Hera Lighting furniture, cabinet, and display lighting for residential and commercial uses - many LED light options

For kitchen cabinetry, bathrooms, bedrooms, home office, furniture, store displays, and marine vessels. Under cabinet lights and in-cabinet lighting solutions. SlimLite compact fluorescent lights, halogen light kits, Xenon under cabinet lighting, and LED low wattage, long lasting high output lighting. Dimmable LED cabinet and counter lighting available in round, square, and linear lights. Hera Lighting offers choices in home decor and store display lighting. Configure Your custom layouts. Replacement parts also available through Eclectic-ware. Under cabinet lighting adds both function & room ambiance.

Hera Lighting is a leader in under cabinet lighting, under counter lights, and light systems for inside your kitchen cabinets. And that has expanded into lighting for your bathrooms, bedrooms, home office, and display lighting in furniture and bookcases. Hera Lighting systems are also used on boats, commercial retail displays, shelf lighting, fine restaurants, and health care offices. Residential or commercial, these display light systems have a multitude of applications. And you have flexibility in your lighting design set up for puck lighting and linear lighting. German engineered, these are high quality, long-lasting light fixtures.

And Eclectic-ware is a leading authority with Hera Lighting. We have over 18 years experience with the Hera brand. It is the only brand of lighting we offer. We are familiar with their new lights as well as their older discontinued lights. If you have questions about what hooks to what, which power drivers or cables you need, or which lights to choose for your kitchen or the application you are doing, we are here to help.

Kitchen under cabinet, bathroom, bedroom, furniture, bookcase,
office, and store display low voltage lighting systems

Hera Lighting produces top quality and innovative lighting products.

Product details, part numbers & pricing will be found on each product page.
This is just a summary page, our index of the light systems.

nof="te"Hera Lighting kitchen cabinet light fixtures
Cleverly designed, Hera fixtures provide form and function.

Count on Hera's high quality and innovative lighting systems!

Note: thumbnail images shown below are not proportional in displaying light comparative sizes.
All dimensional data, part numbers, spec diagrams, and pricing will be on each product page.
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QUICK LINK to Hera Replacement Parts page
(Decor rings, glass lenses, bulbs, transformers, etc. Many parts to review.)


The newest in technology! LED Linear lighting shown first below.
LED lighting is low power consumption, low temperature, and extremely long lamp life.

Hera Stick2-LED under cabinet lighting and LED under shelf lights - Stick2-LED low wattage LED lights - linkable continuous LED lights

Stick3-LED linear LED lights

Hera StickVE-LED linear economy LED light

Linkable continuous thin stick LED lighting. Great for hiding easily under cabinets.

The newest upgrade to the Stick-LED line. A frosted lens produces a smooth light output with no LED hot spots. And 4 times as bright at STICK2.


A value priced Stick-LED light that has a 30% less light output than the normal Stick2-LED. For budget minded jobs.


Click this ELite-LED picture to view more info and pricing

LED under cabinet lighting and LED under shelf lights - TwinStick2-LED low wattage LED lights - linkable continuous LED lights

Hera SlimLite XL-LED display lighting - tubular LED continuous lighting

Tubular LED lights in five lengths. An economical solution for switching from fluorescent to LED with
a 50,000 hour lamp life.


Linkable continuous double wide stick LED lighting. Great for display shelves and an even spread of light.


SlimLite XL-LED
Tubular LED lights in four lengths that can be connected end to end to create long continuous light displays.


Hera TapeVE-LED coil tape LED lights

Hera Tape-LED flexible linear LED lighting


Tape Basic-LED
An economical Tape LED light that comes in 196" long coils, and three light densities. To be used with 24 volt constant voltage drivers. 35,000 LED life.


A rigidly constructed Tape LED light with a protective covering. Comes in 12" long pieces that you can connect for continuous runs.



Next shown are the Spotlight LED lights - round and square - recessed and surface mounted

Hera R55-LED economical LED spotlight

Hera FR68-LED spotlight

Hera Lighting R68-LED spotlight

An economical LED spotlight, comparable to the KB12-LED. Uses 3 watt per light, white, black, or stainless finishes, approx. 2-11/16" in diameter.


An upgrade to the R68-LED light. This 4-watt LED features a frosted lens to diffuse light better. Available in a stainless steel or matte chrome finish in both warm white and cool white. Can be surface mounted too.


This light will be the future replacement for the ARF-LED. Made with the latest in LED technology, it's an affordable 4 watt LED light.

Hera SR68-LED swivel showcase spotlight

Bathroom Lighting High Output LED cabinet lighting - under cabinet puck lighting miniture LED spotlight

Hera Big6/2-LED powerful LED spotlight

A swivel spot light similar to the HO-LED light. This 4.8 watt LED light points the light where you need it. Excellent for residential display lighting.


puck style High Output LED spotlight, three 1-watt high power LED diodes.


