Zen 123-series
Zen 123-500 rock garden shower door knob set, bright chrome with white only
Two knobs, through bolt, and two protective glass pads
For door thicknesses ranging from 5mm to 12mm (.20" to .45")
Knobs measure Dia: 34mm (1.35"); P: 28mm (1.10")

Siro Designs Kenchi 122-Series: simalar basin style pulls

The Kenchi collection and Zen collection go together. Very similar metal basin look with a neutral colored inlay. Asian designed theme. Knobs and pulls can come both with black or white inserts in both metallic finish options. Handle choices are two sizes, and although they look similar, they have slightly different proportions and angles.
Siro Designs Kenchi 122-series
Kenchi 122-120 square tapered sided knob, fine brushed nickel and black
OL: 39mm (1.55"); W: 39mm (1.55"); P: 16mm (.65")
ALSO available in 3 more finish combinations:
SIR-122-116 bright chrome and black
SIR-122-118 bright chrome and white
SIR-122-122 fine brushed nickel and white

Siro Designs ZN63 124-Series: aged nickel finish

Code name ZN63. Kind of a test run for Siro to introduce a new finish. The Aged Nickel. So Siro chose some easy going pull styles and finished them off in Aged Nickel. Several of the pulls below come in multiple sizes to better accent your cabinetry. Can be used in modern or rustic kitchens. May be a good choice for certain furniture pieces too.
Siro Designs ZN63 124-series
ZN63 124-100 thin flat sided square foot pull, aged nickel finish
OL: 140mm (5.50"); CC: 128mm (5.00"); W: 9mm (.35"); P: 30mm (1.20")
SIR-124-102 OL 172mm (6.75"); CC: 160mm (6.30")
SIR-124-104 OL 204mm (8.05"); CC: 192mm (7.55")
Siro Designs ZN63 124-series
ZN63 124-106 flat top square leg pull, aged nickel finish
OL: 161mm (6.35"); CC: 128mm (5.00"); W: 20mm (.80"); P: 27mm (1.05")
Siro Designs ZN63 124-series
ZN63 124-108 thin rounded corner pull, aged nickel finish
OL: 118mm (4.65"); CC: 96mm (3.75"); W: 8mm (.30"); P: 33mm (1.30")
ALSO: SIR-124-110 OL 182mm (7.15"); CC: 160mm (6.30")
Siro Designs ZN63 124-series
ZN63 124-112 thin flat sided arch pull, aged nickel finish
OL: 173mm (6.80"); CC: 160mm (6.30"); W: 12mm (.45"); P: 31mm (1.20")
ALSO: SIR-124-114 OL 333mm (13.10"); CC: 320mm (12.60")

Siro Designs Vermont 28-Series: wood cabinet knobs

The Siro Vermont collection in its beginning had a lot of knobs and handle choices in several different wood species. It is now these 4 wood knob choices. Wood knobs are nowhere near as popular as they were 100 years ago. But on nicely crafted wood furniture and desks, they still have their place. Choose from cherry or maple, either unfinished or with a clear coat lacquer.
Siro Designs Vermont 28-series
Vermont 28-242 unfinished cherry knob
Dia: 35mm (1.40"); P 26mm (1.00")
Siro Designs Vermont 28-series
Vermont 28-244 clear lacquered cherry knob
Dia: 35mm (1.40"); P 26mm (1.00")
Siro Designs Vermont 28-series
Vermont 28-246 unfinished maple knob
Dia: 35mm (1.40"); P 26mm (1.00")
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