Ceramic Tile Color Swatches for matching your Bathroom Hardware

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About 90% of the next few notes will apply to you. Best to glance them all over.

Just a few more important notes about this View Colors by Image page:


Group comparison photos:

It wasn't easy squeezing 71 of the colors onto our photo table to show this many together. Each above will be shown below after the other group pictures. We just want to show you - There are a lot of colors!

We are asked this a lot: Can I send you a piece of my tile, or piece from my broken towel bar or soap dish? Yes, you can. We know that picking a color for either a replacement for a broken item or that for a new bathroom install can be difficult. Colors can vary by monitor or tablet choice. So if you have a piece of tile, or a broken shard of something, yes, you can mail it to us. Please write on the outside of the box or envelope: FOR COLOR MATCH. This way the package will not sit in our return pile for a week or two. And our address is in the bottom left corner of all of our long web pages. You can always e-mail us in advance too if you like. Some colors we can decipher via e-mail. But depending upon camera light and various distortions, it can be hard to tell what some of the lighter shade colors are. Mailing a sample is best.


White Group:
Top row left to right: C34 Ice White, C1 gloss white, C144 Kohler White (robe hook)
Bottom row left to right: M84 Matte Ice White, M66 Matte White, M23 Matte Mocha (white)

Light Colors Group (some repeats from other groups):
Top row left to right: C1 White, C70 Biscuit, C3 Bone, C16 Almond, C20 Dark Almond, C461 Urban Putty, C256 Fawn Beige. Middle row left to right: C34 Ice White, M84 Matte Ice White, M37 Matte Parchment, C14 Majorca, M81 Matte Almond, M26 Matte Tan, M13 Matte Almond. Bottom row left to right: C144 Kohler White, M66 Matte White, M23 Matte Mocha, M39 Matte French Provincial, M31 Matte Biscuit.
(M26 matte tan has recently been discontinued.)

Grey Group:
Top row left to right: C17 Light Grey, C143 Ice Grey, C12 Sterling Silver, C97 Desert Grey, C118 Tender Grey, C67 Smokey Grey. Bottom row left to right: C409 Architectural Grey, M709 Matte Architectural Grey, M69 Matte Smokey Grey, M99 Matte Sterling Silver, M53 Matte Steel Grey, M57 Matte Pearl Grey.

Brown Group:
Top row left to right: M13 Matte Almond, C6 Dark Taupe, C432 Uptown Taupe, C256 Fawn Beige, C21 Mexican Sand, C444 Artisan Brown, C171 City Line Kohl. Second row left to right: C466 Elemental Tan, M766 Matte Elemental Tan, M732 Matte Uptown Taupe, M736 Matte Fawn Beige, M79 Matte Mexican Sand, M944 Matte Artisan Brown, M771 Matte City Line Kohl. Bottom row left to right: M26 Matte Tan (robe hook), C3 Bone, C16 Almond, C20 Dark Almond, C461 Urban Putty.
(M26 matte tan has recently been discontinued.)

Yellow Group:
Soap dish shown in M739 Matte Crisp Linen, robe hook is C139 Gloss Crisp Linen. Then C320 Texas Yellow and C460 Cornsilk to far right.

Green Group:
Left to right: C129 Seafoam, C753 Aspen Green, C73 Cypress, C93 Forest Green.

Blue Group:
Left to right: C115 Heron Blue, C722 Medium Blue, C469 Galaxy Blue, C133 Navy Blue, C220 Cobalt.

Pink Group:
Left to right: C119 Shell, C235 Pink, C30 Wild Rose.
Sadly, the C30 Wild Rose color was just discontinued in October 2017.

Speckle Group:
Left to right: C101 Granite (higher concentration of dark specks), C201 Gold Dust, C301 Pepper White.

Stoneware Group: applies to items in the 900 Series and some in the recessed series only
Top row: S902 Red Clay Stone, S906 Blue Grey Stone. Bottom row left to right: S901 White Marble Stone, S904 Smoke Grey Stone, S909 Dark Bone Stone, S910 Sandstone.


