Hera Lighting ER1 - ES1 economy halogen under cabinet lights (E1 light)

Hera halogen under counter lights
E-R1/E-S1 light colors: stainless steel look, chrome, black, white, gold.
The chrome light is shown tilted out of its distance ring (surface mount ring).
All lights are plastic. Metal finishes are coating over plastic.
Gold was referred to as polished brass. Chrome is polished chrome.

In the summer of 2015, Hera announced that the economy halogen lights have been discontinued. The majority of Hera distributors have run out of the lights. But Eclectic-ware still has stock on 3 of the  5 finishes. Quantities remaining will be shown in the price grid farther down on the page after the catalog page info. Black, Chrome, and Stainless finishes we have large stock on. White and Gold are all gone.
We have the KB12 halogen lights in white and gold if you need those colors.

The ER1/ES1 economy halogen lights have been a favorite of contractors and cabinet makers for the last couple of decades. Used in kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms, and in Carver Yachts and Formula Boats.

The Ecoline series as it has been referred to is Hera's base point halogen light. Created for budget minded applications, it is a quality halogen light used for many purposes. It has been the most popular under cabinet kitchen light prior to the advent of LED lighting. The ER1/ES1 light is also commonly found in bathroom medicine cabinets, laundry rooms, hotel banquet rooms, and has been incredibly popular with boat manufacturers. This light is everywhere.  Might even be a few in the International Space Station for all we know.

The ER1 and ES1 are the same light. The lights will come packaged as the surface mount version, ES1. For recessed applications, remove the distance ring, and you have the ER1 light. When recessed, the decor ring stands off the surface about 3/16". The chrome, gold, white, and black, all have a glossy finish. The stainless steel is a satin finish. The lights come with the EB20 economy 20 watt halogen bulb inside them. They are 12 volt and work from the Hera transformers. For lights mounted in boats and motor coaches, they can run directly from your 12 volt DC.  This light is still extremely popular and is great for tighter budgets. The light is designed to not need venting for recessed applications. The heat is cast out the front of the light.

If you are looking to install a new under cabinet light system, and would like a 12 volt LED light of equivalent size and light output, please follow that link.

Hera Lighting ER120 ES120 economy kitchen halogen lights

A larger view of the spec diagram.
Hera ER1 ES1 specifications

Back view of the E1 light. Black casing as part of the mold has Hera logo and under it E1. Sometimes a label could be covering it over.

What to order & How to order:

  • Lights come individually. Order any quantity that you need.
  • The UK120TW transformer can power from 1 to 6 of the 20 watt lights. More of the 10 watt lights.
  • Lights are low voltage and require transformers when running from 120 volt AC power. If used on boats or motor homes and connected directly to your 12 volt DC system, no transformer is necessary.
  • Dimmers are optional accessories and can act as an on/off switch if you like. And the dimmers are meant to operate with the low voltage transformers.
  • All lights are plastic. Chrome, and stainless steel are metallic finishes over plastic.

(Mar 2018) The E-R1/E-S1 lights are STILL stocked by us in all 3 of the 5 finish options. White and gold are all gone.
Transformers, dimmers, and extension cables are stocked by us too.
Do note, our stock on the lights is going down....

Extended information on 12 volt halogen transformers and dimmers at this link.

When ordering, please use the part numbers below shown with the HER- prefix before them.
The orange Click Here to Order box Click-here-to-order2 will open up our secure on-line ordering form in a new window.

Hera offered us a close out deal on several of the recessed version of the E1 light. So we are able to offer those at a lower price. The ER1 and ES1 light are the same light. The ES1 just comes prepackaged with the distance ring to make it surface mount. The light is called the E1. The R in ER1 means recessed, the S in ES1 means surface mount. The light portion is identical. The front decor rings are identical. And whether the light is prepackaged with the 10 or 20 watt bulb, each light can use either bulb. We are offering what is left in the halogen line of lights. We will also note which lights are completely gone.








(182 left) Chrome surface mount, 20 watt bulb

$22.79 ea


item stocked by Eclectic-ware 


(387 left) Black recessed mount, 10 watt bulb
(82 left) Chrome recessed mount, 10 watt bulb
(380 left) Stainless Steel recessed mount, 10 watt bulb

$17.28 ea
$17.28 ea
$17.28 ea


item stocked by Eclectic-ware 


Black surface mount & stainless steel surface mount = ALL GONE (but recessed ER110BL and ER110SS we still have)
Gold surface mount = ALL GONE
White surface mount = ALL GONE

(All ER1/ES1 lights in WHITE & GOLD are completely gone)
Price on the ES120CH reduced to $22.79 per light.
(Was $25.99 per light.)




