Hera Lighting ELite-LED - economical tubular continuous LED lighting system

The ELite-LED has the same brightness as the Fluorescent SlimLite XL but with a lower power consumption and a 50,000 hour LED tube life.

The new ELite-LED is the latest thing to make the jump from Fluorescent lighting to LED. Why? When comparing to the SlimLite XL Fluorescent version: the 34" long SlimLite is 21 watts, the 34" long ELite-LED is 12 watts. Going longer? The 59" SlimLite is 35 watts, the Elite-LED only 18 watts. The brightness level is so equal that you would have a hard time telling the difference. Now the over the top reason, the ELite-LED are rated for 50,000 hours. SlimLite XL bulbs are rated for 20,000 hours. So in a SlimLite, you could change your bulbs twice over the years, and the ELite-LED will still be going. On average, a 50,000 lifespan could last 6 to 25+ years. If you turn them on and never turn them off, that is about 6 years.  If you use them around 8 hours a day, that is about 18 years. If you use them Mon-Fri for 8 hours a day, you see where we are going with this. They can last a long time.

The ELite-LED is a simple system, all plug and play. You have the option of using a 3-prong power cord and just plugging them into a wall outlet. If that outlet is controlled by a wall switch, that is your on and off control. Each light comes with a direct connector. If you like to connect several together to span a longer distance, you can. There are connecting cables too so you can space them apart or go around corners. The optional hardwire box has a built in switch. Your first light out of the hardwire box can be connected with a connecting cable or the direct connector.

The three best things about the ELite-LED are: 1) They are equal brightness of Fluorescent T5's but with 40 to 50% less power usage; 2) They cost about the same as Fluorescent T5's, and cost even less over time; and 3) They have a 50,000 hour estimate lifespan.

GREAT NEWS: The ELite-LED is now also available as the ELite-LED XL. What does this mean? It means the connectors on the end of the XL version are the same as the SlimLite XL. So for anyone who has the T5 or even T4 SlimLites and you would like to convert to a linear LED light, the ELite-LED XL can fit right in line using your existing SlimLite power cords, cables, and direct connectors. When we get around to re-writing our website in a mobile friendly format, we will create a page exclusively for the ELite-LED XL. Pricing is the same as the ELite-LED shown on this page. Specs are the same too for the 5 T5 sizes and wattage levels. Hera is stocking them in the cool white version only for now. Part numbers are: HER- then EL/LED/12/4000/XL, EL/LED/22/4000/XL, EL/LED/34/4000/XL, EL/LED/46/4000/XL, EL/LED/59/4000/XL . The two digits in the middle represent the length. They are available now. And you can order them over the phone or on-line using those part numbers. It is a great solution for wanting to go from fluorescent to LED and use all your existing SlimLite cables.

Hera Lighting T4 SlimLite and ELite-LED XL
Shown above from the top downward: ES20CW 20" long SlimLite; ES13CW 13" long SlimLite; ES10CW 10" long SlimLite; EL/LED/22/4000/XL the 21-7/8" long ELite-LED XL; and the EL/LED/12/4000/XL the 11-5/8" long ELite-LED-XL.

Hera ELite-LED specifications

ELite-LED tubular LED lights - economically priced, same brightness as T5 SlimLites
Note: hardwire box part number has been updated to: EL/LED/HWB


What to order & How to order:
A light string refers to one or more lights being fed by the same power cord. You can use any length power cord to feed a light or string of lights, or use the hardwire box with a connecting cable or direct connector to your first light. Lights come in 5 lengths, just shy of 1', 2', 3', 4', and 5'. Exact sizes shown in the price grid below. Lights in the same string can be connected end to end with a direct connector (included with each light), or spaced apart with the various connecting cables. Connecting cables also allow you to bend around corners or install lights on varying planes under your cabinets or in displays. If you have any questions about what you need to order, please e-mail us.

More ordering help:
Please note that the ELite-LED do not connect end to end without the aide of a connecting cable or supplied direct connector. They are not like the Stick2-LED and TwinStick2-LED. You must use connecting cables or the direct connector. The direct connector will work on both sides. Power cords are 3-prong, ELite-LED is grounded.