The newer more powerful, yet smaller diameter Big6. A very powerful LED light that does swivel for focused lighting.


Please remember, lights shown in these small thumbnail images are not in proportion to each other. More info is on each product page. For example: The AR78-LED light above is 3-1/2" in diameter, and the R55-LED is 2-43/64" (approx. 2-11/16"). The R55 is 13/16" smaller, although the pictures above look similar in size. And the Big6/2-LED shown below is 3-15/16" in diameter.

EYE-LED miniture LED cabinet lights - LED under cabinet lighting

LED under cabinet lighting - KB12-LED low wattage LED lights - dimmable LED lighting systems

Hera economy ER/EQ-LED under cabinet lights - can be used as wall lighting too

Miniature round LED spotlight, small recess depth, small diameter with 1-watt LED diode. Great for bookcases.


A German made 1.6 watt puck style LED light supplying bright light and can be dimmed.


Economical circular and square LED lights. A low power LED, ideal for placing a little light in hard to see areas.


Specialty LED lights - bedroom headboard and display applications - under shelf lighting

Hera FlexVE-LED adjustable LED reading light

Hera Stem-LED jewelry case adjustable LED light

nof="te"Hera Lighting LED power supplies and dimmers for low voltage LED light fixtures

Value priced versions of the Flex-LED lights. Each comes complete with its own power driver, each has a built in on-off switch.


An adjustable head and height, rotating product display light. It can be used as a desk lamp too. Hera's replacement LED light for the Tower-LED.


LED Power Supplies
Hera's various 24 volt LED power drivers, dimmers, switching accessories and related connecting cables.


Fluorescent Lighting systems - linear only | AND the only Xenon light choice

nof="te"Under cabinet fluorescent lighting - Hera SlimLite - fluorescent cabinet lights

Hera blade style old slimlites

nof="te"Light xenon under cabinet lighting - hid xenon light - light puck xenon

Hera SlimLite XL - fluorescent
T4 and T5 compact sleek fluorescent under cabinet lighting and connecting cables, short to long lengths - T4 and T5 replacement bulbs also shown on this page.


Old Blade Style SlimLite reference page.
No product available, just a reference for those who still have operational blade style lights and need help adapting the current XL pin style.


Xenon under cabinet lights
lower heat lighting solutions, recessed and surfaced mounted XR1-XS1, long lasting bulbs.


Halogen Lighting selections - the popular halogen puck lights over the years
Although the halogen lights have been discontinued, we still have stock!

Under cabinet puck lighting - Hera KB12 recessed cabinet lighting - under cabnet light

Under cabinet kitchen lighting - premium low voltage cabinet lighting

Economy under cabinet halogen lighting -  Hera ES1 kitchen cabinet lighting - under cabinet puck lighting

KB12 recessed spotlight
premium KB12 recessed halogen lights, extremely low profile. German made high quality halogen puck style light.
Comes in 5 finishes.


ARFS halogen lights
premium ARF/ARFS individually packaged, surface mount (S) or low profile recessed mounting. Commonly called the ARF light.


Economy halogen lights
individual E1 lights.
Economy E-S1/E-R1 surface mount or recessed. Back of the light says E1 on it.
Comes in 5 finishes.


Halogen transformers, LED power supplies & dimmers, and replacement parts & bulbs

nof="te"transformers and dimmers for low voltage cabinet lighting - under cabinet puck lighting

nof="te"Hera Lighting LED power supplies and dimmers for low voltage LED light fixtures

nof="te"Replacement light bulbs for Hera Lighitng systems - other replacement parts too

Transformers & dimmers
12 volt low voltage transformers and dimmer switches for halogen and Xenon lights.
We have 12 volt 60 watt halogen transformers!
(updated August 2018)


LED Power Supplies
Hera's various 24 volt LED power drivers, dimmers, switching accessories and related connecting cables.


Hera Replacement Parts
round decor rings, frosted glass lenses, transformers, dimmers, and bulbs for Hera Lighting products.


Hera SlimLite Bulbs
SlimLite replacement bulbs are also shown on the Replacement Parts page.
And now T5 size LED bulbs for the T5 size fixtures.

FSB7 FluoroSpot Bulbs
We have them. Shown on the replacement parts page.


Hera Lighting is great for closet lighting.


Some discontinued Hera lights that we have some close out stock on have been moved onto one page. Select this link for close out Hera Lights.
We have one first version Big6-LED and one  Lumimax light on that page.
When it comes to the Halogen lights on closeout, those are still shown on their respective pages.
KB12 halogen | ARF/ARFS halogen | ER1-ES1 halogen (E1) | Xenon


Creative ideas: view these 3 pages to view real life applications for Hera Lighting systems.
Kitchen cabinet & residential | Store fixtures and displays | Commercial health care and hospitality

Many Hera Lighting lights are Stocked by Eclectic-ware!
Those we do not stock, we can generally expedite in reasonably quick.

Hera Lighting from Eclectic-ware


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