What is Face Frame and Frameless Euro Box Cabinetry?
Hinge boring information and cabinet hinge selections.

Face Frame or Not Face Frame?
Two black and white graphics below show the differences between Euro box cabinetry (frameless) and face frame cabinetry. Both are popular in America. Face frame cabinetry is more common in older homes and higher end kitchens. Face frame cabinetry gives you various hinging options for concealed hinges or semi-concealed decorative hinges. Generally, Euro box cabinetry will have only concealed hinges, or butt style hinges. Face frame cabinetry is easier to work with and if anything is out of square, you can hide the "out of squareness" easier.
Face frame cabinetry, in our opinion, also looks much nicer. You see more wood!

Following our explanation on frameless and framed cabinetry
will be hinge boring information from the Woodmont Doors catalog, and hinges that are available. It is a good idea to know what kind of hinge you will be using on your doors before measuring for your doors. Help in measuring and installing can be found at this link.

nof="te"The difference between Euro box cabinetry (frameless cabinets) and face frame cabinetry - Woodmont Doors

The little arc with the hinge side written above is just representation showing there will be some kind of hinge on one side. If you were looking down through your countertop, this is what you would see. The most common face frame application is the 1/2" overlay on all 4 sides. But that doesn't necessarily mean it is your application. Thus, this is why we are showing 3 face frame diagrams.

As for Euro box (frameless), the most common is full overlay on the hinge side. Depending upon how your kitchen was designed, overlays on Euro box cabinetry can vary by just a few millimeters from door to door. Please take that into consideration. If you require concealed European hinges for your Euro box cabinetry, we can get you Blum or Salice hinges and mounting plates. Cabinet boxes used to be made with 3/4" thick material. When the 35mm holes are bored at 6 or 6.5mm from the door's edge, you can achieve full overlay with full overlay hinges. When the doors are bored at 2.5mm (3/32") from the door edge, full overlay is not quite obtainable on 3/4" thick cabinet sides. Quite often, cabinet boxes are made from 5/8" thick sides. Thus full overlay is an overlay that covers 5/8". So what controls the AMOUNT of overlay is the type of hinge, and the boring distance for the 35mm hole.

(Note: Woodmont Doors bores doors at 3/32" edge distance only, they do not alter from that. And that distance is ideal for the 1/2" overlay on face frame cabinets. This is why they do it this way only.)

Please note "half" overlay and 1/2" overlay are two different terms. Half overlay refers to frameless cabinetry that overlays half of the cabinet wall edge. 1/2" (one-half inch) overlay usually refers to face frame cabinets that have the door covering 1/2" of all 3 or 4 sides of the face frame that it touches.


nof="te"3-D view of Euro box and face frame cabinetsA 3-D representation of Euro box frameless (top) and face frame (bottom).
Questions, please e-mail us.

Woodmont Doors Hinge Boring:
Here's how Woodmont Doors will bore your doors for concealed hinges UPON REQUEST ONLY. Doors are not automatically bored because some homeowners will use semi-concealed hinges, butt hinges, or something other than concealed hinges. If you need hinge boring, you must request it on our ordering/quotation forms.

Typical boring is 3" OC (on-center) from the top and bottom of the door. This can be altered upon request. If you require boring at another height, please specify it as the distance OC (on-center) form the top or bottom edge of the door to the center of the 35mm hinge cup hole. Really short doors have a tighter up and down placement.

Boring is at an edge distance of 3/32". This cannot be altered. If you have "frameless" cabinetry and need a full overlay, you may have to bore your doors yourself, or find a local cabinetmaker who would do it for you. Boring distance can vary from 2.5mm to 6.5mm from the edge of the door to control overlay. With high production facilities, the 3/32" edge distance is a standard because it works extremely well for the overly popular 1/2" overlay for face frame cabinetry.

Boring method #1 has the two 8mm dowel holes for "press-in" hinges.
Boring method #2 has two pilot holes for you to use regular deep thread wood screws to secure your hinges.
When asked, our preference is boring method #2. We like wood screws over tapping a hinge into a door.
But, if you are uncertain about aligning your hinges properly, the B1 method takes all the guesswork out of it. The hinge will press into the 3 holes and be perfectly perpendicular to the door's edge.

On arch topped doors, it is most important to specify left or right boring. On square top doors, it does not matter.

Woodmont Doors concealed hinge boring diagram. Eclectic-ware cabinet doors.