Now Individual Color Selections

C1 Gloss White (Standard white, goes with a lot of whites)

C3 Gloss Bone (the more common of the various bone colors)

C5 Gloss Black (true solid black)

C6 Gloss Dark Taupe

C12 Gloss Sterling Silver (a grey with a hint of blue to create silver)

C14 Gloss Majorca (very similar to a darker almond)

C16 Gloss Almond (a light almond)

C17 Gloss Light Grey

C20 Gloss Dark Almond

C21 Gloss Mexican Sand (there is a tiny hint of red in it)

C34 Gloss Ice White (the brightest of the gloss whites)

C67 Gloss Smokey Grey

C70 Gloss Biscuit (Kohler Biscuit) - a light creamy ivory color

C73 Gloss Cypress (kind of a green slate tone)

C93 Gloss Forest Green

C97 Gloss Desert Grey

C101 Gloss Granite (high density of black and dark speckles on white background)

C115 Gloss Heron Blue (a pale blue with a very faint hint of grey)

C118 Gloss Tender Grey (a soft tone grey)

C119 Gloss Shell (a very light pink)

C129 Gloss Seafoam (also called Seafoam Green - an aqua green with a mild hint of blue)

C133 Gloss Navy Blue (a very dark blue)

C139 Gloss Crisp Linen

C143 Gloss Ice Grey (this is Kohler Ice Grey)

C144 Gloss Kohler White

C150 Gloss French Provincial (a little darker than Biscuit)

C165 Gloss Kohler Almond

C171 Gloss City Line Kohl (the darkest choice of the brown colors)

C201 Gloss Gold Dust (golden speckles on a muted white background)

C220 Gloss Cobalt (a bluish-purple tone that reflects light differently and changes color)

C235 Gloss Pink (standard pink going back to the 1950's)

C256 Gloss Fawn Biege (a tan color but with a faint reddish hue - very popular)

C301 Gloss Pepper White (dark speckles on white, sparsely spotted)

C304 Gloss French Provincial (standard choice - basically an antique white)

C320 Gloss Texas Yellow (a nice bright yellow - see yellow group at top of page)

C409 Gloss Architectural Grey

C432 Gloss Uptown Taupe

C444 Gloss Artisan Brown (the popular medium brown color)

C460 Gloss Cornsilk (a light yellow, kind of washed out)

C461 Gloss Urban Putty

C466 Gloss Elemental Tan


C469 Gloss Galaxy Blue (a medium to dark blue)

C722 Gloss Medium Blue

C753 Gloss Aspen Green

M13 Matte Almond (this is darker than the M81 Matte Almond)

M23 Matte Mocha (It is white, a hair darker than the M66 basic Matte White)

Image removed.
M26 Matte Tan (not available)
(M26 matte tan has recently been discontinued.)

M27 Matte Bone

M31 Matte Biscuit (a very light off-white tone)

M37 Matte Parchment

M39 Matte French Provincial

M53 Matte Steel Grey

M57 Matte Pearl Grey

M66 Matte White (standard matte white, picture taken with flash on)

M69 Matte Smokey Grey

M76 Matte Seafoam

M79 Matte Mexican Sand

M81 Matte Almond (the more common matte almond choice)

M84 Matte Ice White (the brightest of the matte whites)

M98 Matte Shell (a faint pink in a matte finish)

M99 Matte Sterling Silver

M137 Matte Black (dark solid black in a matte finish)

M709 Matte Architectural Grey

M732 Matte Uptown Taupe

M736 Matte Fawn Biege

M739 Matte Crisp Linen

M766 Matte Elemental Tan

M771 Matte City Line Kohl (the darkest matte brown)

M944 Matte Artisan Brown


Stoneware colors shown below.

Pieces are still ceramic with multicolors to represent real stone. Finish tones come out to a matte or satin sheen. Still smooth, but a faint texture to them.

S901 White Marble Stone (Exceptional 900 Series only) (grayish white)

S902 Red Clay Stone (Exceptional 900 Series only)

S904 Smoke Grey Stone (Exceptional 900 Series only)

S906 Blue Grey Stone (Exceptional 900 Series only)

S909 Dark Bone Stone (Exceptional 900 Series only) (caramel tone dominant)

S910 Sandstone (Exceptional 900 Series only) (golden hue dominant)

After the closing paragraphs below, we will have a few additional comparison photos. There are a few more things we should show you about the colors.



Some helpful hints about a few popular colors:


Please note: in all the colors shown above, EVERY item in the 700 Series is available in all the colors, and in any quantity. If you need a towel bar, a corner shelf, a soap dish, etc. all of these items come in every color. In the 500 and 800 Series, some quantity restrictions apply for the majority of colors outside the basic colors and notes are on those pages. Remember the Stylish 700 Series is the most user friendly bath hardware collection we have when it comes to needing lots of color choices, and in any quantity, large or small..

When you are ready to order:
Product numbers, descriptions, measurements, and pricing are on the Series 500, 700, 800, 900, and recessed bath hardware pages. Not on this page. This page is for pictorial color information. Yet, if you have pieced together your order and know what you would like to order now, you can do so by selecting from the following methods:
You can order On-line, via FAX, or by phone at 813-633-7544.
Mail orders and e-mail ordering accepted too.