OPTIONS: If you need a white or gold finish light that is the same size as the E1 and recesses into the same 2-1/8" dia. hole, then please go to our KB12 halogen light page. Additionally, We have white, black, and brushed nickel Xenon lights from Tresco that fit in the same hole and can work from the same 12 volt transformers.


Low voltage transformers, Dimmers, extension cables, spare bulbs, and accessories

(approx 60 in stock)

120 watt Premium transformer with RFI (radio frequency interference suppressor) 12 volt, can connect 1 to 6 of the 20 watt lights to it.



item stocked by Eclectic-ware 


Electronic Touch Dimmer (ETD) for use with any of the three 12 volt transformers, 300 watt capacity, up to fifteen 20-watt lights



item stocked by Eclectic-ware 


Electronic Touch Dimmer (ETD) for use with any of the three 12 volt transformers, 300 watt capacity, comes with round black touch pad that you can mount where you like



item stocked by Eclectic-ware 


Electronic Rotary Dimmer (ERD) for use with any of the three 12 volt transformers, 300 watt capacity, up to fifteen 20-watt lights, BLACK w/ black knob



item stocked by Eclectic-ware 


20" extension cable, 500mm



item stocked by Eclectic-ware 


39" extension cable, 1000mm



item stocked by Eclectic-ware 


79" extension cable, 2000mm



item stocked by Eclectic-ware 


119" extension cable, 3000mm



item stocked by Eclectic-ware 


Terminal block extender, for use to connect up to 6 of the ten-watt lights to a 60 watt transformer. Does not increase the power output of the transformer, just increases the number of connecting ports.



item stocked by Eclectic-ware 


10 watt Premium halogen bulb, 4000 hour rating, G4 bi-pin



item stocked by Eclectic-ware 


20 watt Premium halogen bulb, SOLD OUT - DISCONTINUED





10 watt ecoline halogen bulb, 1500 hour rating, G4 bi-pin



item stocked by Eclectic-ware 


20 watt ecoline halogen bulb, 1500 hour rating, G4 bi-pin



item stocked by Eclectic-ware 


20 watt Xenon bulb, 10,000 hour rating (very long life), G4 bi-pin



item stocked by Eclectic-ware 

Click-here-to-order2 or you can call us at 813-633-7544, Florida, USA

Ordering Notes:

Lights come individually. All accessories are available individually. Each light has a 79" lead wire attached to it.

Additional info / resources:
The ER1/ES1 halogen lights have been referred to as the Ecoline series also. This is Hera's starting point halogen light . Designed to be economical, yet still a quality halogen light. If you would like to step up to a German made halogen light, we recommend the KB12 halogen. Fits in the same 2-1/8" hole for recessed applications.

If you WERE looking for the replacement decor rings (face ring) or glass lenses for the ER1/ES1 lights, the parts have been discontinued. We have a few glass lenses left, but the replacement EDR rings are kaput. Doubtful if any Hera distributor has any left. They were discontinued in the summer of 2015, and we sold off our stock (which was a lot) by the Spring of 2016. We did find a solution for boat owners for a 12 volt version LED light. Go to that link for answers. The 12 volt LED lights can be used in your home kitchen or furniture that has the Hera E1 lights in place.

Hera transformer and dimmer information for lights shown on this page.
SELECT THIS TRANSFORMERS LINK to view readable graphics of the thumbnail images below.
Specifications, part numbers, Instructions and diagrams for the low voltage 12 volt transformers and dimmers specific to the lights on this page are shown.
Hera Lighting UK-120TW premium 120 watt 12 volt transformer with RFI | Hera ETD1 touch dimmer and ETD1/TP touch dimmer with touch pad | Hera ERD1 rotary knob dimmer for use with 12 volt electronic transformers - available in white or black

Customer testimonial:
Just wanted to thank you for your help. I ordered the part and it works great!
Gina M., Naperville, IL - ordered Hera ES120GO light.
To view more customer testimonials about our products or service, select this link.

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