If you are ready to start your quotation request: On-line quotation form | Fax quotation form

Cabinet door hinge options:

These are the WD-900CD hinges that can be shipped from Woodmont Doors with your door order. This is the only hinge they supply, it is a Ferrari brand. Concealed face frame mount, 1/2" overlay, mounts to edge of face frame, 35mm bore, with dowels attached. This goes with Woodmont's B1 boring pattern of 3 holes.
Dowels are removeable if you wish to convert the hinge to a screw-on version. Thus the B2 boring method.
Woodmont Doors Ferrari hinge for 1/2 inch overlay face frame mounting
WD-900CD @ $6.00 per pair

These are the Blum Compact 38N hinges. These two hinges were known as the 900C and 900CD from Quality Doors. Extremely similar to the hinge just above, but these are the Blum brand. Available as a screw on version, to go with the B2 boring method, or as a knock-in (press-in) version, to go with the 3-hole boring pattern B1 shown above. 6-way adjustable. Looking at the picture below, you see two screws on the plate side of the hinge. One screw will adjust the hinge left to right, thus the tilt of your door. The other screw adjusts the hinge in and out, thus the tightness to your cabinet. Then the oval slotted hole between them gives you the height adjustment to tweak your hinge up and door to help align tops of doors to each other.
This hinge is for a 1/2" overlay which is by far the most common application in "face frame" cabinetry.
When we supply these hinges, we will include the necessary mounting screws too. (shown in our picture)
Blum Compact 38N hinges for face frame mounting applications
BLU-38N355C.08 @ $2.99 each - Screw-on, self-closing (no dowels, old 900C)
BLU-38N358C.08 @ $2.99 each - Press-in, self-closing (with dowels, old 900CD)

Blum Euro-box hinges for frameless applications.
When you do not have face frame cabinetry and would like concealed hinges, these are the kind you want to use. Shown below are the overlay (by far the most common), and the inset version of the Blum Cliptop 107 hinge. This means your cabinet door will open 107 degrees, which is quite normal. Blum also has hinges that open doors 120 degrees and 170 degrees. We are just showing the 107 degree because that is all that is needed 99% of the time. If ordering in conjunction with Woodmont Doors, select boring method B2. These hinges are available in press-in versions, but it is easier to offer them as screw-on. The reason being, if you are replacing hinges and keeping the same doors, do you know if your doors have the Blum, Grass, Mepla, KV, Ferrari, Salice, etc. boring pattern? Not all are alike, and the dowels may not line up. With a screw on hinge, you don't have to worry about dowel placement.
Blum Cliptop 107 hinge for frameless cabinetry door installations
BLU-75T1550 @ $2.96 each - Cliptop 107 screw-on FULL overlay hinge, self-closing
BLU-75T1750 @ $3.04 each - Cliptop 107 screw-on INSET hinge, self-closing
BLU-175H7100 @ $1.42 each - Clip mounting plate, 0mm

Blum Compact 33 face frame mount hinges.
For more face frame overlay choices.
Blum Compact 33 hinges are 110 degree opening self-closing hinges, that when combined with the mounting plate of your choice will allow for face frame overlays from 1/4" up to 1-5/8". A two-piece hinge and plate combination give you great flexibility. Plates we show below are edge mounted to the face frame. The second picture shows how the hinge arm just slips into the mounting plate, then the set screw will tighten down.
Hinge can come as screw-on or press-in version. Attaches with #6x5/8" wood screws.
Blum Compact 33 face frame hinges
Blum Compact 33 face mounted cabinet hinges - concealed cabinet hinges
BLU-33.360 @ $2.77 each - screw-on hinge
BLU-33.363 @ $2.77 each - press-in hinge with dowels (not shown above)
BLU-130.1100.23 @ $1.32 each - 1/2" overlay mounting plate (most common size used)
All other sizes of mounting plates are also $1.32 each. The sizes are:
BLU-130.1100.24 = 1/4" overlay
BLU-130.1100.26 = 5/8" overlay
BLU-130.1100.22 = 3/4" overlay
BLU-130-1110.02 = 1" overlay
BLU-130.1120.02 = 1-1/8" overlay
BLU-130.1130.02 = 1-1/4" overlay
BLU-130.1140.02 = 1-3/8" overlay
BLU-130.1150.02 = 1-1/2" overlay
BLU-130.1160 = 1-5/8" overlay

Last but not least in our chosen selection of concealed cabinet hinges:
The Salice F series hinges.
This is the hinge we have offered for years with the Accuride Flipper Door systems. It is a 40mm bore, thus you would have to bore the holes yourself, Woodmont only bores for 35mm hinges. This is considered a "thick door" hinge, but you do not have to use it on just thick doors. What a thick door hinge does is just swing the door out farther away from the edge of your cabinet. This is why it is a good hinge for the pocketing door systems. It is a great hinge to use, because it is incredibly strong. The 40mm cup and larger hinge arm make it a very tough hinge. We offer it in self-closing and free-swinging versions.
Salice 40mm F series concealed cabinet hinge
SAL-A00A7A @ $4.42 each - FULL overlay, self-closing
SAL-A00A7G @ $4.52 each - HALF overlay, self-closing
SAL-A00A7P @ $4.68 each - INSET, self-closing
SAL-A00A5A @ $4.35 each - FULL overlay, free-swinging
SAL-A00A5G @ $4.48 each - HALF overlay, free-swinging
SAL-A00A5P @ $4.54 each - INSET, free-swinging
SAL-AAR3E0 @ $1.23 each - mounting plate, 0mm


Solve your odd size hole center to center problem.
Answers here.

Got 2-3/4", 3-1/2", or any crazy size

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