Otherwise, you can return to the respective collection pages using these links:

AC Products bath collections pages:
Series 500 shell style bath accessories (embedded shell design)
Series 700 Stylish accessories (square and rectangular pieces)
Series 800 Sleek bath hardware (rounded and curved pieces)
Series 900 Exceptional stone look accessories (the look of granite on ceramic)
Recessed soap dishes, TP holders, shower caddies

About returning items:
AC Products items that we choose to stock due to their popularity are returnable to us within 90 days of purchase. Returns will not be accepted past 90 days. As this product line continues to grow for us and more items prove popular, we will expand our stock selections.

AC Products items that are non-stock colors are also returnable but are subject to a 35% restocking fee. We cannot keep all these oddball pieces in extended colors in our stock and thus have to return them. To cover expense in doing so, and restock fees to us, we have to pass that along.

Our suggestion is, if you are uncertain about a color, refer to this visual color reference or the the cross reference color chart first. And then, we do not have a minimum order. So if you want to order one robe hook, or one soap dish, or one of anything you need in a special color, you can do that (note the 500 and 800 series have color limitations). If the color works out, you can order the remainder of the items that you require afterward. If you are certain about your color, feel free to order your entire order at once.

Suggestion #2: if you have a small piece of tile, or a broken chard of the color you are trying to replace, you can mail it to us. We can try to match it up to one of the existing colors. AC Products does not make custom colors, only those listed in their color chart. Our address can be found in the bottom left corner of all web pages. (E-mailing us a picture of your color is also possible, but we have seen color photos that come out way off due to lighting. It is not easy capturing all the colors correctly. Flashes bleach out dark colors, cause huge glow spots. Light colors are difficult to decipher on various computer monitors. It gets pretty crazy.)

About direct ships and production time:
Non-stock orders that meet ACP's minimum order can be set up as direct ships from ACP to you. Small orders will have to come to us first and then we will ship them. All international orders will need to come to us first, except Canada. ACP will direct ship to Canada for us - when it meets their minimum order. Anything that AC Products does not have in stock generally takes 2 weeks for production time. Then four days travel time to reach us (3 weeks ), or reach you for any order set up as a direct ship. Some of their items or specialized colors could take up to 3 weeks to produce. When in a rush, they can direct ship a small order, but a minimum order fee will apply in conjunction with the product cost and the shipping. We will check first with ACP to see if they have stock. Since most products are made to order, the majority will take 2 weeks to produce. There are almost 6,000 possible part/color combinations for their hardware.

Any questions? Please e-mail us, or give us a call. 813-633-7544 (9-5 Eastern Standard Time)

This ceramic bath hardware is MADE IN THE U.S.A.


A few more comparison photos:

dark brown ceramic corner shelve
Showing the M771 Matte and C171 Gloss versions of City Line Kohl (dark brown)

matte black and gloss black ceramic corner shower shelves from Eclectic-ware
Showing M137 Matte Black on left and C5 Gloss Black on right.

C21 Gloss Mexican Sand (left), C256 Gloss Fawn Beige (center) are similar. They both contain a faint hint of red (rosiness) in them. Mexican Sand is a little darker though. C16 Gloss Almond shown right.

Since these light colors are by far the most popular and most long term out there, many homeowners try to match to what they have. And it is real easy to confuse white, bone, biscuit, and almond. When you do not have something to compare to, guesses are sometimes a bit off. So shown above from left to right are: C34 Ice White, C1 White, C70 Biscuit, C3 Bone, and C16 Almond. All in Gloss.

White and Bone are the two most popular colors, as is black. No way to confuse the black, but white and bone are very often confused. So here is a bigger picture. C1 Gloss White shown left, C3 Gloss Bone middle, and C119 Gloss Shell on right. With some lesser quality ceramics, the whites can look dingy. They sometimes pick up a blue, grey, or pinkish tone. C119 is a light pink, not a white washed with a red sock.

We have had some customers order the S901 White Marble Stone (shown left) as white. It is not a solid color, it is multi-tone to give the appearance of glacier-like snow, or white marble. Finish is honed, thus a matte finish. It is a bit grayish to resemble real stone. If you need an even color Matte White (M66 shown center), then do not order the White Marble Stone. C1 Gloss White is shown right so you can see how flat the other two colors are.


Where to next? If you have questions, call or e-mail us.

AC Products bath collections pages:
Series 500 shell style bath accessories (embedded shell design)
Series 700 Stylish accessories (square and rectangular pieces)
Series 800 Sleek bath hardware (rounded and curved pieces)
Series 900 Exceptional stone look accessories (the look of granite on ceramic)
Recessed soap dishes, TP holders, shower caddies









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