Please watch your part numbers carefully. The.ELite-LED part numbers contain a lot of forward slashes in them.

All five lengths of lights come with the LED tube installed in them. A direct connector is prepackaged with each light. Replacement tubes will be available in the future. With a 50,000 lamp life, it will be many many years before you should need a replacement tube.

ELite-LED lights are NOT dimmable. These lights are bright and meant to light up an area.

The power cord and connecting cable wires are best described as looking like normal lamp cord.
All are white. Plug is 3-prong.

Part numbers and prices for the catalog items listed above are in the grid below. All ELite-LED lights and cables are ordered as requested and we generally receive them in 4 to 6 days. When ordering, please use the part numbers below shown with the HER- prefix. The orange Click Here to Order box will open up our secure on-line ordering form in a new window.

Click-here-to-order3 or you can call in orders to 813-633-7544, Florida, USA



DESCRIPTION - Light fixtures w/LED tube





11" long, 5 watt, cool white, w/ LED tube



item stocked by Eclectic-ware 


11" long, 5 watt, warm white, w/ LED tube



item stocked by Eclectic-ware 


21-3/16" long, 9 watt, cool white, w/ LED tube



item stocked by Eclectic-ware 


21-3/16" long, 9 watt, warm white, w/ LED tube



item stocked by Eclectic-ware 


33" long, 12 watt, cool white, w/ LED tube



item stocked by Eclectic-ware 


33" long, 12 watt, warm white, w/ LED tube



item stocked by Eclectic-ware 


44-13/16" long, 15 watt, cool white, w/ LED tube



item stocked by Eclectic-ware 


44-13/16" long, 15 watt, warm white, w/ LED tube



item stocked by Eclectic-ware 


56-5/8" long, 18 watt, cool white, w/ LED tube



item stocked by Eclectic-ware 


56-5/8" long, 18 watt, warm white, w/ LED tube



item stocked by Eclectic-ware 

Note: ELite-LED power cords and connecting cables are different from the Hera SlimLites. They are not interchangeable.

ELite-LED power cables, extension cables, and hardwire box


power cord with plug 36" long



item stocked by Eclectic-ware 


power cord with plug 48" long



item stocked by Eclectic-ware 


power cord with plug 72" long



item stocked by Eclectic-ware 


power cord with plug 96" long



item stocked by Eclectic-ware 


power cord with plug 132" long





power cord with plug 144" long





straight connecting cable 6" long



item stocked by Eclectic-ware 


straight connecting cable 12" long



item stocked by Eclectic-ware 


straight connecting cable 24" long



item stocked by Eclectic-ware 


straight connecting cable 36" long



item stocked by Eclectic-ware 


straight connecting cable 48" long



item stocked by Eclectic-ware 


straight connecting cable 72" long



item stocked by Eclectic-ware 


straight connecting cable 96" long





straight connecting cable 144" long





90 degree connecting cable 6" long





90 degree connecting cable 12" long





90 degree connecting cable 24" long





90 degree connecting cable 36" long





90 degree connecting cable 48" long





90 degree connecting cable 72" long





90 degree connecting cable 96" long





90 degree connecting cable 144" long





hardwire box



item stocked by Eclectic-ware 


hardwire box with switch




Click-here-to-order2 or you can call in orders to 813-633-7544, Florida, USA

Ordering notes:
When ordering, first plan your light lengths and number of lights needed. Determine how many independent runs of light you will have and select the correct number of power cords or hardwire boxes. Look at your set up and determine if your lights will be connected end to end or spaced apart a little. Then select the number of connecting cables that you will need. Each light is pre-packaged with a direct connector. All connectors and power cords push straight in to the end of the lights.

ELite-LED runs from household current. No power drivers or transformers are required.

Additional info / resources:
Hera has the SlimLite XL-LED which has similar options to the ELite-LED. The ELite-LED was created as an economical LED solution to fluorescent, and with extremely long lamp life.

SlimLite XL-LED

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